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574 Different Opinions

 The angry roar of Lee Yanyi still resounded by the customers' ears, but they looked at each other furtively and appeared quite complacent.

Everyone remembered his arrogant manner and mean words during normal times. Seeing him at a disadvantage now, they felt more comfortable psychologically.

Besides that, Lee Yanyi was apparently just roaring for nothing. He was still sitting there and eating.

"Hurry up, otherwise there will be nothing to eat. I'm almost starving." Pan Ning pushed Liu Zhiming towards the restaurant and said rapidly.

"What are you worrying about? No hurry. Boss Yuan is always punctual." Liu Zhiming didn't worry at all. Following the pushing of Pan Ning, he just moved forward sluggishly.

"Yeah, he's always punctual. But listen carefully. I'm starving." Pan Ning said with a helpless look.

"Alright, alright. Here we are." Liu Zhiming took a seat and then said.

"Um. Jia Jia, come take our orders." Pan Ning took a look at Liu Zhiming indignantly and then said.

"Okay. What do you two want to eat today?" Zhou Jia went up and said enthusiastically.

"Get us some simple dishes. Two servings of Egg Fried Rice for us, please." Pan Ning directly ordered the dishes for Liu Zhiming.

"Alright. One moment, please." Zhou Jia nodded the head smilingly and then gestured for them to make the transfer.

As the two people had been here for many times, they knew the rule of paying first before getting dishes here.

"What are you looking at?" After Pan Ning paid the money, he turned the head and found Liu Zhiming staring up at something.

"Wait a minute." Liu Zhiming answered casually and straightforwardly.

"Hey, I am the one treating today." Pan Ning said discontentedly.

"Okay. Let me tell you. Look above your head." Liu Zhiming pointed at the ceiling of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"What is it?" Pan Ning asked with puzzlement. Meanwhile, he raised the head and looked up.

The reason why both of them were good friends was that both of them had too much curiosity about things and also the delicacies that no one could refuse. Because of that, they became good friends that spoke the same language.

"It's two paintings." Pan Ning exclaimed in surprise.

"Exactly. I have never noticed them before." Liu Zhiming nodded the head.

Actually, these two paintings had been there for a long time. As they always came during the hectic breakfast time and everyone was busy eating dishes at that time, no one actually talked about the paintings.

Therefore, it was the first time that they had seen them.

Having been pushed here by Pan Ning just now, Liu Zhiming raised the head and found them by accident.

"I think Boss Yuan hung the paintings here in order to cure the office worker's back and neck aches." Pan Ning said affirmatively.

"Right, Boss Yuan?" Pan Ning raised his head and asked Yuan Zhou who was setting the dishes down before Liu Zhiming answered him.

"Well, you can try." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and didn't deny.

"Speaking of that, it sounds really effective. Don't people say flying kites can cure the back and neck pain." On hearing that, Yuan Zhou raised the head subconsciously and murmured inwardly.

"I knew it." Pan Ning smiled at Liu Zhiming complacently.

However, Liu Zhiming was still looking up at the two paintings on the ceiling and hence didn't answer him.

"What's wrong?" Pan Ning asked with puzzlement.

"I feel that the painting with many people inside is quite interesting." Liu Zhiming appeared quite interested.

"Is it? There's not even a person with a distinct face." Pan Ning raised his head and had a look before saying in puzzlement.

"That is why it is interesting!" Liu Zhiming said affirmatively.

"Why do you think it's interesting since all faces are blurred?" Pan Ning just felt puzzled about the point that everybody's face was blurred in the painting.

"Don't you think the drawer intentionally made the faces blurred?" Liu Zhiming stroked his own chin and appeared to be appreciating it.

"Why did he draw this way? Not letting others guess who he draws?" Pan Ning guessed.

"Yes. In this way, people have no other way but to use their own information to immerse themselves in appreciating the painting. It evokes a sense of observing the painting from the outside. Then, they can appreciate the painting from God's perspective." Liu Zhiming brought out his own opinion in one breath.

"I think you are right. As there's not a distinct face in the painting, people don't need to specify the figures. It's indeed a very nice painting just from the perspective of pure appreciation." Pan Ning nodded the head.

The two people just looked up at the paintings above the head and occasionally chatted for a while. However, their opinion was totally different from that of all others and even Wu Hai himself.

"What the hell are they talking about? What do they mean by 'no need to be immersed in the painting'? They simply don't know how to appreciate it." Jiang Changxi and Ling Hong happened to walk to the door and suddenly heard their conversation.

"Well, interesting." Ling Hong smoothed out his hair with the fingers and revealed a thoughtful look.

"I see nothing interesting. He's definitely bullshitting." Jiang Changxi glanced at Ling Hong and said discontentedly.

"I don't think so. Don't you feel he provides a different perspective?" Ling Hong said straightforwardly.

"A different perspective? But obviously, Wu Hai doesn't mean that." Jiang Changxi knitted her brows.

"Yeah, but probably, even Wu Hai has never thought of explaining this painting in this way." Ling Hong said smilingly.

"So, this understanding is wrong." Jiang Changxi said affirmatively.

Indeed. Even the intended meaning of the artist was interpreted differently by them. Pan Ning and Liu Zhiming naturally misunderstood the meaning of this painting.

"No, no, no. If we don't judge them by right or wrong, I think this understanding is a pure understanding is also very interesting." Ling Hong shook the head and said earnestly.

"Don't judge them by right or wrong? And only concentrate on the opinion itself?" Jiang Changxi suddenly smiled, too.

"Yeah." Ling Hong nodded the head.

"That makes sense and sounds interesting. But what will Wu Hai think of that after he knows?" Jiang Changxi thought through the matter and also understood Ling Hong's meaning. Then, she instantly became curious about Wu Hai's reaction.

Opinions of arts essentially cannot be judged simply by right or wrong, therefore, Pan Ning and Liu Zhiming had truly done well from the perspective of expressing their opinions.

Their understanding of the paintings was different from others', however, they were nevertheless discussing it very happily.

And luckily, Lee Yanyi had left when the two persons arrived. Otherwise, the old man would probably go up and reason with them once he heard their conversation, as he really liked educating others.

He would probably take the chance to express his anger at being embarrassed previously. After all, Lee Yanyi was a gourmet critic who never spoke with reason.

Normally, Lee Yanyi would stay in the restaurant for a while after the meal. This time, however, he straightforwardly left hurriedly and called Yan Jia to come to pick him up.

Then, he directly went back to his office.

"Come take my gourmet review one hour later. I am prepared to release it." When he shut the door of his office, Lee Yanya instructed Yan Jia.

"Okay." Yan Jia nodded the head and then left.

"Ta Ta Ta". Lee Yanyi returned to his desk, took the paper and then started to write. The title was On Exquisite Coordination of Food Ingredients and Culinary Skills.

That's right. Lee Yanyi intended to release his review as if he was writing a book.

And Yuan Zhou, as usual, didn't know Lee Yanyi finally decided to give a review about his restaurant.

Of course, Yuan Zhou didn't worry about that, either.