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573 Is It Really Fun To Bully An Old Man?

 Chen Yu's question was so cunning that Lee Yanyi didn't expect that.

Lee Yanyi believed that he knew a lot about ingredients. For example, the water from the middle of the river would become sweet and palatable after being put out for a night. Even such unfamiliar knowledge was known by him. However, he didn't know much about the knowledge on cultivation.

"Humph. This old man isn't in the industry of pig farming." Lee Yanyi looked at Chen Yu's complacent face and said without any hesitation as soon as he reacted.

"Yeah, you are right. Of course you don't live by raising pigs, but isn't it an ingredient, the ingredient of the meatball you have just eaten?" Chen Yu pointed at the meatballs in the bowl of Lee Yanyi and appeared to have malicious intentions.

"Humph." Lee Yanyi let out a cold humph and said nothing.

"Hey-hey. I'm sorry, but I know what pig it is." Chen Yu pointed at his own nose proudly.

Then he started to speak voluntarily even before Lee Yanyi asked him.

"Do you know the pork of Wuzhi Mountain?" It was a rare chance for Chen Yu to have the chance to posture in the face of Lee Yanyi. Therefore, he naturally wouldn't bring everything out so easily.

"Don't tell me it's the Pig of Wuzhi Mountain. It is already extinct. Did you think just because you know about this Wuzhi Mountain Pig, you could embarrass me?" Lee Yanyi said contemptuously.

"Of course not. I'm just trying to see if you are knowledgeable enough. Otherwise, you won't understand my introduction shortly." Chen Yu said without any hesitation.

"There's not an ingredient that I don't know of." Lee Yanyi was fairly confident on this point.

While the two persons were arguing, Yuan Zhou who heard that at the side got slightly shocked. After all, he still had a lot of extinct pork from Wuzhi Mountain in his fridge.

"This is the shoulder butt of the Zaohuaxiang Pig, which is a precious breed of the miniature pigs improved from the hybridization of the Pig of Wuzhi Mountain from Hainan Province and Black Pig from England." Chen Yu looked at the brochure at the side secretly and then said that in one breath.

"I know this breed. But weren't the cultivating methods given to others?" Lee Yanyi was a little puzzled.

"With Boss Yuan's popularity, it's quite common to have this pork. Besides, Boss Yuan never said his pork is provided by that pig farmer. I think it's definitely another bigger supplier." Chen Yu said confidently.

"The taste is indeed different as that one isn't so crisp and tender. The ordinary pork butt is, at most, soft and tender as well as fine and smooth while this meatball is crisp and tender and tastes better." Lee Yanyi said earnestly.

"I haven't finished. Boss Yuan's Zaohuaxiang Pig eats jasmine flowers, spirulina platensis and acorns. The oleic acid contained in the acorns can make the pigs' heart stay healthy. Only the meat from such pigs is considered tasty." With the help of the brochure, Chen Yu spoke about the professional knowledge fluently and swiftly.

At that moment, Lee Yanyi really hadn't discovered Chen Yu's petty actions.

"It's still useless to know all these professional knowledge." Lee Yanyi said with a tone of sarcasm.

In his opinion, it was still useless even if Chen Yu knew how precious these ingredients were and how these pigs were raised. After all, he didn't know how to distinguish them.

"Even so, I can do better than you who only knows how to eat rather than having knowledge. How do you have the face to be called a critic?" Chen Yu said with a manner of contempt.

"This old man isn't a pig farmer." Lee Yanyi said coldly.

After embarrassing Lee Yanyi, Chen Yu felt rather delighted.

However, it wasn't the end for Lee Yanyi. It was known that he had offended many customers verbally.

In normal times, they didn't really care about that. Seeing Chen Yu take measures and even succeed, however, they naturally followed.

It was a very polite and courteous little girl this time.

"Grandpa Lee, you like drinking the lemon water. Do you know the origin of the lemon?" The girl was naturally younger than Lee Yanyi, she was actually around 20 years old or so.

"You usually don't care about knowledge nor skill? Why did you suddenly become fond of this kind of information?" Lee Yanyi knitted his brows and asked.

"I suddenly want to know." The girl suddenly emphasized the word "suddenly" and asked with a fake smile.

As for why the girl had been commented by Lee Yanyi as "have neither knowledge nor skill", the reason was very simple. It was because she had once misstated the taste and cooking method of a type of dish.

At that time, she was straightforwardly taunted for quite a while by Lee Yanyi and was even defined as "have neither knowledge nor skill".

The girl was just chatting with her friends at that moment. Unfortunately, they just happened to sit beside Lee Yanyi and then the matter happened.

"The lemon is originally produced in places such as Malaysia, the Mediterranean coast, Southeast Asia and American countries. But now, we also have lemon in our country and most of them are originally from France. However, Boss Yuan's lemon should be produced in Anyue." Lee Yanyi let out a train of professional words in one breath.

"You really know much. But unfortunately, this lemon doesn't grow in Anyue. Actually, only its seed is from that place." The girl said with a tone of regret.

"Impossible. Judging from the texture, it's undoubtedly the breed of the Lemon King from Anyue." Lee Yanyi said affirmatively.

"It really isn't. It's produced on the south side of the Himalayas. As the annual rainfall precipitation reaches 1000 mm and the lemon likes the warmth. Furthermore, it can tolerate shade but fears heat and cold. Just perferct to be cultivated in subtropical regions that are warm during winter and cool during summer with not much difference in temperature. And that place happens to that type of region." Similar to Chen Yu, the girl brought out a long paragraph of words.

The difference between the girl and Chen Yu was that she came prepared. She could directly recite it without reading the brochure.

Before Lee Yanyi had time to contradict her, the girl continued to explain the reason why its texture and fragrance were so much like that of Lemon King.

"The lemon in Boss Yuan's restaurant is only from the maternal plant. Those from the branches are all trimmed. Since the nutrients are all absorbed by fewer lemons, they naturally have top texture." When the girl said that, she appeared confident and earnest.

She spoke as if she had taken part in such strict selections of the ingredients.

"Interesting. You surprisingly know these things. You have must have memorized a lot of information." Lee Yanyi said to the point.

"Of course. I also like doing homework in advance and fight no war unprepared." The girl said full of confidence.

"It's good as long as you don't speak carelessly." Lee Yanyi glanced at the girl and didn't really get angry.

Since the girl had reached her goal to let Lee Yanyi know she was also very capable, she returned to her own seat satisfied.

After that, however, Lee Yanyi continued to be questioned by other customers in turns. For example, the question about watermelons, the question about the soybeans, the raw material of tofu.

And the question about the flour of the Clear Broth Noodle Soup provided by Yuan Zhou. All in all, various questions.

"I have told you I'm not from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. How would I possibly know these damn things?" Lee Yanyi said angrily.

"Um. It is good that you don't know that, either. Boss Yuan turns out to be so awesome, using all these top-grade ingredients." The customers sighed with emotion one after another.

"That's really absurd!" Lee Yanyi looked at the customers who had asked him questions and said indignantly.

"Grandpa Lee, look at this and you'll know why." Zhou Jia handed him the brochure prepared by Yuan Zhou at the side.

Lee Yanyi read very fast, thus he discovered the problem very soon after he flipped some pages.

"You little brats, is it interesting to bully an old man like me? And you chef, why did you write the introductions of the ingredients for? Just concentrate on cooking." Lee Yanyi said discontentedly energetically.