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572 Source Of The Ingredients

 Yuan Zhou watched as Zhou Jia and Shen Min quickly put all the brochures at where they were supposed to be. Every brochure was left at a place which could be seen at first sight.

"Alright. It's 1 hour and 40 minutes in all. So let's say 2 hours of overtime work. See you at noon." Yuan Zhou looked up at the clock and then said.

"Boss..." Zhou Jia was directly interrupted by Yuan Zhou just when she wanted to say something.

"There's still one hour left before the lunchtime commences. Goodbye." Yuan Zhou said straightforwardly.

"Okay. Goodbye, boss." Zhou Jia slightly opened her mouth, but changed her words. She said goodbye and left.

Shen Min nevertheless just watched at the side all along. When it was time to leave, she also said goodbye and left.

She knew that she needn't ask, because Zhou Jia would naturally tell her later.

As expected, Zhou Jia told her as soon as they walked out of the restaurant.

"Our boss told me it's the overtime work for two hours. And he will give us triple pay per hour." Zhou Jia didn't sound very happy, but instead a little embarrassed.

"Um. Boss Yuan is indeed a very nice boss." Shen Min nodded the head, indicating Yuan Zhou was the kind person that could do such kind of things.

"Yeah. But I just feel a little embarrassed to take the triple pay since we only worked for two hours." Zhou Jia said with a helpless look.

"Doesn't matter. We just need to work harder and be more serious while on the job." Shen Min contrarily didn't really take to heart.

"That's true. But I still feel a little embarrassed." Zhou Jia said with bewilderment.

"Never mind. Boss Yuan is a man of his word and thus he absolutely won't go back on his promises. So we can do nothing but work harder." Shen Min said earnestly.

"That also makes sense. Okay, see you at night." Zhou Jia also thought of Yuan Zhou's character and thus accepted Shen Min's opinion.

"Um. See you at night." Shen Min nodded the head and then she went to take a bus back.

Sen Min didn't intend to eat lunch around here as it was more economical to eat in the college.

Nevertheless, Zhou Jia just ate some noodles to allay her hunger. After all, it wouldn't be very long before the lunchtime commenced.

"I'm eating my boss's Clear Broth Noodle Soup. Yeah, that's right. Clear Broth Noodle Soup." While eating the Veggie Pork Noodle, Zhou Jia muttered inwardly.

What a joke! The largest wish of both her and Shen Min's was to eat Yuan Zhou's dishes recently, but they were just unwilling to spend so much money.

Therefore, she could only recall the fragrance of the Clear Broth Noodle Soup while having lunch.

After the meal, Zhou Jia walked around the area for a moment and then returned to Yuan Zhou's restaurant, waiting for lunchtime to commence.

At the other side, Yan Jia also drove Lee Yanyi to the street intersection.

"Teacher, here we are." Yan Jia said with a gentle sound.

"Um." Lee Yanyi nodded the head and then directly opened the door and got off the car.

"Teacher, I will come to pick you up two hours later. What do you think?" Yan Jia asked hurriedly.

"What's the matter?" Lee Yanyi knitted his brows and revealed an unhappy look.

"There's a school meeting tonight. You must be present." Yan Jia said unhurriedly.

"Got it." Lee Yanyi regained his calmness and nodded his head before turning around and leaving.

"So, I am his secretary now." Looking at the back shadow of Lee Yanyi, Yan Jia suddenly muttered.

Dressed in a shirt, waistcoat and clean black pants as well as a grey overcoat on the outside, Lee Yanyi walked towards Yuan Zhou's restaurant step by step with his hands clasped behind his back.

In a little while, he saw the long line of people outside of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Humph. The customers are really increasing." Lee Yanyi snorted discontentedly.

Nonetheless, he was already grasping a number ticket in his hand. It was the number ticket he had received several days ago. There was no problem as long as he came to eat at the appointed time.

Before Lee Yanyi arrived, he had precisely calculated the time. As a result, he waited no more than 5 minutes to get his turn once he arrived at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"It's perfect timing." Lee Yanyi put the number ticket in a basket at the side and walked straight into Yuan Zhou's restaurant contentedly.

The restaurant was a little different today. During normal times, the customers in the restaurant basically chatted in twos and threes. Sometimes when a new dish was served, everybody would discuss about it with each other.

However, it was very silent today. Quite a few people were holding a brochure bound together with A4 paper and reading it carefully. Occasionally, they even cried out in alarm.

"Damn. Am I eating this one?"

"It really widens my knowledge. Astounding!"

"I really feel that man lives inferior to a chicken."

"Feels like my former thirty years passed in vain."

Such exclamations as those sounded one after another occasionally. Lee Yanyi didn't really care about that. After all, his character was awfully distinctive.

He basically answered nobody except when he scolded others.

"One serving of Swedish Meatball, Lemon Water, Jinling Grass and Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork. That's all." Sometimes, Lee Yanyi didn't eat the main foods just in order to eat more dishes.

"Okay. One moment, please." Zhou Jia nodded the head and answered.

While Lee Yanyi was waiting for his dishes silently, the customers that had watched the brochure prepared by Yuan Zhou couldn't feel calm anymore.

"Not until now do I know I'm eating such awesome ingredients." Su Mu sighed with emotion.

"That's right. I have never expected the source of these ingredients to be so complicated. I reckon Boss Yuan's craftsmanship is better than that." Yin Ya flipped the brochure and said in surprise.

"Exactly. I only knew Boss Yuan's dishes were delicious previously. It turns out that Boss Yuan has such strict requirements over the ingredients." A young man, who kept a flaunty haircut and appeared very young, sighed with emotion at the side.

At that moment, the young man suddenly caught sight of Lee Yanyi who had just got seated and was eating the Swedish Meatball.

He immediately put the brochure aside and prepared to speak with Lee Yanyi yet with an impolite tone.

This person indeed didn't get along well with Lee Yanyi, who had a bad temper and often scolded others as long as he talked. As chance would have it, this person had a bad temper, too. His name was Chen Yu. His family had suddenly obtained quite a large amount of compensation in the process of the requisition of their house by the government and resettlement, therefore he indeed had some money. Ever since he knew Yuan Zhou's restaurant, he had been visiting it every three or five days.

However, he had ever been disliked by Lee Yanyi due to the way he ate dishes like a cattle chewing peonies. Since then, they had been hostile to each other. Of course, there were quite a few customers who didn't like Lee Yanyi.

After all, Lee Yanyi scolded others quite mercilessly when he did so.

"Hey, Old Lee. Aren't you a well-known gourmet critic? Why don't tell me from what the meatball you have just eaten is made from?" Chen Yu provoked.

"Humph. It's a total waste of time and energy to tell you." Lee Yanyi answered coldly and immodestly.

"Yeah, yes. But I really don't think even you know what the meatball is made from." Chen Yu tried to provoke him. However, Lee Yanyi really took on the challenge.

During normal times, Chen Yu wasn't so foolish as to ask Lee Yanyi questions about food. It was simply asking to be humiliated.

But this time is different. Chen Yu took the brochure provided by Yuan Zhou and prepared a trap for Lee Yanyi secretly.

"I don't know? Are you still sleeping? The meatball is made from pork and beef." Lee Yanyi sniffed at Chen Yu's word.

"Usually, others use beef shank and streaky pork to make the meatball. But this one uses the beef blade and the pork butt. Because of that, the meat tastes tender and elastic." Everything Lee Yanyi said was the truth and also informative.

As for which part of the ingredients was delicious, Lee Yanyi was very clear.

"Fairly good." Chen Yu even applauded to show consent to Lee Yanyi. When he saw Lee Yanyi appear complacent, he asked him again.

"Then do you know what pig it is, what feedstuff it eats and how long it needs to be raised?" Chen Yu asked craftily.

Lee Yanyi, "???"