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571 An Inconspicuous Place

 With regards to Zhou Jia's words, Yuan Zhou didn't answer her. He just waved his hand indifferently and then said.

"Read it first."

"Oh, okay." Zhou Jia nodded her head. She then looked at the pictures and introductions in her hand, appearing to be quite hesitant.

"Hiss." While Zhou Jia was hesitating, Shen Min wasn't doing any better. She took a breath as if she had a toothache.

Zhou Jia craned her neck and then found Shen Min was also reading the introduction of the watermelon.

"Boss Yuan, the juice squeezed from other parts of the watermelon are actually also very delicious." Shen Min grasp the pictures and introduction for quite a while before she looked up at Yuan Zhou and said.

"No need." Yuan Zhou refused flatly.

"Boss Yuan, isn't our price too cheap?" Shen Min paused a while and said with a resolute tone.

Yuan Zhou didn't answer her this time, but checked the mission silently. The mission had been completed by another point. Now, there were three points.

Seeing Yuan Zhou say nothing, Shen Min spoke no more either. She gave a puzzled look at Zhou Jia and then found that Zhou Jia was also looking at her.

The two girls looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

"My boss is too generous. I've never even heard of such a kind of watermelon before." Zhou Jia sighed with emotion dumbly.

As a matter of fact, they were not to blame for asking to raise the price, because the information concerning the watermelon was all recorded in the brochure clearly.

That's right. The watermelon had enjoyed special treatments like a princess or prince. It was taken good care of, regardless of whether it was on the important aspects or trivial aspects.

The information on the brochure was the introduction that Yuan Zhou directly copied from the system.

The system displayed, "The watermelon is produced in Jiulong County between 18°43′08″ to 19°18′43″, northern latitude. There's plenty of sunshine that can bring out the sweetness of the watermelon."

"The name of the watermelon is Chuanzhu. It's the top-class precious watermelon. It has once been sold at a sky-high price of 650 thousand JPY (approx. 6100 dollars)."

"The system adopts scientific cultivation methods and grows it in a greenhouse that has a specially-designed air-conditioning system. When there's too much sunshine in the hot summer, it can be covered with a paper hat while it can be warmed with the heater in cold winter."

"The sweetness and texture of the watermelon have both reached its apex. On each melon vine, there's only one branch and tendril, which bears only one watermelon."

Due to the introduction, Yuan Zhou had specially inquired the system.

"System, I used a whole watermelon to make only a cup of watermelon juice. And this watermelon is worth 6100 dollars. I will definitely lose a lot of money." Looking at the introduction, Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of the watermelon being eaten by pigs and thus instantly felt an ache in his heart and even in his kidneys.

"This is definitely an extremely low price." Yuan Zhou looked at the watermelons filling his cabinet and appeared to feel an aching pain in his balls.

The system displayed, "The price of this watermelon is only 62 dollars."

"Ho Ho. It's also very expensive. Using a watermelon worth 62 dollars to feed pigs? Not only will the customers want to beat you to death if they knew that, I would too." Yuan Zhou supported his forehead speechlessly.

"I feel that all my internal organs are hurting." Yuan Zhou ridiculed expressionlessly.

Of course, as the introduction of the system was really way too impressive, Yuan Zhou had managed to simplify it to contain only key information.

He only wrote on the paper, [The watermelon is known as 'Chuanzhu', worth 62 dollars on the market, each. In order to guarantee the sweetness and quality of the watermelon, each melon vine only bears one watermelon.]

Shen Min and Zhou Jia didn't know what breed the so-called Chuanzhu was, but they knew very well how much money 62 dollars was.

Given that the exchange rate was 6.5, a watermelon was 400 RMB or so. Moreover, a cup of watermelon juice provided by Yuan Zhou was squeezed from the most central part of the watermelon. And that meant, an intact watermelon could only make one cup of watermelon juice.

If this price wasn't low, there would be no lower prices.

However, Zhou Jia and Shen Min were still too naive because the following explanations made them feel worse.

"Jia Jia, I think it's really not bad to be a pig in another life. After all, a pig can even eat watermelons worth 400 RMB." Shen Min said to Zhou Jia beside her in a whisper.

"Me, too." Zhou Jia nodded the head affirmatively.

The two girls had been working here for several months and till now, had never bought a cup of watermelon juice to drink. But in some places they didn't know of, there were some pigs that ate this kind of watermelon and grew up.

No wonder they were jealous of a pig.

"This watermelon juice is absolutely too cheap considering the precious ingredients and Boss Yuan's craftsmanship. Do we need to talk to our boss again? What do you think?" Shen Min knitted her brows and looked at Zhou Jia hesitantly.

"I don't think our boss will agree. We have suggested twice and the boss has left." Zhou Jia was more familiar with Yuan Zhou's character.

"But, I always feel regretful for Boss Yuan." When Yuan Zhou wasn't there, Shen Min was also very lively.

"Me, too." Zhou Jia nodded the head heavily.

"Hua Hua Hua". All the A4 photo paper was bound together into the brochure. While the two girls were flipping the brochure, they both felt a little helpless.

As for Yuan Zhou who had returned to the second floor, he nevertheless felt quite proud.

"My idea seems to be perfect. In an instant, the two girls agree with my thoughts." Yuan Zhou looked at the documents on his computer.

Yuan Zhou sat silently upstairs for ten minutes and then came downstairs.

"They should have finished reading the introduction." Yuan Zhou said inwardly.

"Ta Ta Ta". Yuan Zhou walked downstairs with light footsteps.

"Boss, we have finished reading them all." As soon as Zhou Jia saw Yuan Zhou, she said at once.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"Boss, we have read it all. And what should we do next?" Zhou Jia asked straightforwardly.

"Some customers suggest we need to put some magazines in the restaurant. I think these brochures are very interesting and can open the mind. You just need to put them at an inconspicuous place." Yuan Zhou said the word "inconspicuous" very clearly.

"Inconspicuous?" Shen Min became stupefied and didn't react immediately.

"I think this place is quite inconspicuous. Put one here." Yuan Zhou pointed at the right middle part of the long curved table and said brazenly.

"Er?" Shen Min became more puzzled. Wasn't this place the most conspicuous one in the restaurant?

"Yes, it's indeed inconspicuous. Boss Yuan, let me put one here." Zhou Jia pointed at the middle of the dining table for two smartly and then said.

"Um. Okay." Yuan Zhou nodded the head. Although he appeared solemn, he was actually very satisfied in his heart.

Then, Shen Min also realized the problem. Boss Yuan actually intended to put the paper at conspicuous places rather than the inconspicuous ones.

Fortunately, Zhou Jia and Shen Min were used to Yuan Zhou's manner of talking.

"Boss Yuan, I'm going to go to the pub upstairs and put some there." Having understood Yuan Zhou's words, Shen Min said immediately.

"Go ahead." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

Then, the two girls started to put the brochures around the restaurant. Yuan Zhou felt rather complacent while looking at the pictures bound together orderly.

"It's not a problem to complete the mission now." Yuan Zhou thought with satisfaction.

That's right. These were all the ideas that Yuan Zhou could think of. He revealed some ingredients that could be shown to others in order and bound them together into a brochure in order to make the customers know the ingredients and then to achieve his purpose.