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570 Single Man Yuan Zhou

 Yuan Zhou didn't understand the baby-faced girl's thoughts, either.

"What a joke! With my current four packs and upcoming six ones, I can definitely provide a greater sense of security than Wu Hai. It's simply joking." Yuan Zhou frowned and thought about it earnestly.

"How can mustaches have anything to do with the sense of security? It's definitely my abdominal muscles that can provide more sense of security." Yuan Zhou patted his abdomen and said affirmatively in his heart.

At the other side, the young girl ate up the Osmanthus Wine Stuffed Sticky Rice Ball happily and then left after she was comforted by the grandpa.

Though Man Man didn't understand the girl's feelings, she didn't intend to gossip about this matter and tell Wu Hai about that through the internet. Neither did Yuan Zhou.

He would never give Wu Hai the opportunity to show off, especially in front of him.

The breakfast time of one hour passed very soon.

"The breakfast time ends now. Everybody, please come earlier next time." Yuan Zhou brought out the words as usual.

The customers began to leave one after another. And Zhou Jia also stood at the door and saw off the customers courteously as usual.

"Zhou Jia, wait a while." Seeing all customers leave, Yuan Zhou said to Zhou Jia.

"Okay." Zhou Jia agreed straightforwardly, without asking him what was the matter.

"Call Shen Min and ask her if she can come shortly. I have some work for you." Yuan Zhou thought for a while and then said.

"Think of it as official overtime for half a day." Yuan Zhou said again.

"No need. You have been very kind to us during normal times." Zhou Jia shook her head at once.

"Any work done overtime is considered to be overtime work." Yuan Zhou said with a very earnest look.

"But you also give us salary when you are on leave during normal times. If even this little while counts as the overtime work, we'll feel uneasy." Zhou Jia said with a manner of hesitation.

"The salary of the overtime work will be tripled according to the Labour Law." Yuan Zhou said primly.

"Boss, it's really unnecessary. Shen Min wouldn't agree to that, either." Zhou Jia looked quite sincere.

"Make the call now. I'll decide on the other things." Since Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship became better and better, his aura had also been stronger and stronger. Everything he said was quite convincing.

A strong aura came from confidence and Yuan Zhou was quite confident of his own craftsmanship.

As a result, Zhou Jia could only make the call helplessly.

"Min Min, our boss needs you to come in the afternoon. Please come as soon as possible." Once the phone was put through, Zhou Jia said immediately.

"Okay. I can be there in about half an hour." Then, there came some sounds of things being tidied from Shen Min's side.

"Um, okay." Zhou Jia first turned the head and then made a gesture to Yuan Zhou. Only when she saw Yuan Zhou nod the head did she answer.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting." Shen Min immediately hung up the phone the moment she finished saying that.

"Boss, Min Min can arrive in half an hour." Zhou Jia said explicitly.

"Um. You can have a rest now." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"No need. Boss, the work here isn't tiring at all." Zhou Jia said smilingly.

"I'll head upstairs for a moment." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then said.

"Alright." Zhou Jia turned outwards immediately and began to take care of the restaurant.

"Ta Ta Ta". Yuan Zhou stepped onto the stairs unhurriedly and then went into his own room.

There was a neat stack of A4-sized paper next to the desk in his room. However, the paper wasn't ordinary paper used for documents, but the oil paper used to mimeograph photos.

The paper was thick and solid while the pictures appeared bright-colored and conspicuous.

Yuan Zhou took the stack of paper up and then came downstairs.

"Ta Ta Ta". The footsteps sounded again. When Zhou Jia turned the head and looked at him subconsciously, she panicked right away.

"So many A4 papers. How long will boss asks for leave? Will we be beaten to death?" As some words flashed through her mind, she appeared rather hesitant.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't intend to give the A4 paper to Zhou Jia, which made Zhou Jia feel even more uneasy.

Zhou Jia had to look out of the door occasionally and peered at Yuan Zhou meticulously from time to time.

"What's wrong?" Yuan Zhou had very strong senses. He knew the moment Zhou Jia looked at him for the first time, but he just said nothing. Only when Zhou Jia looked at him for the 5th or 6th time did he asked with puzzlement.

"Boss, are you preparing to ask for leave?" Zhou Jia tried to keep calm and then asked.

"Ask for leave?" There was no puzzlement shown on Yuan Zhou's habitually solemn face. After all, he was a prince charming.

"Um. Do you need to take a long holiday?" Zhou Jia looked at the thick stack of A4 paper over there hesitantly.

In Zhou Jia's opinion, the papers should probably be the leave requests, but the number was really too high.

"Oh. No." Yuan Zhou shook the head.

"Oh. All right." Zhou Jia suddenly felt relieved.

Then, the restaurant fell silent. Luckily, Shen Min turned up on time in front of the restaurant as soon as the half-hour passed.

"Hi, Boss Yuan. Jia Jia." Once Shen Min entered the restaurant, she greeted them at once.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded the head as an answer.

After that, however, Yuan Zhou didn't say anything immediately. He only began to speak five minutes later.

By that time, Shen Min had recovered her breath. After all, she ran straight over here from the street intersection when she had just got off the bus. Therefore, she was naturally out of breath.

"Ok. Since you are all here, look at the papers now." Yuan Zhou took up the stack of A4 paper and handed to both of them.

"Ok." The two girls agreed with one accord.

Seeing the appearance and thickness of the paper, Shen Min immediately felt astonished just as Zhou Jia did. How long exactly would her boss ask for leave?!

Nevertheless, Shen Min was an introverted person, so she wouldn't ask on her own initiative. Consequently, she just received the A4 paper silently.

Once the paper was held in her hand, however, Shen Min found it wasn't the type used for leave request during normal times, but another type. When she took a second look at it, there were colored patterns on it. Immediately, she denied her speculations that it was the leave request.

On the other side, Zhou Jia directly began to read the content. After all, she had got Yuan Zhou's answer that it wasn't a leave request.

"This will definitely be useful." Looking at the two girls who were reading the brochure, Yuan Zhou was quite confident.

That's right. Yuan Zhou bound the paper together and made this brochure. The content was actually very simple. It was a brief introduction of those ingredients that weren't so precious and most importantly, could be shown to the customers.

Yuan Zhou wasn't foolish at all. The specially-supplied Xiangshui Rice definitely could not be shown to others. Nor could the extinct beef of the beef mince. However, there were always some ingredients that weren't that precious, but required a lot of money to raise and can be shown to others.

"Boss, Boss, is it true?" Zhou Jia opened her eyes wide and revealed an unbelievable look.

"Um." Yuan Zhou raised his eyes and took a look. It was the introduction of the watermelon juice.

"Boss, I think the price of the watermelon juice for just 88RMB is way too cheap, isn't it?" Seeing Yuan Zhou nod his head, Zhou Jia immediately said solemnly.

"Um." Yuan Zhou felt very happy inwardly, but appeared rather calm.

Just now, the mission was completed by another point.

"Why don't we increase the price?" Looking at the introductions in her hand and then at the price on the menu, Zhou Jia said quite earnestly.