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569 Sense of Security Provided By Others

 "Exactly. This Little Yuan is really awesome!" The grandpa stared at the tightly closed door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant indignantly.

"Alright. I don't think anybody will drink tea in the morning. Why don't you treat me?" Division Chief Lin said smilingly.

"Hey, what are you thinking? I brought you here to request some tea for me. Who are you asking to treat you to breakfast?" The grandpa opened his eyes wide and said discontentedly.

"If I request the tea for you, you must at least repay me something. I heard the breakfast in Boss Yuan's restaurant is extraordinarily delicious." Division Chief Lin analyzed scrupulously and methodically, not being swayed by the grandpa's speech.

"Don't screw with me. Get the tea first. It won't be so easy to cheat my money." The grandpa was totally immune to that and thus refused flatly.

"Then you are wasting my time by dragging me up so early." Division Chief Lin said helplessly.

"Well, though I won't treat you, you can actually treat me." The grandpa said frankly and immodestly.

"Something must be wrong. Shouldn't you treat me?" Division Chief Lin got confused.

Why would he treat the grandpa since he was asked for help?

"If you can't get the tea, you would have wasted the efforts of my whole morning. Hence, you have to compensate me. And a treat of breakfast is acceptable for me." The grandpa revealed a manner of "I'm quite generous and considerate".

"It makes some sense, but I just feel something is wrong." Division Chief Lin was stupefied by the grandpa's prim expression and didn't react for an instant.

However, the baby-faced young girl couldn't help but laugh out.

"Grandpa, please continue. I'm sorry." Once she laughed out, the baby-faced girl apologized at once.

"Never mind. This guy is a little slow." The grandpa waved his hand, indicating that he didn't care.

And Division Chief Lin didn't care about that, either. He was still thinking of the matter of who was supposed to treat who.

"Thank you, grandpa." The baby-faced girl expressed her gratitude smilingly.

Lovable and cute girls were always liked by the elders and the baby-faced girl belonged to this group of people.

"Young girl, you are early." The grandpa chatted with her and directly left Division Chief Lin at the side.

"Yes. It's quite difficult to get a seat in Boss Yuan's restaurant if I come late." The baby-faced girl nodded the head and said seriously.

"Yeah. The dishes are so delicious. The only problem is that the seats are very few and we have to wait a long time." The grandpa complained habitually.

"Um, um." The girl nodded the head to show consent.

"It's indeed very small. Despite the limited space, however, the taxes paid have been awfully high." Division Chief Lin murmured at the side.

Division Chief Lin said that in a whisper, therefore, the other two people didn't notice what he said at all. They were talking about something else.

The grandpa had seen this baby-faced girl. As far as he knew, she didn't come frequently, but there was a regular pattern.

Normally, she came once every three days, yet at different hours. However, she didn't come very early every time. Basically, she arrived in the middle of business time.

The grandpa was also a quite meticulous person.

"Why did you come so early today, young girl?" The grandpa asked with puzzlement.

"I cane for breakfast." While saying that, the baby-faced girl looked back at the second floor of the building across the street where Wu Hai lived.

"I realized that you are earlier today than usual." The grandpa said meaningfully.

"Yeah." The baby-faced girl nodded the head.

Then, the grandpa just waited to have his meal without saying anything more. They didn't talk anymore until they entered the restaurant.

During normal times, Wu Hai would be the first to enter the restaurant once breakfast time commenced. But today, it was the baby-faced girl.

"We are providing the Osmanthus Wine Stuffed Sticky Rice Ball for the breakfast today. Please order your dishes." Zhou Jia said courteously.

"That's fairly good. It's hot." Division Chief Lin immediately said.

"Yeah, sure. Pay the money now. People pay first and then eat over here." The grandpa ordered a serving and then urged.

"Oh, okay." Division Chief Lin took out the wallet and paid the money subconsciously.

After all, the grandpa said that very normally.

"Thank you. So do you need one serving?" After Zhou Jia received the money, she asked the baby-faced girl.

After all, the baby-faced girl just looked confused and didn't order dishes when Zhou Jia asked for the first time.

"That Small Mustache Uncle still isn't here, is he?" The baby-faced girl looked at Zhou Jia shyly and asked.

"Yes. He's going to be back in half a month." Zhou Jia answered softly.

"Thank you." The baby-faced girl lowered the head and then thanked her.

"Then, do you want a serving of Osmanthus Wine Stuffed Sticky Rice Ball?" Zhou Jia asked gently.

"Okay. Thank you." The baby-faced girl nodded the head.

"You are welcome." Zhou Jia revealed a big smile and then turned to leave.

Though they talked in a whisper, the conversation was still heard by the grandpa. Even Yuan Zhou had heard them clearly at the side.

Yuan Zhou never talked too much at such moments. At most, he just sighed with emotion that even such a bad-tempered person as Wu Hai was liked by girls. Then where was his girl?

Nonetheless, the grandpa beside them revealed a look of curiosity and then couldn't help saying out.

"Little girl, do you like that man with small mustaches?" The grandpa asked hesitantly.

In his opinion, Wu Hai wasn't a good man and his temper can hardly be endured by common people.

Besides, Wu Hai wasn't as good-looking as Ling Hong. His appearance was just characterized by the two tufts of small mustaches. Apart from that, there was nothing special.

As for his image, there was absolutely none. After all, you can't expect a man dressed in home wear to have a good image.

Every time Wu Hai entered the restaurant, he either leaned against the table or lay on the table. In the grandpa's eyes, he was just an indolent and spiritless person.

"No, no." The baby-faced girl immediately shook the hand in surprise.

"No? Then why do you ask about him? I saw you ask about him yesterday, too." According to the grandpa's observation, the girl didn't appear to be shy and then deny hurriedly.

"Well, eh, I don't know what's this feeling either. But I'm sure I don't like him." The baby-faced girl blushed and still didn't bring out the reason.

"It's really strange." The grandpa looked at the young girl with curiosity.

He had made up his mind to help her get out of the sea of bitterness. Wu Hai wasn't an appropriate partner. He knew nothing except eating and drawing.

"Yeah. I just got used to seeing him. I think his two tufts of mustaches are very special and I feel slightly relieved on seeing them." The baby-faced girl lowered her head and considered for quite a while before she said that.

"Isn't it love?" Having heard the conversation for quite a while at the side, Man Man couldn't help saying.

"Of course not. I like stylish and good-looking guys more. Besides, I actually don't even know his name and never paid much attention to him. I only know he comes to eat every day." The baby-faced girl shook the head and said earnestly.

"So do you come here just to see that guy's mustaches?" Man Man felt a little unbelievable.

"Not really. I just have an inexplicable sense of security when I see his mustaches and feel slightly relieved, but I also don't know why." The girl explained very clearly for fear of others misunderstanding her.

"That's fine. The small mustaches will come back very soon. Without Little Boss Yuan's dishes, that guy will probably die." The grandpa nevertheless had understood the girl's thoughts and thus comforted her.

"Um, thank you." The baby-faced girl thanked him happily.

Man Man was contrarily a little confused at the side. What did that mean?

Did she have a sense of security when she saw the mustaches of others?

She didn't really understand such kind of feeling. Instead, she only had a sense of security whenever she saw the police.