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568 Yuan Zhou’s Tea Ceremony

 "Um. By comparison, your dishes are indeed more convenient and cheaper." Wu Hai nodded the head approvingly.

"They are cheap even if did not compare." Yuan Zhou didn't agree with him on that point, thus he said immediately.

In response to Yuan Zhou's words, the customers in the restaurant all answered with a "humph" to show they had heard him. But obviously, they didn't agree with him.

However, Yuan Zhou wouldn't argue with them, either. He just stopped saying anything.

Dinnertime passed quickly. Not long after Wu Hai finished his meal, the closing time arrived. And what arrived later was the business time of the pub.

Though the pub was on the second floor in the open air, it wasn't cold at all. After drinking, there was, contrarily, a spark of coolness and freshness. Nonetheless, the customers didn't feel cold.

"Speaking seems to be an art." Yuan Zhou thought of the standard of the mission and signed with emotion.

"Hua Hua Hua". Yuan Zhou lowered his head and leafed through the book in his hand.

If seen in a further distance, there were the characters The Art of Speaking in the front cover.

That's right. Normally, Yuan Zhou would be studying culinary arts at this time of day, but today, he started to study the art of speaking.

Yuan Zhou was slightly touched by what Wu Hai said today on the aspect of mission completion, but he didn't like his dishes to be commented as "cheap" in comparisons with other restaurants.

That didn't conform to his usual way of doing things.

Because of the thick catalogue of the cooked wheaten foods, Yuan Zhou read books quite quickly now. During the business time of the pub, Yuan Zhou had read to the better part of the book.

"It feels very reasonable, but seems a little difficult to implement it." Yuan Zhou stroked his own forehead and thought deeply while knitting his brows.

"For the opening remarks, I think only the greeting applies to me among the methods of greeting, admiration and looking for common interests." What Yuan Zhou paid more attention while reading how to start a conversation.

"But this cordial method does not conform to my figure as an aloof prince charming. It's a problem." Yuan Zhou nodded his head with a manner of self-affirmation while saying that.

"Guidance might work more effectively." Yuan Zhou murmured.

After tidying up the pub on the second floor, Shen Min opened the door of the sergestes wall landscape and saw the scene where Yuan Zhou was muttering to himself in a whisper.

He sometimes frowned and sometimes stroked his forehead and thought deeply, appearing quite hesitant.

"Boss Yuan, do you need help?" Shen Min stood steadily and asked carefully.

As soon as Yuan Zhou heard that, he stood still subconsciously and kept his face taut. Then he turned to look at Shen Min and shook the head.

"No need."

"Are you alright?" Shen Min changed another way to ask with a caring tone.

"No worries. I'm thinking about the cuisines." Yuan Zhou put the book down and then said primly.

"Okay. I'm not going to bother you. I have tidied up the pub on the second floor." Shen Min let out a sigh of relief and said.

"Um. Take care." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"Goodbye, Boss Yuan." Shen Min said goodbye politely before she left.

As usual, Yuan Zhou shut the door and returned to the second floor. Only after he saw Shen Min get on the final bus did he start to wash up and go to bed.

After a sound sleep that night, Yuan Zhou got up and washed up as usual and then went out for jogging. It was still early, but the light of Wu Hai's art studio in the building across the street wasn't on.

"This guy left so early." Yuan Zhou muttered to himself when he ran to the side street.

That's right. By then, Wu Hai had boarded the plane that departed for France. In his opinion, since he had eaten the dinner, he'd better leave earlier so that he can come back earlier.

Wu Hai didn't show up during the breakfast. Some familiar customers asked about him and when they knew he had gone out for an exchange of pointers, they started to worry about Wu Hai's problem of eating together.

In the meantime, they inevitably began to sympathize with Zheng Jiawei who followed Wu Hai there. After all, Wu Hai's bad temper could be seen by everyone.

During the lunch, Wu Hai naturally didn't show up, either. This time, the customers no longer asked about him except a young girl.

The girl looked very young and had a baby face. She appeared to be no more than 20 years old. With medium-long black hair tied behind the ears, she looked very cute and obedient.

"Why doesn't that Uncle Mustache who comes to eat everyday show up today?" The young girl spoke Mandarin Chinese. It seemed that she wasn't a local of Chengdu.

"Huh, Wu Hai is really amazing. This young girl even began to ask about him." A customer mocked him in a whisper.

"He has gone abroad for exchanging pointers." Zhou Jia answered her this time.

This was because only Zhou Jia knew that this baby-faced young girl looked around the entire restaurant subconsciously every time she arrived.

Not until did she see Wu Hai would she sit down without saying anything and then start to eat seriously and leave in the end.

"Oh. When is that Uncle Mustache going to come back?" The baby-faced young girl asked curiously.

"He's said to come back half a month later." Zhou Jia answered seriously.

"Um. Thank you, sister." The baby-faced girl thanked her gratefully.

Then she said nothing more and directly began to order dishes, without any difference from the normal times.

The first day after Wu Hai left just passed like that.

Early next morning, the grandpa came again. It was the second time that he came here since he failed to ask for the tea last time. However, he brought another person this time, Division Chief Lin.

The two people came over while debating and complaining.

"Hey, you old guy. Why did you drag me here for?" Division Chief Lin complained discontentedly while following the grandpa.

"Last time you told me, you drank the tea of this Little Master Yuan. You must ask him for another cup of tea for me today." The grandpa said toughly, not being open to any excuses.

"Hey, you old guy. The older you are, the more unreasonable you become. Have you ever seen people drinking tea early in the morning?" Division Chief Lin appeared to be quite helpless.

No matter if it was real or just on the surface, Division Chief Lin was younger than the grandpa. Therefore, he didn't dare to struggle with great force.

"Yes, I have. If not, where would morning tea come from? You go ask." The grandpa dragged Division Chief Lin outside of Yuan Zhou's restaurant stubbornly.

There were very few people at this time of day. Of course, Wu Hai, the most active customer in normal times, wasn't here. Instead, there was a baby-faced young girl waiting outside.

"A young girl is over there. Don't drag me anymore." Division Chief Lin said helplessly.

"Never mind. It's you who come to ask for the tea, not me." The grandpa with an innocent look.

"You old guy, be careful that I won't share it with you when I get the tea." Division Chief Lin said in a half-angry and half-helpless manner.

"I don't need you to give it to me. I can take it by myself." The grandpa said complacently.

On hearing that, the baby-faced girl at the side couldn't help covering her mouth and giggled.

Division Chief Lin nevertheless maintained a manner of helplessness.

"How do you like the tea made by Boss Yuan? What do you think if I make the tea by myself?" The grandpa suddenly asked excitedly on a whim.

"I don't think that Boss Yuan needs you." Division Chief Lin said straightforwardly without showing due respect for the grandpa's feelings.

"What? Is that guy so awesome that he can even make tea apart from delicious dishes?" The grandpa showed slight disbelief.

"You are right. In the beginning, Boss Yuan seemed to be a little unfamiliar and thus wasted some tea. But later, he displayed excellent craftsmanship in making good tea." Division Chief Lin gasped in admiration and then said when he thought of the way that Yuan Zhou made tea.

"He's surprisingly an awesome guy." The grandpa muttered.

"Exactly. Obviously, he was very unfamiliar at the beginning. I almost wanted to make the tea in place of him. But later, he did it better and better and in the end, as deftly as a tea master. He seems to be another talented person." Division Chief Lin sighed with emotion and meanwhile showed admiration.