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567 Receiving the First Comment of “Cheap”

 Once Grandpa Zhang said that, many customers in the restaurant including Huang Ye were all slightly puzzled. Generally speaking, most would choose donate their money left.

After all, he was a widower and had no descendants and thus naturally would choose to donate to others. It was what most people would choose to do in the same situation.

"Right. How wonderful it will be by then! I don't need to do anything and just wait for Boss Yuan to cook delicious dishes. When my money is used up, it's also the time for me to go down. It's great even just thinking about it." When Grandpa Zhang said that, he revealed a very expectant look and a faint smile involuntarily.

"Too early to say that." Yuan Zhou suddenly answered him.

"Yeah. We still want to listen to your stories." Ma Zhida was the first that chimed in.

"Exactly. It's fairly good that you come once per month." Another customer said that.

"Haha. You all are really sweet, but this old man doesn't have candies for you." Grandpa Zhang said with a smile.

"No need. We are just telling the truth. Didn't you hear Boss Yuan say too early?" Ma Zhida directly referred to Yuan Zhou.

After Yuan Zhou finished speaking, however, he returned to the kitchen and started to cook without speaking anymore.

"Haha. Forget it. Let's continue telling stories." Grandpa Zhang was quite optimistic. He didn't really care about others talking about the issues after death, but he still preferred to tell stories.

The stories that he had encountered when he was young, no matter they were interesting, strange, funny or sad ones.

After that, almost all customers in the restaurant spared some attention to listen to Grandpa Zhang's stories.

"Grandpa Zhang is so strange." After Huang Ye listened to the story, Huang Ye said to Ma Zhida.

"Not really. He's just an interesting old man," said Ma Zhida.

"He's indeed interesting. As a widower doing ordinary jobs but still being optimistic and unrestrained, he feels like a capable person that conceals his name and identity in the martial arts novels." Looking at Grandpa Zhang walk out of the restaurant, Huang Ye signed with emotion.

"This description is fairly appropriate." Ma Zhida chimed in smilingly.

"Yes, yeah, exactly." Other customers that heard him at the side all nodded the head approvingly before Huang Ye had time to feel happy.

Even Yuan Zhou who had sharp ears nodded the head in the heart to show consent.

Grandpa Zhang was indeed a strange but unrestrained person. Even if he was poor, he was still very happy.

"Sigh..." At that time, Wu Hai heaved a sigh and entered the restaurant.

"Rarely do I see you come so late." Ma Zhida looked at Wu Hai seated beside him and asked.

"Sigh." Wu Hai heaved a heavy sigh again.

"What do you want to eat today, Brother Wu?" Zhou Jia went up and asked.

Zhou Jia said with a normal tone, but she tried hard not to laugh.

"I want a serving of all dishes on the menu, ok?" Wu Hai asked on a whim.

"Brother Wu, you know our rules." Zhou Jia said smilingly.

"What's the matter? Whoever can't eat his dishes up will necessarily be blacklisted. You are not the Big Belly Lingzi." Ma Zhida asked curiously.

"I'm going to go abroad for the exchange of pointers meeting." Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou sadly.

As for Yuan Zhou, he was immune to this kind of sorrowful stare. After all, he was first stared at by Wu Hai during noon and then by the grandpa in the afternoon. And of course, he became immune to it.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou didn't turn a hair.

"Hahaha. No wonder you sighed so much. But you can eat some more today so that you can savor the taste while in foreign countries." Ma Zhida really deserved a beating with his sarcastic smile.

At least in Wu Hai's eyes, that was so.

"Even if I go abroad, I eat more frequently than you do." Wu Hai immediately struck back.

"You are right, but I can come to eat at any time. I don't need to go abroad and separate from Boss Yuan's craftsmanship." Instead of getting angry, Ma Zhida contrarily said complacently.

Having been struck a raw nerve, Wu Hai stopped saying more instantly. He looked at Zhou Jia who was still waiting beside him and got a new idea.

"Is there any time limit to the blacklist?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and revealed a thoughtful manner.

"No, there isn't. If you enter the blacklist, you'll always be there." Yuan Zhou answered him at once even before Zhou Jia understood Wu Hai's meaning.

It was Yuan Zhou who knew what Wu Hai was actually thinking, thus he immediately ruined his hopes.

"That's too much. It's totally inhumane." Wu Hai said sorrowfully.

"I suggest you eat less this evening. Tomorrow you'll have to take a long flight." Yuan Zhou paid no attention to Wu Hai's complaints, but instead, suggested that in a seemingly sincere manner.

"Ho Ho. You are killing me to make me eat less since you know I'm going to live without your dishes for half a month." Wu Hai said with a tone of contempt.

"No. I'm saying that for your own good." Yuan Zhou said primly.

"Jia Jia, get me a serving of Dongpo Pig Knuckle, Dongjiang Su Meatball, Jinling Grass, Phoenix-Tailed Prawns and a bowl of plain white rice as well as a serving of Translucent Beef Slices shortly." Wu Hai stared at Yuan Zhou and ordered quite a few dishes in one breath.

"Brother Wu, can you finish these dishes?" Zhou Jia was a little worried. One must know it was the very first time that Wu Hai had ordered six dishes at a time.

"Of course! I will try my best to stuff them into my stomach." Wu Hai revealed a resolute look.

"Alright. One moment, please." Seeing Wu Hai's resolute look, Zhou Jia had to report the dishes.

Without Zheng Jiawei, no one can persuade Wu Hai.

Yuan Zhou had been quite used to that. Whenever this guy was forced to go out, he came to eat a lot at the last meal before he departed as if he had planned to eat nothing in the following two days.

Though, Wu Hai really did so. Usually, if he had to be out for one day, he would eat something here first before leaving. Then he would stay hungry at noon and wait to eat in the evening.

Even so, however, Wu Hai found that he just felt hungry instead of getting gastric. And after Zheng Jiawei dragged him to have an examination in the hospital, he also found there were no problems at all. As a result, he had to let him do as he liked and Wu Hai became more reckless and unbridled.

In order to eat Yuan Zhou's dishes, Wu Hai had indeed sacrificed a lot.

"Aren't there many Michelin Restaurants in France? There might be one that serves delicious dishes." Ma Zhida suggested freely at the side.

However, the suggestion sounded like an irresponsible and sarcastic remark. Without even thinking of that, he contradicted.

"Leaving aside the high price, I have to book in advance for a meal. It's awfully troublesome. Anyway, I reckon you can only afford to eat there once." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and looked at Ma Zhida up and down aggressively for a while before he continued saying.

"I think sooner or later, you'll be beaten to death." Ma Zhida stared at Wu Hai and said earnestly.

"Never mind. If I die, my paintings will be more famous." Wu Hai said without any hesitation.

In response, Ma Zhida only answered two characters, "Ho Ho."

"Sigh. Thinking of those restaurants, I suddenly feel the dishes here are really cheap and worthwhile." Wu Hai sighed with emotion while stroking his small mustaches.

"Yes, my dishes are indeed very cheap." Yuan Zhou nodded the head approvingly.

Meanwhile, his attitude towards Wu Hai became gentler.

Because Yuan Zhou found his mission had been completed by one point and that indicated that Wu Hai said that very sincerely.