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565 Meeting For Exchange of Pointers About Paintings

 "There seems to be a risk to gluttony." Wu Hai patted his own belly and sighed with emotion.

"Nonsense. Of course it's risky." Man Man gave an angry look toward Wu Hai and said.

"Doesn't matter. I just feel a bit sad." Wu Hai said hesitantly while stroking his small mustaches.

"Are you going out?" Jiang Changxi suddenly asked.

"How did you know?" Wu Hai looked at Jiang Changxi in surprise. His face showed a suspicious look.

"Simple. You are stupid during normal times, but have never envied me so bluntly." Jiang Changxi supported her head with one hand and knocked on the table with the other.

"It's anyhow better than you who is always being so fond of the pretty boys." Wu Hai straightforwardly contradicted.

In Wu Hai's world, there was nothing but drawing and eating. As for conversing normally, what was that? Did that have anything to do with him?

Ling Hong was right in saying that nobody but Zheng Jiawei could bear that bad temper of Wu Hai's.

Even his younger sister Wu Lin was unable to bear his temper and always wanted to throttle Wu Hai at any minute.

"Ho Ho. I'm only fond of Boss Yuan. What does that have anything to do with you?" Jiang Changxi wasn't a person that often suffer losses, thus she rebutted immediately.

Having been complimented, Yuan Zhou was quite happy, but he still maintained his composure while tidying up the kitchen in silence.

The customers in the restaurant left one after another except Jiang Changxi, Wu Hai and Man Man. The last one that left was a girl, who often came here for meals.

Before she walked out of the restaurant, she turned the head and took a look at Wu Hai inadvertently. Only then did she leave.

"That really has nothing to do with me. But can you tell me how did you know that I will leave?" Wu Hai was still curious about this matter.

"It's very easy. You are extraordinarily envious of others' stomach and also ate a larger amount this time compared to the previous few meals. You seem to want to eat up tomorrow's meals as well." Jiang Changxi shrugged and said quite naturally.

"Are you really going to leave? For an art exhibition?" Man Man looked at Wu Hai with her eyes shining.

"No, for a meeting about the exchange on pointers about paintings." Wu Hai sat on the chair and looked at Yuan Zhou with hidden bitterness in his eyes.

Yuan Zhou retreated without turning a hair and began to tidy up other places.

"A meeting for exchanging pointers? Didn't you decline many of those invitations?" Man Man looked at Wu Hai curiously.

Wu Hai had been eating here for a long time. There were quite a few people who came to invite Wu Hai to attend the banquets, art exhibitions or exchanging pointers.

Even these customers had seen people come to invite him many times. However, Wu Hai declined these invitations every time if he didn't want to attend.

No matter what, he was a renowned painter. If it were anyone else, those people who were dressed in business suit and leather shoes would probably beat Wu Hai to death.

"It's a very important foreign exchange of pointers meeting. Boss Yuan, why don't you go with me? I can bear all the expenses including food, accommodation and entertainment." Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou expectantly.

"No." Yuan Zhou refused without hesitation.

What a joke! There was no free pie in the sky and Yuan Zhou was very clear about that. He had used up all his fortune on the system and just because of that, he couldn't even find a girlfriend even though he was such a prince charming.

"I'm going to France, the country of romance, where there are lots of beauties. Aren't you looking for a girlfriend? I can help you get one." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and patted on his chest to guarantee his statement.

"You are also single." Yuan Zhou made a pointed remark.

"What the f*ck! That really makes me upset." Wu Hai was speechless again for a moment, but he still didn't give up.

"I heard there are many Michelin Three Star Restaurants over there." Wu Hai changed another subject.

"Um. Remember to tell me what you have eaten there when you come back." Yuan Zhou wasn't interested in that at all.

After all, Yuan Zhou was quite clear that he hadn't even mastered the domestic cuisines and it wasn't the proper time to study foreign cuisines.

"Haha. Boss Yuan is unlikely to go with you." Jiang Changxi thumped the table and interrupted Wu Hai loudly.

"Yeah, yeah. Boss Yuan will always stay here." Man Man nodded her head repeatedly.

These two people were naturally reluctant to let go of Yuan Zhou. If he left, what would they eat?

"Only women and petty people are tough to get along with." Wu Hai shook the head while walking out of the restaurant.

"Yes. I'm a woman and you are the petty person." Jiang Changxi nodded her head quite earnestly.

"Ta Ta Ta". The footsteps of the three people receded gradually.

"This guy really is a renowned painter." Yuan Zhou sighed with emotion and then looked up at the two painters on the ceiling.

The two painters were way too lifelike and were worth admiring.

However, Yuan Zhou had only one feeling.

"It indeed can relieve the backaches." Yuan Zhou lowered his head and wiped the azure stone countertop.

"Dong Dong Dong"

Just when Yuan Zhou sighed about Wu Hai with emotion, quick footsteps came from afar toward Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

It turned out to be the grandpa who came back again.

The grandpa appeared to be full of fury. He stepped into the door with big strides and came straight to Yuan Zhou. Then, he struck the table with his palm after a sound of "Pa".

"What's wrong with you?" Yuan Zhou asked with a questioning tone. He looked serious and remained calm.

Of course, only he himself knew what he was thinking inwardly.

"What's wrong with me? Did you drink tea? About one week ago, did you drink tea?" The solemnity on the face of the grandpa was no better than that of Yuan Zhou. And he also asked bluntly.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"Good. You little brat, did you drink the Keemun Black Tea?" The grandpa was very angry. Whenever he said something, he looked hard at Yuan Zhou.

"No, it's Pre-Chingming Longjing Tea." Yuan Zhou shook the head.

"My goodness. You surprisingly drank Pre-Chingming Longjing tea? Did you buy it to cook the Tea Egg again? This is a reckless waste of grains." The grandpa covered his chest with his hands and looked at Yuan Zhou angrily.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou thought for a while very carefully and then said seriously, "Pre-Chingming Tea can't be used to cook the Tea Egg. It's not delicious."

"Ho Ho. If it's not delicious, you can give it to me. I like it. Moreover, I don't even want the egg, just the tea." The grandpa looked at Yuan Zhou with keen and sparkling eyes and revealed an expectant look.

"The tea isn't for sale." Yuan Zhou shook the head.

"That's fine. Since you've treated the tax bureau guy to the tea, you must treat me, too. Otherwise, otherwise..." The grandpa lost his tongue for an instant and all his previous courage was gone.

Yuan Zhou can't help laughing out. This grandpa acted as if here were asking for candies like a child.

"Otherwise, you won't leave?" Yuan Zhou asked with a solemn tone.

"Yes. Otherwise, I will not leave. I won't disturb your business, but I can just stay here, carrying and washing the plates for you." The grandpa looked at Yuan Zhou with a complacent expression.

"When you drink the tea, I will go up and grab one cup." When the grandpa said the word "grab", he appeared rather proud.

"But I won't drink the tea for the time being." Yuan Zhou said with a seemingly innocent manner.

"Then I'll wait until you drink the tea." The grandpa was quite persistent in order to drink the tea.

"How did you know about the tea?" Yuan Zhou was more curious about this matter.

"Humph. None of your business." The grandpa was like a kid and had totally lost the calm and composure as usual.

"Grandpa, I will go sculpt in the afternoon. I suggest you go back first." Yuan Zhou felt this matter to be hilarious, but still looked like a prince charming.

"No, I will watch you sculpt." the grandpa was rather stubborn.

"Okay. Let me sculpt a donkey later and send it to you." Yuan Zhou said primly.

"You little brat, you're awful." The grandpa instantly realized immediately Yuan Zhou was actually saying he was stubborn.