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 Then, both the audiences of the live show and the customers that surrounded to watch her had a change in their gaze toward Yuan Zhou.

At the very beginning, the audiences were most suspicious of Yuan Zhou's purpose and they all felt him to be cold-hearted and ruthless. Those rules were also very stiff and inflexible.

But now, they contrarily felt those rules were really fine. Man cannot live without integrity and the world cannot run without rules, not to mention Yuan Zhou was a nice man.

As for the customers, it was easier for them to understand. When they heard Lingzi read out the messages from her audiences, they all felt they had an experienced eye and could recognize a great chef.

Boss Yuan was a cold-faced but kind-hearted person.

As for Yuan Zhou who was discussed by others, he continued to cook the next dish attentively.

"Haha. Wait for me to eat another few dishes." Lingzi patted on her chest confidently and just waited for the remaining dishes.

After finishing another two dishes up, however, Lingzi felt stuffed again. She only felt better after she drank that remaining cup of lemon water that she had specially kept.

"Well, I shouldn't have bragged. I was wrong." Lingzi was begging her audiences for mercy with a pitiful tone.

At the other side, Wu Hai appeared quite dissatisfied while looking at Lingzi and then at the menu of Yuan Zhou's restaurant with a manner of dissatisfaction.

"Are you still jealous of other people's stomach?" Man Man asked him with a helpless look.

"Of course. If I had such a stomach, or even half, I could eat my fill every day." Wu Hai said deservedly.

"You can also eat your fill now. Anyway, you have money." Man Man greatly emphasized the two characters of "have money". Apparently, she was resenting the rich.

"Yeah. I indeed have money, but I cannot eat all the dishes on the menu at a time." Wu Hai didn't really recognize what Man Man meant, but still revealed a look of hidden bitterness.

"It's a born ability that can't be acquired later." Man Man was speechless for a while. Then she showed Wu Hai the information about Lingzi that she looked up on the internet hurriedly.

"Um. I have already looked it up through the internet. I just don't know if that can be acquired by training." Wu Hai still persistently wanted the big stomach of Lingzi.

After all, she had almost eaten up all dishes on the menu, two servings each. And Wu Hai only wanted to eat one serving of each dish on the menu for each meal, which he felt was not demanding at all.

However, the reality was that he can only eat three dishes for each meal and then no more. Even if his mouth wanted more, his stomach had been satisfied.

"Never mind. She can't finish the dishes, either. She will probably ask Boss Yuan for help again." Man Man comforted.

Wu Hai nevertheless stroked his small mustaches and said nothing. He was still thinking about a serious life event, one about how to eat more.

Man Man didn't really care about Wu Hai's silence and she just looked at Lingzi without a trace. Just as expected, Lingzi seemed to get her audiences' understanding and thus began to call Yuan Zhou.

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan, I really can't finish the dishes. Please. Let me come to eat them next time, ok?" Lingzi put her palms together devoutly and appeared innocent and pathetic.

"No." Yuan Zhou refused flatly as usual.

He totally disregarded the pathetic look of Lingzi.

"Boss Yuan, I know you are not such a heartless person. Please, don't blacklist me. I guarantee that I will eat them up next time. I'm serious." Lingzi said that quite earnestly this time.

However, Yuan Zhou fell silent and said nothing more.

And Lingzi was looking at Yuan Zhou expectantly and just waiting for his consent.

"According to the rules, anyone that cannot finish the dishes will be blacklisted and will never be received." When Yuan Zhou said again, he repeated the rules of his restaurant.

Obviously, he wouldn't change his mind.

"It's indeed Boss Yuan's style to be so strict. He's absolutely a Compass." The customers sighed with emotion one after another.

"Exactly. Even this elder sister has no way to let Boss Yuan change his mind." Jiang Changxi said while looking at Yuan Zhou smilingly.

"Well..." Lingzi let out a sigh and sat still on her seat.

Just when the customers discussed about Yuan Zhou's rules, Yuan Zhou suddenly said lightly with his expression unseen due to the face mask.

"You actually ordered dishes for two people."

Yuan Zhou had always spoken concisely and this time was no exception. Nonetheless, the customers reacted at once.

Lingzi was challenging two servings of all dishes on the menu. Though she hadn't finished the dishes, she had already obtained the audiences' understanding, so the dishes that she couldn't finish could be given back to whoever originally ordered them.

"Yeah, Boss Yuan is right. Thank you, Boss Yuan." Lingzi also reacted immediately. With a sweet smile as a gift to Yuan Zhou, she turned to look at Brother Feng expectantly at once.

"Okay. Give them to me." Almost instantly, Brother Feng agreed right away.

It seemed that Lingzi's loveliness can't be resisted by anyone.

"My attractiveness isn't useless after all. Boss Yuan is truly a weird person." Seeing her purpose being achieved, Lingzi became relieved and muttered to herself inwardly.

"It's our fixed mindset. None of us thought of the matter this way." Jiang Changxi smiled and then said.

As for the audiences, they also reacted right away. This matter had nothing to do with others, but they didn't think of that just now.

[This Boss Yuan is really smart and reacts without any delay] from Asura That Loves Candies.

[Yeah. Since she's not going to be blacklisted, we can expect Lingzi to come here for filming next time] from Ricecake.

[Exactly. I suddenly look forward to seeing Boss Yuan again. Lucky that Lingzi is a girl and she doesn't have any conflict with the prince charming Boss Yuan] from Shangshan Wuyuan 12138.

[I was originally here to watch Lingzi eat, but now I surprisingly become a fan of Boss Yuan who appears cold-faced but is actually warm-hearted and cooks well] from Jiuyan Jiuxin.

[Me, too. Another fan] from Magical Potatoes.

[Lingzi, this Boss Yuan has even been on the program of Folk Talent, but the episodes about him have ended. Please film how he usually cooks next time, okay? I want to watch it] from Qianmen Xiaobai.

[Right on. We also like watching that. Of course, his attractiveness can't surpass yours. Watching the prince charming won't have any conflicts with watching you] from Former Swear.

Yuan Zhou's attraction could be easily known from these messages but Lingzi didn't really care about that. After all, Yuan Zhou wasn't in the line of the live broadcast.

With Yuan Zhou's participation, this live broadcast actually got more returns. Even the number of audience had greatly increased.

There were also many who called for another live broadcast over here, which was also a good thing.

"Okay. Let's surround him and watch the heroic bearing of Yuan Zhou while cooking next time. Then, you can watch me challenge other dishes, like that Roast Goose. I didn't get the opportunity to eat this dish today." Lingzi said with a mischievous look.

Of course, many more messages began to appear on the screen and they were all discussing about the live broadcast next time.

The reason why Lingzi still sat there talking with her audiences even after Brother Feng finished the meal was that she was too full to walk.

"Lingzi, let's go out and take a video of the door. Then, we can finish." Brother Feng said in a whisper.

"That's good, but I need you to help me stand up. I can't stand up by myself." Lingzi appeared quite upset and said helplessly.

However, she straightforwardly amused everyone. Even Yuan Zhou turned around and burst into laughter.

This was probably the so-called "walking inside alone but need to be supported coming out".

"Slowly, slowly, please. Walk slowly. I'm so stuffed." While going out, Lingzi didn't forget to tell Brother Feng loudly.

That made the onlookers overwhelmed with laughter.