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563 Iced Lemon Water

 "Why not?" Lingzi asked with a displeased tone.

"The price remains the same, so will the amount." Yuan Zhou's answer was still as simple as before.

That's right. In Yuan Zhou's opinion, Lingzi had every reason to get the same amount since she had paid the same amount of money. She was unlikely to get any less.

If her request was granted, the amount wouldn't be worth the price and besides, it would break his rules.

"Never mind. It's my own request." Lingzi shook the head ceaselessly, indicating that she requested that voluntarily and Yuan Zhou wasn't to blame.

As a response to her, however, Yuan Zhou directly turned around and went back to cook.

"Don't go, Boss Yuan!" Lingzi reached out her hand and straightforwardly gave a loud moan.

What's worse, Zhou Jia happened to carry something to her at that time. Fortunately, it was two cups of drinks this time.

The slightly different thing was that these two cups were actually iced lemon water. There was a very thin layer of mist and tiny water drops on the surface of the glass cup. Considering that, the drinks were definitely cold. Lingzi was very clear about that.

The reason why Lingzi knew it was the lemon water even before Zhou Jia reported the name of the drinks was quite simple. There was a piece of medium-sized, fresh and yellow piece of lemon floating in the cup.

"Here is the lemon water for you two. Please take your time and enjoy." Zhou Jia carried the drinks to them courteously.

"Wait. The temperature outside is less than 10 degrees. Why did you give me two cups of lemon water? And it's even cold?" Lingzi said in disbelief.

"My boss says you'll know the reason after you drink it." Zhou Jia said warmly.

"What the hell! Does he want me to drink iced water in such cold weather and when I'm so full? He definitely wants me to go to the hospital." Lingzi muttered and complained.

"Definitely not. Boss Yuan is a very nice person." Zhou Jia didn't understand what Yuan Zhou meant, but she still explained in favor of him.

Then, the audiences in the live show and customers that surrounded to watch in the restaurant had two different opinions.

The audiences naturally believed that Yuan Zhou didn't have good intentions. A better explanation was that Lingzi wouldn't be able to finish the remaining dishes if she drank the iced water and had a stomachache.

Nevertheless, the customers unconditionally believed that Yuan Zhou wasn't a person like that, though they didn't understand what he meant.

Finally, Wu Hai brought the debate to an end with one sentence.

"Big Belly Beauty, why don't you just drink it? Then you'll know the reason." Wu Hai said naturally.

"Humph. I won't be scared." Lingzi took the cup up and prepared to drink it in a fit of pique.

As soon as she touched the glass cup, however, Lingzi found the cup wasn't as cold as she imagined. Instead, it had a kind of cool warmth, like the jade.

Besides that, Lingzi found that there weren't any ice cubes in the cup, but only clear water and a piece of lemon slice.

[Lingzi, I know many stomach medicines. Wait, let me make a list for you] Instead of mediating, Asura That Loves Candies said that.

[This Boss Yuan is a bit too stubborn. Does it really matter to provide a smaller amount? Don't drink it, Lingzi. What if your stomach really hurts?] from A Handsome Postgraduate.

[Exactly. Take care of your health, Lingzi. We are still waiting to watch more live shows] from A Devil Zuojin.

"Alright. Don't worry, everybody. I will just sip it little by little. It'll be fine. Thank you all." Lingzi revealed a sweet smile and then she carried the cup up and started to drink.

Lemon Water is nothing special. It just has a little sour and sweet taste. This were Lingzi's thoughts.

However, this single sip of the lemon water straightforwardly changed her initial thought.

Once the cup of lemon water entered the mouth, it felt a little cold. However, it immediately got warmer and warmer before Lingzi realized it.

It was just like the jade being warmed by the body temperature, thus it was very close to a human's body temperature.

However, it was exactly because of that coldness which caused the taste of the lemon to immediately spread and became a cold fragrance, lingering in Lingzi's mouth.

To summarize in one sentence, the lemon water was slightly warm upon entering the mouth and in the next instant, the fragrance rushed straight into her throat. Right after that was the extremely sour taste of the lemon, which suddenly whetted people's appetite.

However, a kind of sweetness followed closely after the sourness, like the feeling of drinking pear juice.

"Hiss. Wow, it's so delicious." Regardless of others, Lingzi drank up the whole cup of lemon water in one breath before she set down the cup.

"Belch." After drinking one cup, Lingzi directly burst out a long hiccup before she had time to sigh with emotion. Although a little indelicate, she nevertheless appeared quite lovable.

"It does not look iced." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches like a detective and said affirmatively.

"That's right. I believe Boss Yuan definitely has his own purpose." Man Man said with a firm tone.

"Yeah. Boss Yuan is always right no matter what he does." It was the girl, Tangxi, who had been here for a while.

"Of course he's right. Not only can the lemon beautify the skin but also has some effects on invigorating the stomach and promoting digestion." It was Jiang Changxi who uttered as soon as she entered the restaurant.

"Yeah. I'm feeling better now. And the lemon water is super delicious. It's not cold at all. Well, not really, just a little cold but it's also a little warm." The words that Lingzi said happily were slightly incoherent.

"All in all, it's very delicious. It's the very first time for me to drink such delicious lemon water. Boss Yuan is awesome!" Lingzi said affirmatively in the end.

After she said that to the customers beside her, she began to explain to her audiences in the live show.

"I was feeling a little stuffed just now. But after drinking Boss Yuan's lemon water, I feel that I can eat up a cattle again." Lingzi made a gesture of showing her muscles.

However, it just made the audiences of the live show a little bit puzzled.

[What's the matter? There was even a layer of mist above the lemon water and it's definitely iced. Don't tell me it's hot. Does the lemon really have the effect of improving digestion?] Even this wealthy lord Asura That Loves Candies became puzzled.

[Exactly. I also think so. Even Lingzi said by herself just now that it was not hot. What exactly is the matter?] from Donggua Wuxia.

[I just looked up the question on the internet. Now let me copy and paste it] From Pomelo Color Rendering.

[Lemons are sour and a little sweet. It is of a slightly cold nature. It helps produce saliva and slake thirst as well as clear away the summer heat and reduce phlegm to relieve cough. Its specialty is that it can clear the stomach and promote digestion, quench thirst and relieve restlessness as well as strengthen the stomach when it's taken along with the sugarcane juice. It's mainly effective after excessive drinking, reducing heat, cotton-mouth, restlessness, and slaking thirst as well as curing nausea and loss of appetite] It seemed that Pomelo Color Rendering had indeed sent a very lengthy and professional message on the screen.

Even Lingzi read the information very carefully because she was also very curious.

[Lord Pomelo Color, please speak normally. What do you mean?] from Looking For Solutions.

"It's very simple. I mean if the lemon water is drunk along with the sugarcane juice, it can help digestion and make people calm down. Lingzi seems to have gaseous indigestion while she was eating and speaking. Therefore, Boss Yuan provided her with the lemon water and I think there's definitely the sugarcane juice added inside] from Companionship Of Books 100303172802396.

This person was apparently a bookworm. He had started to explain by himself even before Pomelo Color Rendering started his explanation.

[So that's it. It seems that Boss Yuan is really a person that appears cold outside but is contrarily warm inwardly. He's so interesting!] Asura That Loves Candies was getting more and more interested in Yuan Zhou.

"Haha. Thank you, everybody. Lingzi has just understood. Boss Yuan seems to be really nice." Lingzi revealed a smile and finally understood Yuan Zhou's thoughts.