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562 The Knowledgeable and Rascally Lingzi

 The complaint of Lingzi enabled the audiences to discuss the life of the ancient literary giants. Then, they found Lingzi was indeed right.

Among the celebrities, it seemed that only Dufu had one wife. Whatever happened, others had at least one confidante or some sort of close female friends.

A good streamer naturally needed to master the ability to start and end a conversation. And Lingzi was quite capable of that.

"I have decided to eat the meatballs first. Afterwards, I am prepared to pour the rice into the plate directly and then eat the Rice Served In Gravy Soup." Lingzi looked at the meatballs on the table with a drooling manner.

These words straightforwardly pulled back the audiences' attention to her live show.

Lingzi looked up at the messages on the screen and then said again decisively when she found everyone was asking her to eat in this way.

"As promised, I'm going to describe the taste. Anyone that can't withstand the temptation, please withdraw quickly. Otherwise, it wouldn't be good if you eat your phone." Lingzi blinked naughtily and then began to eat.

The meatball was about as big as a plum. With this size, one was unlikely to eat it in one go. Two bites were more or less good.

Therefore, Lingzi straightforwardly gulped it down with two bites.

The first meatball was eaten very slowly. Only after Lingzi savored the taste very carefully did she continue eating the following meatballs one after another. Each had a different taste and they were all delicious.

It was not until she ate up two plates of the meatball did Lingzi pour the rice into the bright red gravy and stir it evenly. Then she began to say something that caused the surrounding customers and audiences of the live show to almost drool.

"Now let me say something about the Su Meatball. First and foremost, it's too delicious. One word, perfect!" Lingzi first praised with an exaggerated manner and then started to describe the taste.

"I'm quite sure the ingredients of this dish must be very fresh and are of top-quality. Apart from that, the chef brings about a feeling of live meat." Lingzi sipped the gravy and then said with an intoxicated expression.

"I know you will ask me what live meat is. But please allow me to keep you in the dark for now. After you eat it, you'll know what that means." Lingzi smiled cunningly.

"The fresh meat was chopped up purely by hand. When you bite it open, the fresh and sweet gravy wrapped inside will immediately overflow in the mouth. The fragrance of the meat and that of the sauce rises one after another. The more you chew it, the chewier and mellower it becomes." Lingzi did some small gestures to demonstrate while saying that.

One became hungrier as they read the descriptions.

[I'm wrong. Why did I watch a live show of a meal? Shit, I'm working overtime in the company now. So hungry!] from Preserved Vegetable ZY.

[Here you are. I will give all my rockets to you, ok? Don't you want that? Is it really good for you to torture us like that? I'm hungry] Asura that Loves Candies suddenly sent a pile of rockets to her.

[Is it really a meatball that I have eaten before? I feel that only this can be considered a genuine meatball. I have decided to eat the meatball tonight] from Lost In Faith.

[The live show of Lingzi has cured me of my choice phobia disorder that I have suffered for years. I'm going to eat the meatball today, too] from ABC Theory.

[We really seem to be hurting each other. Can we not do this? I just want to watch a live show of a foodie. I'm eating and watching, but why am I still so hungry? I feel I'm eating the wax] from Pomelo Color Rendering.

"Um. You guys seem to be quite satisfied with my descriptions. Then I'm going to continue eating." Lingzi smiled like a little fox and then said that.

There was no way for the audiences to order a serving to eat, but the customers that surrounded to watch could.

As a result, the restaurant was filled with various sound of ordering dishes.

"Jia Jia, one serving of Dongjiang Su Meatball."

"One more serving of Su Meatball."

"Get me a serving of Inappropriateness, too."

"Come on. Let's order a serving of Dongjiang Su Meatball and share it." It was obviously a customer that had eaten his fill but was tempted again.

The live broadcast had lasted for over one hour. By then, Lingzi had eaten more than 20 dishes. And because there were two servings of all the dishes ordered, she had actually eaten 40 servings of the dishes.

By then, Lingzi had actually been somewhat full. When she checked the menu, however, she found there were still 11 dishes yet to be served. That made Lingzi slightly flustered.

Brother Feng proved himself to be one that knew Lingzi better than anyone else. He knew from some of her small actions that she had been slightly full and hence made a gesture immediately.

The meaning of the gesture was quite simple. He was suggesting that Lingzi play cute to let go of herself. Nothing more.

After all, Lingzi had reached the intended effect of causing a sensation.

The first few dishes were all staple food. There were two servings of Egg Fried Rice and Egg Fried Rice Set respectively. So were the Clear Broth Noodle Soup and Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set.

These staple food included four bowls of Egg Fried Rice and four bowls of Clear Broth Noodle Soup. Apart from that, she had also eaten up two large servings of Dongpo Pig Knuckle. For the rabbits, tofu, beef and vermicelli, she missed nothing and ate everything clean.

The amount of these dishes were definitely no less than 60 servings of Family Bucket. After all, Lingzi had ordered two servings of each dish together with Brother Feng and she intended to challenge two menus.

"Hi, everybody. Lingzi is begging for your pardon. Please let go of me. I'm really stuffed, but there are still 11 dishes left." Lingzi began to act cutely with a sweet tone.

"Please, show mercy." After saying that, Lingzi put her palms together devoutly and looked at the camera lens sincerely.

Girls were basically irresistible when they acted cutely. On hearing that, many audiences surrendered.

[Okay. You can stop after another five dishes. I haven't feasted my eyes] from Asura That Loves Candies.

[Since Lord Asura has said so, I agree with him. Lingzi, you can stop after another five dishes. These five dishes are considered to be the revenge against the matter of Su Meatball] from Kanbudong Shuabulai.

[Yeah, yeah. Another five dishes as revenge] from Passing Down Acquaintance.

[Go ahead, Lingzi. Jus eat another five dishes. After all, we are all very fond of you] from Preserved Vegetable ZY.

[Ahem ahem ahem. Lord Asura is really kind to girls. Okay, five dishes are good. You made me eat a lot of chocolates just now. I will put at least 1 kilo] from Qiu Zi.

"It turns out that you guys still love me. If so, I will eat another 5 dishes. Carry the dishes to me." Lingzi uttered the last word with a tone of heroism.

Zhou Jia happened to carry two servings of dishes to her at that time.

It was the well-known watermelon juice in the restaurant this time. That's right. She hadn't yet drunk the watermelon juice.

The watermelon juice served wasn't ice-cold. It was just a little cool and suited her taste very much with its intrinsic aroma of watermelon.

"Gu Dong Gu Dong". Just in a little while, Lingzi drank up the two cups of watermelon juice without any left in the cups.

Right after that, Zhou Jia carried to her two bowls of Smoked Fish Silver Thread Noodles, which were the agreed final amount of the five dishes.

Having eaten them up, Lingzi rested for some time and then said again.

"Oh yeah! I finish the five dishes." Lingzi faced the camera lens and said happily.

However, the audience whose ID was Pi Restaurant sent several messages in quick succession to remind her.

[If you order Boss Yuan's dishes, you must make sure to eat it all up. Otherwise, you'll be blacklisted. Lingzi, get ready for this as it might be the last time for you to eat here] from Pi Restaurant.

"Never mind. I have great confidence in persuading Boss Yuan." Lingzi said confidently.

"Boss Yuan, I want to ask if you can cook a smaller amount of every dish to be served later." Lingzi looked at Yuan Zhou and prayed for his consent.

After all, she was so lovable. How could a man refuse such a lovable girl?

The next second...

"Nope." Yuan Zhou refused her without hesitation.