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561 A Stomach Full of Inappropriateness

 "Maybe I should wait to eat the plain white rice until the next dish is served." Lingzi propped her chin up and said in a manner of annoyance.

[No, no, no. We like watching Lingzi eat the plain white rice. Come on] from Asura That Loves Candies.

[I don't have a very high demand. Lingzi, just eat a bowl of plain white rice. For the remaining rice, you can eat it when the next dish is served] from tz088.

[That's right. Look at the bowl of plain white rice. The rice grains are so white and crystal clear. Eat it, Lingzi] from Cats Rushing At Fishbowls.

"Alright. For the sake of your enthusiasm, I will describe the taste of the rice very carefully again shortly. After all, it's dinnertime now. Right?" Lingzi grinned, looking like a naughty little devil.

Even the customers that watched her at the side felt she was interesting and thus burst into laughter.

The audiences had even more reactions. After all, the fun in live shows was about the communications.

[Lingzi is so cute. Here's my daily confession of love] from Xue Chenlun.

[Though you are so lovable, you cannot hurt us like that, Lingzi. You definitely know I'm working overtime now] from tz88.

[Exactly. We cannot hurt each other. Be good, Lingzi. You eat and we just watch] from Ziyuting.

[Cute Lingzi, be obedient. Take my rockets and, you are welcome] Asura That Loves Candies straightforwardly sent her ten rockets that represented electronic currency in his usual style of showing off wealth.

"Thank you all. I'm not hurting you guys at all. I'm actually telling you about my direct sensation. I'm serious." Lingzi first thanked her audiences smilingly before she continued to explain.

Of course, this explanation wasn't really accepted by the audiences, but they didn't make a fuss about that. After all, Lingzi had started to eat that bow of plain white rice.

The two servings of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisines were just two bowls of plain white rice. It couldn't have been better to eat with preserved vegetables.

The servings of plain white rice in Yuan Zhou's restaurant were all served in small blue and white porcelain bowls. With the blue being the base color on the surface, the rice grains appeared to be extraordinarily crystal clear. However, the small bowl was no bigger than an apple, thus a bowl of plain white rice was eaten up by Lingzi very soon.

At that time, Zhou Jia carried the next dish to her.

"Here are the Dongjiang Su Meatballs for you two. Please take your time and enjoy." Zhou Jia moved two plates of dishes from the tray and set them lightly on the table.

"Thank you." Lingzi put her palms together devoutly and thanked her earnestly.

"You are welcome. Take your time." Zhou Jia answered courteously.

To be frank, the Dongjiang Su Meatball this time was no more than the frequently-seen meatball. The meatballs which were about a plum's size were all stacked up one after another like a tower and the bright red gravy just made the meatballs glister.

They looked quite appetizing and even slightly gave off steam when they were carried to her.

Lingzi first looked at the meatballs on the table and then at the menu. After that, she moved the several words of 'Dongjiang Su Meatball' closer to the camera lens craftily and started to say.

"Come and see. Lingzi's lesson commences now. Do you know why there is the character 'Su' in the name?" Lingzi knocked at the edge of the bowl gently with the chopsticks and then said in a mischievous manner.

As soon as she finished asking, the audiences began to guess the answer cooperatively. It seemed that it wasn't their first time playing this game.

[I just wanted to say that this character must be wrong. Now that you ask this question, however, I wonder if there's any more concealed information?] from A Lonely Squirrel.

[How could that be? Boss Yuan definitely won't make any mistakes] from Pi Restaurant.

Judging from the ID, this person was a die-hard fan of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

[Lingzi, what do you say? Is it anything to do with the cooking method?] from Rainy Night Fairy.

[That's possible. Since the previous dish of Stir-fried Dongpo originates from history, this dish definitely has something to do with Su Dongpo] from Pomelo Color Rendering.

"Yes, you are right. There is indeed a literary quote about this dish." Lingzi said complacently.

[Lingzi, wait. Why don't you ask Boss Yuan if he knows about this?] Asura That Loves Candies was one that had never disliked big events as he could watch the fun. Then, he started to encourage and urge Lingzi to ask Yuan Zhou.

[Exactly. We want to see if that Boss Yuan is as aloof and experienced like how he appears to be] from Moon Visitor.

"That is a really good idea. Let me try." Lingzi rolled her eyes smartly and agreed on this idea.

Coincidentally, Yuan Zhou had just put down a dish and was waiting for Zhou Jia to carry it away.

Upon hearing that, the surrounding customers were also very expectant. After all, it was really an enjoyment to watch Yuan Zhou lecture others primly.

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan, can you spare me one minute?" Lingzi directly walked towards Yuan Zhou with Brother Feng following behind her for the shoot.

Just like that, Yuan Zhou was captured on lens.

Seeing a girl walk towards him along with a camera lens behind her, Yuan Zhou drew back without a trace and slightly raised his head subconsciously to make himself look even better in the camera lens.

What a joke! Yuan Zhou was a man that had even been on TV, thus he knew about this point very well. He wasn't sure if there were any beautiful girls on the other side of the camera lens, so he naturally had to behave perfectly.

"After all, I'm the most handsome one among those who cook best." Yuan Zhou thought silently in his heart.

"One minute. No more than that." Nevertheless, Lingzi didn't know where Yuan Zhou's train of thought had gone just now, thus she was still requesting Yuan Zhou seriously.

"Say it." Yuan Zhou said indifferently.

"Boss Yuan, what does the character Su mean in the name of the dish? Can you talk about the reason?" Lingzi immediately asked straightforwardly and simply.

Of course, she also played a little trick so that she could see how Yuan Zhou behaved.

[I do like watching how Lingzi plays pranks. It's so funny] from Lingxia Shuzhong.

[That's right. See the expression of that Boss Yuan? He has apparently seen through her prank. Only Lingzi is still thinking of her scheme. Interesting] From Cats Rushing At Fishbowls.

[Yeah. Lingzi is so honest even when she asks questions.] It was an audience that covered the mouth and snickered.

However, Lingzi's petty pranks were easily recognized by the audience and Yuan Zhou. Besides that, it was an obvious trick and no more than a roundabout way of speaking.

"This dish is originally called Inappropriateness. You can find the name on the back." Yuan Zhou said simply and concisely.

He didn't really bring out the literary quote like what Lingzi had expected.

Nonetheless, it still pointed out the theme of the dish.

"Alright. It seems your wish will fall through. Apparently, this Boss Yuan knows about this literary quote. It's exactly inappropriateness." Lingzi pouted her lips and said with a tone of discouragement.

After the audiences were amused by her, they asked Lingzi to reveal it herself one after another. As for Yuan Zhou, he had already turned around and started to cook the dishes.

"Okay. Let me tell you now." Lingzi behaved in a spoiled manner first and then began to talk about the literary quote.

"Actually, it's very simple. The literary giant Su Dongpo had an unconstrained temperament and his poetry often gave offence to the influential officials, thus he got demoted for quite a few times. When Su Dongpo returned home from the morning report to the emperor once, he pointed his own belly and asked his wives, 'What's inside of my belly?' . One answered, 'articles.' while the other answered, 'experience and knowledge.'. Only one of his wives called Wang Chaoyun smiled and answered, 'Your stomach is full of Inappropriateness.' Only then did the literary giant praise her contentedly, 'Only Chaoyun knows better about me!'. Later, he improved the Hangzhou dish Crispy Meat into the meatball and named it as 'Inappropriateness', which was then called by later generations as Dongjiang Crispy Meatball, also known as Dongjiang Su Meatball."

"Speaking of which, only Du Fu had one wife among the literary giants while others seemed to have quite a few." After Lingzi said that, she said something irrelevant.