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560 Dongpo Braised Pork Cooked With Preserved Vegetables

 The HD camera lens of Lingzi was facing the Dongpo Pork Cooked With Preserved Vegetables on the table.

The Braised Pork was naturally covering the bowl. Therefore, it was naturally in the shape of a semicircle.

The meat slices were neatly arranged over the surface and each was about 3mm thick. All of the meat slices had identical size and thickness.

The meat revealed was the standard streaky pork with three layers of lean meat and two layers of fat. The color was the beautiful brownish red covered with a shiny varnished oil.

Under the semi-circular meat slices were a layer of dark brown preserved vegetables. The sauce of the dish formed a circle in the white plate and appeared rather conspicuous.

Lingzi was a Big Belly Streamer. Naturally, she wouldn't chew carefully and swallow slowly like other gourmet streamers. She directly took up the chopsticks, picked up an entire piece of braised pork and stuffed it into her mouth.

[Whoops, the meat slice was still swaying from side to side when I saw it being picked up just now. I was really worried that it would fall down] from Juebanの Ai & Peng.

[Exactly. But I still feel it's a little greasy] from Expecting Predestined Love 2012.

[On the contrary, I feel the meat is very nice. I like eating Steamed Sweet Pork, so I know something about this dish. When Lingzi picked up the entire piece of the meat, it was an intact one. And that means the meat is very well steamed] from Harry Potter yy.

[What if it hasn't been steamed soft? I remember that Steamed Sweet Pork can seldom be picked up intact. It's steamed very very soft and usually tends to break when it's picked up] from Black Baby GG.

In the live show, everybody was in heated discussion. If the messages on the screen weren't turned off, they basically couldn't see Lingzi clearly. Meanwhile, Lingzi was stuffing another intact braised pork into her mouth, one at a time.

The streaky pork was the kind with skin, therefore, Lingzi was conquered as soon as the braised pork entered her mouth.

The pork that entered the mouth directly melted from the warmth of her mouth cavity. A kind of extremely fresh feeling with slight sweetness melted in the mouth. At the same time, the salty taste of the preserved vegetable blended in it.

Lingzi totally couldn't distinguish the fat from the lean meat. Even for the lean meat, it melted upon touching her lips.

It was the pork skin that was a little chewy, yet it also tasted soft and glutinous. The chewiness was actually not very noticeable. However, the overall taste was quite miraculous.

Lingzi continued eating the pork until there was only one piece left and then she stopped to say something.

"Boss Yuan is committing a crime. He's committing a crime." Lingzi complained as soon as she uttered.

Lingzi's complaint wasn't really understood by some of the audiences.

[It looks very tasty. Why do you still say he's committing a crime when there's only one piece left?] from *fish fish*.

[Yeah. What's wrong, Lingzi?] from Pomelo Color Rendering

[Lingzi, tell us now what the taste is like. What do you mean by saying committing a crime?] from Magical Potatoes.

[Exactly. What do you mean?] From Tangshi Sanqianshou.

"Well. The braised pork is super delicious. It is so good that it feels like he is committing a crime." Lingzi let out a sigh and grumbled ceaselessly.

Once she said that, more messages asking for explanations appeared again on the screen. The messages crowded on the screen until even Lingzi was covered by them.

"Since everybody wants to know that, let me tell you now." Lingzi first ate up the last piece of braised pork and then said that.

"This braised pork made me understood the meaning of 'melting upon touching the lips'. Even if it's the lean meat, not much effort was required for it to melt." Lingzi revealed a manner of enjoyment when she said that.

Even a specialized gourmet streamer wasn't able to make such a good plate presentation. Because there was still the lingering fragrance of the braised pork in the mouth of Lingzi, she appeared quite natural.

"Don't worry about the oil, guys. The pork isn't oily at all. There's only the fragrance of the fat emitting in the air as well as the fragrance of the preserved vegetable. It's definitely super delicious!" Lingzi brought out a lot of words in one breath.

[Although Lingzi isn't describing the taste very professionally, I suddenly want to eat it now. What shall I do?] from Xu Courtesy.

[Come on, guys in Chengdu. Leaving others aside, let's go to taste the delicacies that Lingzi has just savored.] from Pomelo Color Rendering.

[Please set an appointment. The Braised Pork Cooked With Preserved Vegetables really attracted me. Speaking of which, I am originally a fan of sweet food. So I support the Steamed Sweet Pork] from Ambition 1937.

[Ahem ahem. This is the Braised Pork Cooked with Preserved Vegetables, not the Steamed Salty Pork. So the guy who called it Steamed Pork doesn't need to worry about the problem of queuing] from Asura That Loves Candies.

[Leaving others aside, I only want to say if you can give the remaining one piece of braised pork to me, Lingzi. I suddenly want to eat the pork now] from Heart Name.

Once the message was sent, it was followed by more messages asking for the pork.

"I also want to bring one serving for you guys, but you can't eat it. So I will eat it for you. I'm going to start now." Lingzi rotated the braised pork 360° in front of the camera lens and then said.

She naturally started with the pork first when she ate this time. After eating it up, she still wanted more and thus she also ate up the preserved vegetable below.

"Yum. This is delicious, even more delicious. It's actually crisp along with the fragrance of the vegetable. And some are even soft. This is way too tasty." After the first mouthful of the preserved vegetable, Lingzi immediately said.

[Huh? Aren't preserved vegetables only for eating with the porridge? Otherwise, It will be very salty] Asura That Loves Candies sent a message with puzzlement.

As soon as he appeared, many more audiences showed up to chime in with him. They all felt the preserved vegetable could only be eaten with porridge. Thus, how could it be any delicious?

"I'm serious. It's extraordinarily tasty and it's not salty at all." Lingzi picked the vegetable quite a few times and directly stuffed them into her mouth.

"Ca Ca Ca". They all emitted a clear and melodious sound of chewing.

"I got it. It's definitely the core of a preserved vegetable, which is said to taste refreshing and crisp." Lingzi concluded after she ate a small plate of that.

As the audiences that watched the live show were a little puzzled, Lingzi specially picked up a piece of preserved vegetable with the chopsticks and put it in front of the camera lens.

The HD camera lens directly displayed the appearance of the preserved vegetable.

The preserved vegetable picked up was approximately as thick as the little fingers and as long as the joints of the finger. Beneath the camera lens, people could clearly see it was part of a particular vegetable core.

Besides that, there was a light yellow in the center. The surface of the vegetable core was smooth and appeared to be full of gravy.

In order to prove it was really a whole plate of vegetable cores, Lingzi picked some up and showed to the audiences.

[If it's really the core of a vegetable, it will definitely be awesome! Essentially, the leaves, core and stalks of the preserved vegetable can all be used to cook the dish, but the vegetable core is naturally more delicious. Common restaurants usually add some vegetable cores; the good restaurants would add half and the top-grade ones use it all. Nonetheless, some leaves will inevitably be still blended inside. But for this one, it seems to be cooked entirely using vegetable cores] Asura That Loves Candies sent a very long message on the screen. He seemed to quite familiar with the dish.

[Wait, Lingzi. Is the plate full these kinds of vegetables?] from TangShi San Qianshou.

[The boss is so awesome! A full plate of Braised Pork Cooked With Preserved Vegetable Cores. He's really cooking the dish sincerely and considerately] from I'm Zhanghao.

[Though I don't know on which aspect he's awesome, I do feel he's awesome on some aspects] from Yueying 128.

[Yeah. All I know is that I want to eat now. I want the pork immediately without delay. I also want a serving of vegetable cores] from Grey Wings 93.

"Wait. I just ordered the plain white rice from the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisines. Until now, however, I have eaten up the dishes but the rice still hasn't been served." While everybody was discussing the Braised Pork Cooked With Preserved Vegetables, Lingzi suddenly shouted, which directly attracted everybody's attention.

That's right. Now, there were two empty plates on the table of Lingzi and on the other place, there were still two bowls of plain white rice...