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558 The Stomach of Lingzi

 As soon as dinnertime commenced, Lingzi and Brother Feng waited outside the door.

Of course, the filming also started.

"Hi, everybody. I'm Big Belly Lingzi. In response to everyone's request, I'm going to challenge the menu of the Master Chef Restaurant." Lingzi waved her hand to the camera lens and greeted the audiences.

Brother Feng was holding the HD webcam and filming Lingzi for the live show.

The greetings of Lingzi immediately resulted in numerous replies.

[Lingzi is so lovely. Let me comb my hair and line up seriously] from Asura That Loves Candies.

[Hello, Wealthy Lord Asura. Eyes on me, Lingzi. I'm also very expectant] from Aurora That Flashes Across The Sky.

[Hello, Wealthy Lord Asura. Lingzi, what do you prepare to eat today?] from Liyi Luohan.

[Keep rank. Hello, Wealthy Lord Asura. Lingzi, Lingzi, remember, all dishes on the menu] from Pomelo Color Rendering.

"Haha. Hello, Wealthy Lord Asura. Pomelo guessed right today." Lingzi blinked to the camera lens. With her short hair messed up, she appeared quite lovable.

"I'm preparing to eat all dishes on the menu. Please wait patiently." Lingzi said earnestly.

[Since Lingzi is so straightforward, I'd follow her] The words of Asura That Loves Candies flashed across the screen along with rows of rockets that represented some form of electronic currency.

[Now that Lord Asura has set an example, let's follow suit too.] The gifts, namely the electronic currency, from Pomelo Color Rendering followed afterwards.

[I expect Lingzi to shock the boss. Hahaha.] Bingxin Suilan sent this message for three consecutive times. Of course, she didn't forget to give her gifts.

"You are right. I'm also waiting for that Compass to be astonished. He definitely has never seen a person like me who can eat so much." While saying that, Lingzi stuck out her chest and said very proudly.

Naturally, more messages appeared on the screen, saying that they looked forward to seeing Yuan Zhou getting shocked. Of course, there were also many audiences that praised Lingzi for being lovable.

"Lingzi, time to go inside." At that time, Brother Feng started to remind her.

"Come on. The challenge that you are expecting starts now." Lingzi said while walking forward.

What Lingzi said immediately made the audiences in front of the screen become expectant.

[I look forward to the scene that Boss Yuan says primly that she can't order the dishes this way and is likely to get blacklisted] from I Gold.

[Yeah. Boss Yuan will first solemnly say that and then get surprised by Lingzi] from Absolutely Pure.

[Oh, no. Why do I feel that Boss Yuan is so cute for thinking that way?] from The Other Shore 1 Flower Blossom.

[Lingzi, hurry up to go inside. We are all waiting and looking forward to it] from Asura That Loves Candies.

"Haha. Everyone seems to be excited. Okay, let me go inside now." Lingzi waved her hand and walked into Yuan Zhou's restaurant quickly.

As soon as she entered the restaurant, Lingzi took the only table for two people. During the process, the live show had been on all along.

"Hello. What do you want to eat today?" Zhou Jia went up and asked courteously.

Of course, Zhou Jia stayed away from the camera lens purposefully with deft actions. It seemed that she had encountered these kinds of situations a few times already.

It was indeed so. Leaving others aside, even Zhou Jia had seen Meng Meng who often came for the live broadcast several times. Therefore, she was quite used to the streamers like Lingzi.

"I want to order each and every dish on the menu." Lingzi said with a bold and forthright manner.

"Me, too." Brother Feng beside her also said, being unwilling to lag behind.

"I'm sorry, but according to the rules of our restaurant, you'll be blacklisted and will never be received again if there are any leftovers." Zhou Jia revealed a gentle smile and explained carefully.

"Never mind. We can eat them up, for sure." Lingzi nodded the head affirmatively.

"There are 33 dishes in all on the menu today, including a serving of the Welcoming Set Meal and two cups of drinks." Zhou Jia calculated the number of the dishes carefully and then said.

"I can't order that All-Fish Banquet?" Lingzi had ever studied the menu.

"No, you can't." Zhou Jia nodded the head.

"Alright. That's all. One serving for each." Lingzi said readily.

"Please wait a moment." Zhou Jia didn't make the decision immediately, but prepared to ask Yuan Zhou.

"Just let her order." Just when Zhou Jia turned around, Yuan Zhou said straightforwardly to her.

"Okay. Payment comes prior to the dishes in our restaurant." Zhou Jia nodded the head directly. Then she turned the head and said to Lingzi.

Then, Brother Feng went to pay the money. He temporarily fixed the camera lens on the table and afterwards, Lingzi started to talk with her audiences.

Live broadcasting mainly depended on the interactions with the audiences and Lingzi had always been lovable.

[Unexpectedly, Boss Yuan is surprisingly so calm and quiet. This is unscientific] from Asura That Loves Candies.

[In my opinion, Boss Yuan definitely intends to throw Lingzi out of the restaurant and blacklist her if she can't eat them up later] from Dynasty Song Characters.

[Wait. Didn't you guys notice there are 33 dishes in all?] from Liwers_loor.

[I've heard that already. For the two of them, there are 66 dishes in all as well as the drinks. I think they will be a piece of cake for Lingzi.] from I Gold.

[We can see a full table of good-looking delicious dishes shortly. Oh, God. I must go to eat something, otherwise I will starve later] from Wen Bushao.

"Hey-hey. Everyone is welcome to provide more gifts for the meal. Let's eat together. I also look forward to a full table of delicious dishes shortly, but I prefer to eat the dishes one by one." Lingzi reminded them again.

That's right. Lingzi didn't really like eating so many dishes at the same time. Actually, she liked eating them one after another and it can be considered one of Lingzi's traits.

Because of that, Lingzi had even instructed Yuan Zhou specially. Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou's answer was quite simple.

"All dishes are to be served in sequence. Besides, there will also enough to eat it." Yuan Zhou's expression was solemn and earnest.

On hearing that, however, Lingzi became relieved. If only the dishes weren't served and carried to her all at the same time.

"Here is the Egg Fried Rice for you two. Please take your time." Zhou Jia carried up two servings of Welcoming Set Meal and two bowls of Egg Fried Rice.

"Thank you. Everybody, look. This is the first serving. Two bowls of Egg Fried Rice. Wow, the rice is surprisingly a golden yellow. How beautiful!" Lingzi took up the Egg Fried Rice and showed to her audiences in the camera lens.

[It's really a delicious dish. I'm convinced now] While saying that, Asura That Loves Candies offered some gifts once more.

Of course, he did that because of the fascination of Yuan Zhou's Egg Fried Rice.

[Absolutely. Fortunately, I am eating the ham sausage. Is there a kind of ham sausage with Egg Fried Rice taste?] from I Get Crazy About Books.

"Thank you for your kind gifts. Then I'm going to eat now." Lingzi put her palms together devoutly and lowered her head to express her gratitude in a lovable manner. Then she took up the spoon and began to eat.

Of course, she didn't forget to talk about how nice the taste was while eating. In this way, the audiences that watched the live broadcast could have experience it first hand.

The experience was that they became hungrier.

As Lingzi liked eating the dishes one by one, she successfully avoided the awkward feeling of the audiences where they had to watch other big-belly streamers carry out big pots of food and eat it.

What's more, this could make people feel hungrier and eat more. And this was what Lingzi aimed for.

Two bowls of Egg Fried Rice were no more than a piece of cake for Lingzi. Just in a little while, she finished the rice.

Just after finishing the Egg Fried Rice, Zhou Jia carried another dish to her. It was the Egg Fried Rice Set this time and the timing was just perfect.