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557 I Publicize For You, You Offer Discounts

 "Lingzi, let's get down to business." Just when the two people looked at each other without saying anything, a capable and experienced man reminded softly behind her.

Though he believed that he uttered it beneath his breath, Yuan Zhou still heard him very clearly.

"Boss Yuan, though we are not doing the same job, I did come here for something this time." On hearing the reminding, Lingzi drew back her hand as if nothing had happened and then said immediately.

When she said they were not doing the same job, however, she stressed on the word "yet" with a smile on her face.

"This guy is really as stated in the rumors. He lacks a sense of romance and is absolutely a compass." Lingzi couldn't help ridiculing in her heart while waiting for Yuan Zhou's answer with a smile.

"Um. What is it?" Yuan Zhou appeared composed on the surface, but he was actually guessing in his heart that she might be another person that came for Boss Tong's store. After all, there had been many people who came to him for this matter recently.

"Here's the thing. I'm Big Belly Lingzi, well-known, on the internet. I want to carry out a live show at your restaurant. Is that okay?" Lingzi asked courteously.

"As long as you don't affect others having meals." Yuan Zhou glanced at the crowd of people and then emphasized.

"We only need one photographer for the shoot and others will stay outside. So Boss Yuan, you agreed, didn't you?" Lingzi made the decision cleanly and then asked in surprise.

"Yes. Just follow the rules and line up." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"No problem at all." Lingzi nodded the head and answered.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded and said no more.

"It's mainly the other problem." Lingzi said again.

This time, Yuan Zhou said nothing. He just waited for Lingzi to speak first.

"Boss Yuan, I actually enjoy high popularity on the internet. If I come here to film, can you provide the dishes for free?" Lingzi looked at Yuan Zhou expectantly.

"I need each and every dish on the menu and will eat them all at once." Lingzi said earnestly.

"According to the rules of my restaurant, anybody that wastes food will be blacklisted." Speaking of the rules, Yuan Zhou had always been serious.

"I know. I can surely eat them all up without wasting any. I'm known as the Big Belly." Lingzi said proudly.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and no longer said anything.

"So Boss Yuan, can I eat them free of charge?" Lingzi asked again.

"If the dishes are eaten up, whose stomach are these dishes in?" Yuan Zhou didn't answer her directly, but instead, asked her back.

"Of course mine." Lingzi answered deservedly.

"If they aren't eaten up, whose table are they on? It's also yours." Yuan Zhou asked a question and answered it by himself.

"So why should I provide them for free?" In the end, Yuan Zhou made the conclusion.

"The dishes will always be in my stomach whether or not I can eat them up, so that has nothing to do with him. He's so damn right that I even don't know what to answer." Lingzi ridiculed in her heart that Yuan Zhou's words did make sense.

"Alright. If you don't provide it for free, what about offering discounts?" Lingzi compromised and said.

"Business time for the lunch has ended. If you want to eat here, please come in the evening." Yuan Zhou didn't answer her this time, but started to drive her away.

"No, no, no. Boss Yuan, listen to me. I do enjoy high popularity on the internet. I can help you publicize this restaurant for free and you just need to offer some discounts." Lingzi waved her hands ceaselessly and emphasized.

"No need." Yuan Zhou refused her flatly.

"Alright. Sorry to bother you. See you in the evening." Lingzi stroked her short hair and said helplessly.

"Take care." After Yuan Zhou said that, he saw the several people out.

Once they walked out of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, the capable and experienced man who had reminded Lingzi just now uttered.

"Lingzi, you don't need to inconvenience yourself. We have enjoyed very high popularity until now." The capable and experienced man said gently.

"We have no choice. Recently, too many of our audiences have asked us to do so. At least, we have to satisfy their desires once." Lingzi shrugged.

"This boss is so tough to deal with. If it's another person, he would have already agreed. However, this boss has not only many requirements but also lots of rules." The capable and experienced man said with a complaining tone.

"We have already inquired about him and know that his nickname is Compass. This person never gives others the slightest room to bargain." Lingzi wasn't really upset with that.

"So we are going to film here tonight?" Seeing Lingzi not reveal any unhappy looks, the capable and experienced man immediately stopped complaining and asked seriously.

"Of course. Even that gourmet streamer Meng Meng has been here. We can't lag behind." Lingzi nodded the head and said affirmatively.

"Lingzi, we are not gourmet streamers. It doesn't really matter." The capable and experienced man comforted her.

"Yeah, indeed. Lingzi, you are a natural born Big Belly."

"Absolutely. Lingzi, you are the most special one."

"Lingzi, you don't need to compare with others. You are the best."

"Yeah. Lingzi, remember, you can eat up 60 Family Buckets for a meal."

Other people staying behind started to comfort her.

"I know. I'm just saying causally. Let's just film here in the evening." Lingzi shook the head with a smile.

"Okay, no problem." Other people behind answered with one accord.

"Brother Feng, I will have to trouble you to follow me and film me then." Lingzi said to the capable and experienced man.

"Don't worry. I will definitely make you appear more beautiful." The capable and experienced man, namely Brother Feng, said smilingly.

"Um." Lingzi nodded the head and answered.

Actually, this girl called Lingzi was an internet streamer. However, what really made her well-known was her ability to eat a lot. The all-time high was when she ate 60 Family Buckets in a seating and she even drank up the drinks contained inside.

She immediately became famous after that and then started to be popular in the circle of streamers.

Other occasions were like eating up 55 bowls of beef noodles, 100g each, and eating up 5kg of rice, etc. at the same time one after another.

The day before yesterday, a big crowd of people rushed into her live show after Yuan Zhou's restaurant became more

and more famous on the internet.

They wanted to watch Lingzi eat all the dishes on the menu of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

It happened after the fourth episode of Folk Talent where Yuan Zhou's restaurant was broadcast.

Lingzi agreed readily as she was happy to satisfy the customers' desire. After she investigated carefully, Lingzi

paid a visit to Yuan Zhou's restaurant this time.

However, none of her purposes were achieved.

"This guy is so stubborn, he definitely doesn't have a girlfriend." Lingzi turned the head and took a look at Yuan Zhou's restaurant and then she said indignantly.

Of course, Lingzi thought so totally because of the guess on the internet. After all, Yuan Zhou was very well received.

"Lingzi, do you prepare to eat all the dishes on the menu?" Brother Feng asked.

"Actually, I prepare to eat them twice." Lingzi shook the head and then said.

"Ah? Why?" Even if Brother Feng knew that Lingzi had a quite different stomach, he was also a little surprised on hearing that.

After all, he had already checked the menu. There weren't too many dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant now, but the dishes weren't too little, either.

"Because we are going to eat in the evening and many dishes aren't provided by then, for example, those snacks, liquor and dishes with wine, etc. None of them are provided in the evening." Lingzi said carefully.

"You are right. Then I can order another serving for you. It will work that way." Brother Feng thought for a while and found it was indeed so.

"Okay. Let's do it that way." Lingzi nodded the head.