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556 A Beauty In The Same line of Work

 "If I want others to say the dishes are cheap, I definitely need to ask them by myself." Yuan Zhou muttered to himself.

Yuan Zhou stood up and looked around at the kitchen and then at those top-grade food ingredients.

"Now that others are asked to say from their hearts that the dishes are cheap, I can't ask that too straightforwardly. I must be very subtle." Yuan Zhou thought that inwardly.

For the whole afternoon, Yuan Zhou studied the mission repeatedly before he began to sculpt. After that, he just waited to start his opening remarks when the customers arrived.

Fortunately, time passed more quickly when people were more serious.

Not long after that, the dinnertime was about to commence.

Zhou Jia had already waited outside the restaurant. As for the customers, they naturally also started to line up and wait.

As for the ingredients for dinner, Yuan Zhou had also got them ready. After he patted the sleeves slightly, he stood steadily and waited for the customers to enter the restaurant.

"The first ten customers, please come on in for your meal." Zhou Jia's gentle voice sounded at the door.

"I'm hungry." The customers patted their stomach and entered the restaurant with satisfaction.

Of course, the first ten customers all had a sense of superiority. They entered the door of the restaurant deliberately in the face of others behind them who were envious of them in various ways.

However, this was not the first or second time. Wu Hai had experienced this matter many times, thus he totally ignored it.

Though Yuan Zhou was thinking of something inwardly, he instantly let go of the mission and concentrated on cooking when he received the order.

As the difficulty of this matter was actually very high, it was naturally easier to complete with the help of familiar customers.

Therefore, the first person that Yuan Zhou talked to was Wu Hai.

"How is it today?" With a breathing mask on his face, Yuan Zhou appeared quite solemn and expressionless.

"How is what?" Wu Hai revealed an inexplicable look.

He wouldn't think Yuan Zhou was asking him about the taste of the dishes because it was needless to ask.

"It seems that I can't ask him too straightforwardly. I must be subtle." When Yuan Zhou found Wu Hai didn't understand him at all, he thought that in his heart.

However, he had never thought about how others could possibly understand him by saying one single sentence of "How is it today?"

Wu Hai just watched Yuan Zhou standing there.

"In this case, I definitely can't ask him straightforwardly if my price is cheap. I have to change another subtle way to ask." Yuan Zhou took a look at Wu Hai and thought inwardly.

"Do you think the price of my dishes are very cheap?" Yuan Zhou asked with a subtle way. There was seriousness contained in his voice and solemnity in his eyes.

"Ha?" For an instant, Wu Hai didn't quite understand what Yuan Zhou meant.

"Never mind. Say it." Yuan Zhou believed Wu Hai would definitely feel the dishes were cheap since he could distinguish so many top-grade ingredients.

"Of course not. I have spent so much money here it is almost equivalent to a painting of mine." After Wu Hai realized what had happened, he said without the least hesitation.

"By the way, I also sent you two paintings for free." Wu Hai was naturally indicating about the two paintings hung on the ceiling.

"Ho Ho." After Yuan Zhou heard that, he turned around and left immediately without delay.

The conversation between Yuan Zhou and Wu Hai was heard by the customers at the side. They all felt it inexplicable and then started to discuss.

"What's wrong with Boss Yuan?" One of the customers asked.

"I don't know. Did anyone say Boss Yuan's dishes are expensive?" Another customer turned to look at Wu Hai curiously.

"What are you looking at me for?" Wu Hai was stroking his small mustaches and thinking about Yuan Zhou's words. He felt very puzzled when he suddenly found he was being stared at.

"It's not Brother Wu." The customer shook the head and denied his own guess.

At the other side, Yuan Zhou cooked another serving of dishes again and then carried them to Ling Hong.

"This guy is a second-generation rich. He has money and moreover likes eating. He will definitely feel my dishes are cheap." Yuan Zhou thought optimistically.

Then, he got prepared and directly said.

"Ling Hong, do you feel my dishes are cheap?" Yuan Zhou changed another way to ask.

"For me, not really." Ling Hong stroked his hair and said confidently.

"I'm asking if they are cheap." Yuan Zhou stressed.

"Do you want to raise the price?" Ling Hong asked with uncertainty.

"No. I'm just asking randomly." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"Oh, good. They are neither expensive nor cheap." Ling Hong said to the point.

"Don't you feel they are cheap?" Yuan Zhou asked again.

"What's wrong with you?" Ling Hong was quite skeptical about the purpose of Yuan Zhou asking that.

"Never mind." Yuan Zhou shook the head.

"Cheap, cheap. Please do not close the restaurant and go to rest." The last few words of Ling Hong were said very softly.

"Um." A faint smile was creeping around the corner of Yuan Zhou's mouth. When he turned around and went back to the kitchen, he checked the mission progress.

[Main mission] From The Heart

[Mission progress] 0/100

"Why is it still 0?" Yuan Zhou frowned slightly and inquired in the heart.

The system displayed, "The mission requires sincere answers from the heart of the customers."

"Did Ling Hong answer me perfunctorily out of fear that I will close the restaurant?" Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of the last few words of Ling Hong and guessed.

However, the system didn't give him any hint this time.

Though Yuan Zhou had finished reading the book "The Art of Speech", he still hadn't mastered the genuine art of speech.

If he asked this question in this way, others would only consider the price on the surface. If so, how could they bring out the words that the dishes were very cheap?

Having failed twice, Yuan Zhou nevertheless didn't ask that anymore during the lunchtime. He prepared to make a summary first and then asked that again after the business time ended.

Therefore, this interlude of Yuan Zhou was mistaken by the customers to be an abnormality in Yuan Zhou's routine life.

That's right. Among the familiar customers, Yuan Zhou always had such a name. Of course, it was because Yuan Zhou kept asking strange questions from time to time.

For example, bullsh*t such as "Am I awesome?" or "Do I need to open a branch restaurant?". At the very beginning, the customers felt Yuan Zhou would definitely ask for leave. But later, they found Yuan Zhou often asked the same thing during daily life, they got accustomed to that. For fear of Yuan Zhou asking for leave, however, they still had to say something that made Yuan Zhou unable to close the restaurant.

Therefore, the customers would mostly give Yuan Zhou the satisfactory answers that he wanted.

Of course, the conclusion of the girls was that that trait was just what made the prince charming appear cute.

When lunchtime had barely ended, a crowd of people came through the door. At that time, Zhou Jia had already gone back too.

"I'm sorry. The lunchtime has ended. Please come earlier for the dinner." Yuan Zhou greeted them courteously.

"Hello, I'm Lingzi. Are you Boss Yuan?" A seemingly lively and cute girl stood out from the tens of people and introduced herself.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"Fantastic. Hi, Boss Yuan, I have long heard of your great name. And I'm considered to be one that is in the same line of work as you." While saying that, Lingzi reached out her hand and intended to shake hands with Yuan Zhou.

"Dear me! It's surprisingly a beauty. It seems there is a real plot existing in this novel." Yuan Zhou felt happy in the heart, but on the surface, he said calmly.

"Are you also a chef?" While asking that, Yuan Zhou reached his hand and prepared to shake hands with her with a quite friendly attitude.

"No, I'm good at eating, a professional epicurean. I'm actually someone that does sort of same work as you." Lingzi blinked playfully.

On hearing the answer of Lingzi, Yuan Zhou immediately drew back his hand and stood still with his attitude back to normal. Then, he asked blandly, "Since you are not a chef, what do you come here for?"

"Well..." Then, Lingzi was embarrassed. Her hand stayed in the air awkwardly and she could neither draw it back nor leave it out.