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554 The First Main Mission of An Intermediate Chef

 "Boss Yuan, your business is doing very well recently." It was Wu Zhou's first sentence as soon as he entered the restaurant.

"It has been a while." Yuan Zhou didn't answer him, but first greeted him.

"Yeah. This guy hasn't been here for a long time." Zhao Yingjun, namely Wu Zhou's colleague, patted his shoulder and said.

"I'm very busy." Wu Zhou revealed a smile of happiness.

Then, Yuan Zhou wanted to say nothing more. This was because whatever Wu Zhou said at this time would definitely be related to his girlfriend.

He was right.

"I'm going to get married, so I am making arrangements for the wedding. Yesterday, we went to buy the wedding rings." Wu Zhou stroked his head and said.

"I haven't had my meal, but you are already flaunting your intimacy with your girlfriend." Zhao Yinjun said with a manner of contempt.

"What do you want to eat today?" Yuan Zhou straightforwardly turned aside from the topic under discussion.

"I heard there's a new dish. I'm definitely going to eat that." Wu Zhou indicated that he had lots of funds recently.

"You must treat me. You need to make up for my heart wounded by you." Zhao Yingjun said frankly and immodestly.

"Okay. Give him a bowl of Egg Fried Rice." Wu Zhou pointed at Zhao Yingjun and said to Zhou Jia.

"You are so stingy." Zhao Yingjun said discontentedly.

"A bowl of Egg Fried Rice is worth 188 RMB. If you don't want to eat it, I will cancel the order." Wu Zhou said with an unyielding tone.

"It seems that soon-to-be a husband will be more mature." Yuan Zhou acted as an elder and said as if he knew very well.

"Boss Yuan, do you also know that soon-to-be a husband must be mature?" Jiang Changxi would never give up an opportunity to tease Yuan Zhou.

"Of course." Yuan Zhou said with an earnest look.

"Boss Yuan, have you ever been a boyfriend of anybody? What does a boyfriend need to do?" Jiang Changxi said smilingly with mischief in her heart.

"You want Egg Fried Rice, right? One moment, please." As Yuan Zhou was wearing a breathing mask, no one could see any expression on his face. He straightforwardly said to Wu Zhou.

"Haw-haw-haw." Seeing Yuan Zhou turn around and leave like that, Jiang Changxi immediately burst into laughter.

It was the bustling time when customers hurried back and forth in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Suddenly, a male voice passed into the restaurant.

"Hi. Is your boss here?" The person was wearing a black polo-neck sweater on the inside, a grey wool coat on the outside, straight black business pants and burnished shoes. Besides that, he appeared quite cultured.

"Hello. Boss Yuan is busy now. If you have anything to talk to him about, you have to wait for two hours before you can discuss with him." Zhou Jia immediately went up and said courteously.

Judging from the cultured man's clothes and appearance, he should have seldom refused by others. Therefore, he only answered after he pushing his golden glasses with the finger of his right hand.

"Do you have a separate room in your restaurant?" His voice was as clear and melodious as always.

"I'm sorry, we don't." Zhou Jia shook her head smilingly.

"Only these seats?" The cultured man looked at the chairs and tables in the restaurant and then said.

"Yes. This is the seat that just becomes vacant and also your seat." Zhou Jia pointed at the bar stool right in the middle of the countertop and facing Yuan Zhou.

Coincidentally, this seat was just next to Jiang Changxi's.

"Okay. Please give me your menu." The cultured man walked up to sit down and then said.

"There's a menu at every seat. Please have a look at what you need." Zhou Jia said considerately and politely.

This time, the cultured man didn't say anything. He took up the exquisite menu painted with lotus flower pattern in front of him and started to read it.

"Ye Liu?" Just when the cultured man was reading the menu, Jiang Changxi said at the side.

"Hello. Oh, it's Miss Jiang." The cultured man Ye Liu answered politely.

"Why did you also come here to eat?" Jiang Changxi asked with puzzlement.

"I am helping others do a taste test." Ye Liu said simply and concisely.

"Oh. Then you don't need to do that. Boss Yuan's craftsmanship is needless to say." Jiang Changxi patted on the chest and said affirmatively.

"Thank you. Can you recommend some dishes?" Ye Liu handed the menu to her and said politely.

"It's unnecessary. Each dish in this restaurant makes people want to swallow their own tongue." Jiang Changxi didn't answer him directly, but said that.

"Okay. Then get me one serving of each dish on the menu." Ye Liu turned the head and said to Zhou Jia.

"I'm sorry. According to our rules, customers must eat up all the dishes ordered. If he can't finish the dishes, he'll be blacklisted and can never come again." Zhou Jia recited the rules meticulously.

Even if Ye Liu was wearing the branded customized clothes and appeared much more influential than Ling Hong, Zhou Jia also recited the rules seriously.

"Then get me one serving of the first five dishes on the menu." Ye Liu changed the way of ordering dishes.

"There are also several main courses in the first five dishes. Do you need to remove the repeat ones?" Zhou Jia asked earnestly.

"No problem." Ye Liu nodded the head.

After all, in his opinion, there wasn't any difference between Egg Fried Rice and Egg Fried Rice Set.

"Alright. Payment comes before the meal in this restaurant." Zhou Jia said again.

"Okay. I have paid by bank transfer." Ye Liu heard Zhou Jia's price and then said that.

"Received. One moment, please." Zhou Jia said smilingly.

"Please do not let me down." Ye Liu said that quite seriously.

"Please be rest assured. We definitely won't let you down." Zhou Jia had been accustomed to such kind of words. Sometimes, she could even come across people who said they would smash the restaurant if the dishes weren't delicious.

Yuan Zhou's restaurant was still running well, therefore Zhou Jia didn't feel Ye Liu was special in any way.

Nevertheless, Jiang Changxi gave a vague look at him. After all, he graduated from The Wharton School in Pennsylvania and he had ever managed to break a potential acquisition of Goldman Sachs. It was interesting to see him eat here.

"This guy is becoming more and more awesome. Even such a capable man comes immediately upon hearing the news. Thus, I have a really good insight since I came to eat here so long time ago." Jiang Changxi thought proudly while she was looking at Yuan Zhou who was cooking earnestly.

As for how Ye Liu noticed Yuan Zhou's restaurant alone, it was really a mistake.

He had a younger sister who liked surfing the internet and watching various gourmet programs. Even since the program A Bite Of China ended, she took a fancy to Folk Talent.

From this program, she got to know about Yuan Zhou's restaurant. By the way, the name of the ID of Ye Liu's younger sister was Ye Liu. It was so obvious that she liked her brother.

Because of this turning point, Ye Liu paid a visit to Yuan Zhou's restaurant today.

Though there was a well-known person in his restaurant, Yuan Zhou had no idea of that because he received a mission, more specifically, a main mission, when he carried the dishes to others.

The system displayed, "The main mission is opened. Host, please receive it."

"A main mission? I haven't seen one for long. Can I level up by completing that?" Yuan Zhou was quite proactive when he heard it was a main mission.

The system displayed, "It's only the first main mission. After receiving it, you'll know the answer."

"Alright. I had already known there couldn't be such a good thing." Yuan Zhou put down the tray and then grumbled in the heart.

The system displayed, "The main mission is available to be received."

"I'll do it later." After Yuan Zhou said that, he began to cook the dishes attentively again.