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553 Yuan Zhou’s Problem

 Indeed, Yuan Zhou knew nothing about the contest of the Chef's Association of Sichuan Province. He still wanted to have a chance to be well-known in the province, but not with this kind of opportunity.

As for why Yuan Zhou knew nothing about this contest, it was fairly simple.

Chairman Zhou naturally wouldn't invite Yuan Zhou personally for these kinds of petty things.

Lee Yanyi had his own reasons and definitely wouldn't tell Yuan Zhou about this kind of information. After all, in his opinion, this was only a trivial contest of the next generation, even if it was actually a provincial contest.

It was more understandable for Li Minghui. How could he voluntarily invite Yuan Zhou to attend the contest? He couldn't even invite him to be the judge.

It was as funny as inviting Chu Xiao, the youngest Michelin Three Star chef, to attend the contest.

As for why the judges didn't invite Yuan Zhou, it was simpler. After all, a high-level chef such as Chu Xiao wouldn't have time to attend such an insignificant contest.

As a result, this was the situation that happened.

During the interval after breakfast and before lunch, Yuan Zhou put on the Han Chinese Clothing embroidered with lotus flowers as usual and came to the door to prepare sculpting.

"Hi. Are you Boss Yuan?" A man dressed in a business suit and leather shoes took two steps forward and asked politely.

"Yes, I am." In front of others, Yuan Zhou subconsciously kept his face taut before nodding his head.

"You are really busy. I have waited here for you for two hours." This person said gently and politely. He didn't flaunt when he said he had waited for two hours, but contrarily appeared excited upon seeing Yuan Zhou.

"What's the matter?" Yuan Zhou stood up and asked.

"Yes, I indeed have something to talk to you. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come over to bother you." This person appeared older than Yuan Zhou, but he used a very polite salutation when greeting Yuan Zhou in a natural and harmonious manner.

"What's the matter?" Instead of addressing his greeting, Yuan Zhou asked straightforwardly.

"Here's the thing. My name is Liu Xinming and I'm a businessman doing small business. I heard Boss Tong gave her store to you. I want to ask how much are you prepared to sell it." Liu Xinming, namely the man dressed in business suit and leather shoes, brought out his own purpose in one breath.

He simply came here for Boss Tong's dry cleaning shop next to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. In this case, he naturally would be courteous to Yuan Zhou.

However, there was another reason for Liu Xinming to be courteous to Yuan Zhou. He had done preliminary market research and knew it was Yuan Zhou who brought prosperity to this side street. If he wanted to do business here, he must be very courteous to Yuan Zhou.

"I never intended to sell it." Yuan Zhou refused flatly.

"I know you got this store for than a month ago, but you neither decorate it nor open it. That's why I'm asking. Just tell me a price and let's discuss about it. Alright?" Liu Xinming didn't lose heart because of Yuan Zhou's refusal.

"No need. It's not a matter of money." Yuan Zhou said cleanly.

Speaking of the matter of money, Yuan Zhou felt very proud in the heart.

Ever since Yuan Zhou knew these words, Yuan Zhou had wanted to say that out. And now, he finally got this opportunity.

"Okay. This is my name card. Please keep it. If you want to sell that store later, remember to consider me. Sorry for bothering you, Mr. Yuan." Liu Xinming handed his name card to Yuan Zhou courteously.

"Okay, but I won't sell it." Yuan Zhou received the name card and said earnestly.

"Then treat it as making a friend. Yeah, making a friend." Liu Xinming remained smiling enthusiastically and then left.

Yuan Zhou put away the name card. Though he wouldn't call him, he still kept it well. This was Yuan Zhou's way of doing things.

After that, Yuan Zhou came back to the door. When he prepared to sit down, another person came to him. The opening remark was as same as that of Liu Xinming.

"Since you are Mr. Yuan, I'm not going to say anything more. For the neighboring dry cleaning shop, how much do you want to sell it for?" It was a tall and slim middle-aged man with a look of shrewdness.

"I never intended to sell it." Yuan Zhou shook the head.

"You took over Boss Tong's dry cleaning shop one month ago. But during the period, you didn't even go inside once, let alone renovating it. So I guess you are just waiting for the right price to sell. Don't worry. We can afford that." The tall and slim middle-aged man pushed his glasses upward and brought out these words quickly.

"I don't need to tell anybody my decisions." After saying that, Yuan Zhou directly turned around and returned to the restaurant.

"It seems this person doesn't intend to sell it." The tall and slim middle-aged man watched Yuan Zhou walk into the restaurant and didn't persuade him to stay.

That's right. This person just came to sound out Yuan Zhou's intention today. His attitude wasn't too bad, but nor was it good. Therefore, Yuan Zhou didn't have any interest in listening to him anymore. He directly walked away.

Not to mention that Yuan Zhou never intended to sell Boss Tong's store. Even if he decided to sell it, he wouldn't sell it to him.

Yuan Zhou didn't know what to do with Boss Tong's store, but he never intended to sell it. After all, it was Boss Tong's kindness that gave him this store.

Due to the two continuous disturbances, Yuan Zhou lost interest in sculpting. He directly went to the second floor of the pub and prepared to read some books attentively.

After all, he hadn't finished reading the book on the cooked wheaten food.

Although Yuan Zhou closed the door, the arrival of the two people seemed to unlock something. In the following days, more people came to enquire Yuan Zhou about the sale of Boss Tong's dry cleaning shop.

That made Yuan Zhou annoyed beyond endurance. He had to put up a notice on the neighboring store that indicated he had no intention to sell the store.

While Yuan Zhou was a little vexed at the store bestowed to him on this side, the business of Yuan Zhou's restaurant had a quite sharp rise.

"Boss Yuan, why do you always wear the mask? I can't even see your face. Can you take it off?" A female newcomer pointed at Yuan Zhou's mask and said straightforwardly.

Yuan Zhou didn't answer her, but just cooked the dishes earnestly.

The girl meant no harm to Yuan Zhou, but some customers in the restaurant were slightly discontented.

"Why are you curious about the chef's face since you are here to eat?" Man Man said with dissatisfaction.

"Because Boss Yuan wears the breathing mask whenever I watch TV." The girl said naturally.

"That doesn't make it okay. Boss Yuan wears the breathing mask for the sake of our healthy diet. As long as it's the business hour, he wears the breathing mask." When Man Man heard the girl came after she watched TV, she explained patiently to her.

"Okay, I got it. Sorry." The girl stuck out her tongue and no longer said anything. She just waited there silently for her dishes.

"Ow. The price is really as expensive as what I saw on TV. Awful." It was naturally another customer who came after he watched TV.

"Yeah. Do we need to taste it or not?" A friend of this person asked him at the side.

"Of course. I changed 3 different types of transportation in order to come here. I must have a look if the dishes are really that delicious." The person said positively.

"Alright. We can order one serving. If the dishes aren't delicious, we can at least save some money." His friend said.

After watching the fourth episode of the program, Folk Talent, those who had complained about the high price were swayed. After all, many bosses said dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant well deserved the price.

Sometimes, the netizens were so pure and earnest. When they found others all said so, they contrarily felt they ought to come to try if it was true. They just wanted to prove it with their personal experience.

Therefore, the business of Yuan Zhou's restaurant had been booming whenever business time commenced recently. Of course, the business of other restaurants that had been interviewed also became better.

After all, the people believed sincerely about the words spoken in the program when they saw these restaurants really existed.