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552 Chef’s Association Contest In Sichuan Province

 As Wu Hai had ordered the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisines earlier, this bowl of plain white rice was naturally shared with Jiang Changxi.

Fortunately, the matter of showing her the painting helped him a lot. Most importantly, Jiang Changxi didn't really lose much and this was the reason why she agreed to his request.

Today was a very special day, although Yuan Zhou had no idea about that. It was the broadcasting day of the latest Folk Talent.

Ever since the third episode was broadcasted last time, Yuan Zhou had received both praise and criticism.

The criticism was about the price in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Nevertheless, since a lot of people who had eaten Yuan Zhou's dishes before turned up and spoke highly of Yuan Zhou, the situation didn't get worse.

Nonetheless, there were many people dissatisfied with Yuan Zhou's restaurant, either.

The good thing was that Yuan Zhou's restaurant became more well-known. On this point, it could be seen from the fact that Shen Min and Zhou Jia were receiving more and more new customers.

Yuan Zhou just had no idea about that at all. After all, he didn't pay close attention to the forum anymore after he surfed internet last time.

Only the activities of studying the delicacies, battles of wits and courage with the system, developing new dishes and daily friendly interactions with the customers made up Yuan Zhou's daily work.

"The trailer at the end of the last episode said this episode would have a huge reversal. Let me see what it is." The one who said that was naturally an audience who waited to watch Folk Talent.

However, he had another identity, that was, a die-hard opponent of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Damn it. I think that the boss is extremely black-hearted. I guess his heart, liver, lungs and kidneys are all black." The person smoothed out his hair with the fingers and stared at the live broadcast on the internet.

"Well. I told you we will know if he's a liar by going to eat once." It was his girlfriend who spoke to him with a helpless tone at the side.

"No. I will never go there and increase his turnover. I'm not that foolish." The man said angrily.

"Then you stay here and continue watching. But don't be too angry. It's no more than a gimmick. Don't be so serious. Ok?" While saying that, she put down a cup of tea and then left.

Of course, she wasn't interested in watching these kinds of programs. She preferred to watch the romantic drama series, which could be more relaxing.

"No, I won't. I must find out how he manages to become innocent." There was full of contempt in the man's tone.

After all, it was an act of seeking death to advertise black-hearted behaviors, in his opinion.

That's right. He had been believing that this program was bought over by Yuan Zhou. After all, Yuan Zhou charged so much and earned so much money. It would be reasonable if he was rich.

"In this world, there are so many fools that the liars can't handle them all." It was the only feeling the man had when he saw Yuan Zhou's business.

There were many other people that thought the same as the man. After all, television programs relating to delicacies were tending to become more and more popular recently.

The program, Folk Talent, had got a hold of such a controversial person like Yuan Zhou and managed to sell the most ordinary foods at an extremely high price.

That naturally caused a lot of people to watch and resulted in more attention. Moreover, that also led to a sharp rise in the audience rating.

And now, Presenter Lu and Scenarist Li were still in the TV station waiting for the report of audience rating.

"How's the audience rating?" Presenter Lu looked at Scenarist Li and asked.

"It looks great now." Scenarist Li looked at the audience rating of previous episode that was sent to him with satisfaction.

"Perfect. I'm not joking, but I think we should do one more episode." Presenter Lu said, pretending to be serious.

"I don't think so. If we continue broadcasting this person, the audience will probably become tired of him." Scenarist Li analyzed rationally.

"That makes sense. We have broadcast four episodes consecutively including this one." Presenter Lu thought for a while and also nodded the head, saying that.

"That's right. We should broadcast something else to relieve their boredom," said Scenarist Li.

"Um." Presenter Lu nodded the head.

"Speaking of which, why doesn't that person attend the contest held by the Sichuan Provincial Chef Association? Isn't it supposed to start very soon?" As a Scenarist of a gourmet program, Scenarist Li was quite familiar with the contests in the province.

"About this question, I have indeed asked it before." Presenter Lu said immediately.

"Why?" Scenarist Li was a little puzzled.

Theoretically, Yuan Zhou would become well-known throughout the province if he attended this kind of contests and contended for the championship.

"I heard about it from Little Zhou who had an interview last time." During normal times, Presenter Lu liked telling a story bit by bit whenever he spoke.

"Do you mean Zhou Zhou who interviewed the judges of the contest?" Scenarist Li brought this person to mind from his memory immediately.

"Yeah, that's him. He interviewed the principal judge, Master Li. He is the eldest apprentice of that Chairman Zhou." Presenter Lu nodded the head and then said.

"What did he say? Isn't Yuan Zhou qualified?" Scenarist Li's first reaction was so.

After all, he had never eaten the dishes cooked by Yuan Zhou. Master Li, the eldest apprentice of Chairman Zhou, namely Zhou Shijie, had a very high position in this circle, therefore, it was very common for him to turn up his nose at Yuan Zhou.

"Of course not." Presenter Lu shook the head.

"It's said that Boss Yuan's culinary skills are so good that he dares not comment on him. So, he didn't even send him the invitation." Presenter Lu shrugged and then said that.

"What?" Scenarist Li thought he misheard him and couldn't help asking again.

"Besides that, you should know Lee Yanyi. He's also one of the judges." Presenter Lu brought out the name of Lee Yanyi.

"What did he say?" Scenarist Li asked curiously.

It was well-known to all that Lee Yanyi was famous for his sharp tongue. And he didn't care about anybody's background at all.

"You know, Zhou Zhou even interviewed Lee Yanyi specially just because our program wants to ask about Boss Yuan's craftsmanship." Presenter Lu explained.

"I know. That guy is good at such things." Scenarist Li said smilingly.

"Yeah. Young people are eager to broadcast a huge scoop." Presenter Lu nodded his head approvingly.

"Tell me what Lee Yanyi said about that Boss Yuan. He is quite mean in speech." On this point, Scenarist Li had a deep understanding.

"He said Boss Yuan is busy with cooking every day and thus has no time to attend such a small contest. And he specially instructed us not to report it to Boss Yuan. He also said it's unnecessary to help increase his fame in case even more people go there to eat." When Presenter Lu said that, even he himself was surprised.

After all, what Zhou Zhou said was that Lee Yanyi didn't want Yuan Zhou to be too famous because he was afraid of not being able to have meals in time if there were too many people.

In Presenter Lu's opinion, it was a little absurd. Scenarist Li, who had just heard of that, also believed so.

"Then this Boss Yuan is really well liked." Scenarist Li muttered.

"Yeah, it's true. Zhou Zhou has told me that he prepared to spare some time for that Boss Yuan. After all, it's a piece of rather huge news." Presenter Lu shrugged.

"Indeed. A chef that won't be attending the contest and only enjoys a small reputation surprisingly outclasses those chefs that had become famous for long. There are really many angles." Scenarist Li brought out the main reason in one breath.

"You are right." Presenter Lu nodded the head.

"It seems our program will continue to be popular." Immediately, Scenarist Li thought of their own program.

"Yes, absolutely." Presenter Lu nodded the head.

As for Yuan Zhou that was being discussed? He had no idea of that at all. A handsome prince charming never cared about these things.