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551 New Uses

 "Of course it is my Celestial Fruit!" Just when Wu Hai asked this question, a person immediately answered him.

It was the customer who was from Yangzhou and claimed that his recommendation would be chosen just now.

"Because this Celestial Fruit is a characteristic snack originating from my hometown." Speaking of that, the customer appeared quite proud.

"What a surprise! It really was you who won. How awesome." The customer that spoke just now immediately said in admiration.

"Of course. I'm from Yangzhou." The person said quite complacently.

In his heart, however, he felt very lucky. After all, he really racked his brains thinking of a snack that had been lost over the years in Yangzhou.

"Hurry up and tell us what the Celestial Fruit is." Somebody urged him.

"Yeah, tell us now." On hearing that, other customers all looked at this customer from Yangzhou curiously.

"Hey-hey. As a matter of fact, I haven't eaten this thing, either." This person was also a frank person. He stroked his own head and said directly.

"So even you have never eaten it before." Other customers immediately became speechless.

"Yes. I only heard from my grandma that it's very delicious." The customer from Yangzhou said earnestly.

"Okay. Let's try the taste by ourselves." The customers shrugged and straightforwardly hailed Zhou Jia to order dishes.

"I want a serving of Celestial Fruit, Hydrophytic Cucumber, Dongpo Pig Knuckle, and Plain White Rice." Wu Hai ordered all the new dishes at once.

"Okay. But the Hydrophytic Cucumber is an after meal fruit, so it's only served at the end of the meal. Is that alright?" Zhou Jia said carefully.

"A fruit for after meals?" Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou with puzzlement.

"Um. It's new." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

Once Yuan Zhou opened his mouth, the taste of the cucumber came again. He found the fragrance was really not bad and smelled quite refreshing.

Therefore, he made the arrangement like that. After all, Yuan Zhou still remembered the matter of being complained about having no after meal fruit.

"Sounds interesting. No problem. Just serve it in the end." Wu Hai agreed readily.

"Okay. One moment, please. Your dishes are to be served at once." Zhou Jia nodded the head and then reported the dishes to Yuan Zhou.

Because of the customer from Yangzhou, the Celestial Fruit was ordered by many people. It was even more popular than the Crow Head which was served first.

After all, the customer from Yangzhou told them this was a characteristic snack that had failed to be handed down from past generations.

As for the Hydrophytic Cucumber, it was also ordered by many people, but was not as popular as the Celestial Fruit. After all, dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant were really not cheap.

"Come on. Time to get me the cucumber. I have finished the meal." Wu Hai couldn't wait to say to Zhou Jia.

"Alright. One moment, please." Zhou Jia nodded the head and then she turned around and prepared to carry it.

However, she also became astonished when she turned her head as she found a potted plant like a work of art standing there upright .

"It's surprisingly really a Hydrophytic Cucumber." The customers were a little muddled.

"How fresh." Looking at the cucumbers still growing on the vines, a customer was surprised as well.

"They are indeed fresh. Moreover, did you notice that there are even dewdrops on the surface?" Another customer pointed at the fresh and juicy cucumbers and said that.

"Yeah. The thing is that it's winter now." The third customer also said in surprise.

As for Zhou Jia, she returned to normal and then carried the tray towards Wu Hai calmly.

Apart from the Hydrophytic Cucumber in the black pot, there were also two pottery jars with different colors on the tray. Both were full of clear water.

"Here's your cucumber." Zhou Jia was considered to be an experienced person in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

She had seen all kinds of people in here, like the senior executives that people barely saw in normal times, the second-generation tycoons, and even the beautiful presidents that only appeared in novels and famous artists as well as writers, etc.

Therefore, Zhou Jia still did her own work dutifully although she also felt surprised in her heart.

"How shall I eat it?" Wu Hai was an artist, but when he saw the edible cucumbers that were as beautiful as a work of art, he was also slightly muddled.

Even so, that couldn't stop the determination of a foodie. So he straightforwardly stared at Yuan Zhou and asked him. "The water in the yellow pottery jar is for washing hands while the water in the green pottery jar is for washing the cucumbers. You can dry your hands with the towels," said Yuan Zhou to the point.

"This after meal fruit is really unique." Wu Hai rinsed his hands into the yellow pottery jar straightforwardly and then said.

Speaking of the pottery jars, the size was just enough to put the hands inside, neither too big nor too small. The moment the hands touched the water, Wu Hai raised his eyebrows.

"It's surprisingly warm, but meanwhile feels a bit cold. The water is so interesting." Wu Hai moved his hands out of the water and then said.

Wu Hai was right. Of course, the water was also provided by the system and it was just right for the human body temperature. It felt strange to be both warm and cold, but Wu Hai felt very comfortable when he washed his hands with it.

"Pa". Having washed his hands, Wu Hai picked off a cucumber without hesitation and then put it in the green pottery jar to wash it.

The cucumber was very clean. It immediately floated up after it was thrown into the pottery jar and turned over in the water.

"Ka Ca Ka Ca". Wu Hai directly scooped it up and stuffed into his mouth to eat.

"Well, the taste is so good. Yum, delicious." Wu Hai ate it up quickly and then said.

"Ka Ca Ka Ca. It's indeed very delicious." The sound of chewing cucumber passed from the side. Jiang Changxi directly said that even before Wu Hai realized what happened.

That's right. Just when Wu Hai was immersed in the tender and crisp texture of the cucumber, Jiang Changxi also ate a cucumber without hesitation.

Of course, it was picked off from the vines of the Hydrophytic Cucumber ordered by Wu Hai.

"You ate my cucumber. Compensate me." Wu Hai stared straight at Jiang Changxi at once.

"Don't forget. I have once treated you to the All-Fish Banquet." Jiang Changxi said smilingly.

"It's not the same thing. Now, order a serving of cucumbers and compensate me." Wu Hai requested her directly.

"No. If I order now, it will all go into your stomach." Jiang Changxi refused him flatly.

"Let's do this. You order one serving and we eat the hot pot with the cucumbers." Wu Hai said on a whim.

In Wu Hai's opinion, it was really a waste of the hotpot seasonings prepared by Yuan Zhou to make hot pot with all vegetables bought outside.

Now that Yuan Zhou had served the new ingredient, why couldn't they use it to make hot pot?

"You want to boil the cucumbers in the hot pot?" Jiang Changxi was made speechless.

"Did you lose your mind just because you want to eat hot pot? No." Jiang Changxi straightforwardly refused.

"Then compensate my cucumbers." Wu Hai's persistence in delicious foods were beyond imagination.

"Maybe next time." Jiang Changxi savored the aftertaste of the refreshing cucumbers in her mouth and then refused.

"Zhou Jia, get me a serving of Spicy Hotpot Seasoning and bring her a serving of Hydrophytic Cucumbers." Wu Hai directly summoned Zhou Jia.

"I can bring you to view my new painting. You are in it." Wu Hai said to Jiang Changxi who was about to refuse her.

"Okay. You are really persistent." Jiang Changxi immediately modified her previous remark and then paid the money.

"Of course. Eating and drawing are the two only things that I cannot give up." Wu Hai revealed a serious manner.

"Okay, okay. Remember what you said." Jiang Changxi reminded him.

Jiang Changxi had known there was a separate painting about Yuan Zhou, the one with the back of Yuan Zhou jogging on the street. Most importantly, Jiang Changxi had not appeared in a painting where all regular customers were present.

That was why she asked Wu Hai to draw a painting for her specially. As for Wu Hai, he naturally didn't agree at that time.

No one really knew whether he drew a painting about Jiang Changxi this time.