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550 Fruits After Dinner

 "Vegetables that can be eaten raw? There are supposed to be lots of varieties." Yuan Zhou looked at the reward and felt a little puzzled.

Yuan Zhou never thought that there would be a reward after completing the chef's test. But since the reward was available now, he would naturally receive it.

"Receive. System, you turn out to have some humanity." After saying that, Yuan Zhou just waited there for the system to release the reward.

The system displayed, "The reward has been released and is now available to be checked."

The words of the system were still as always. It had no response at all to Yuan Zhou's compliments.

However, Yuan Zhou had already gotten used to that and thus did not care much about that. He started to check the reward directly.

As far as the eyes can see, the kitchen of Yuan Zhou's restaurant had been getting fuller and fuller. Many cabinets were filled with ingredients, more specifically, top-grade ingredients; the varieties of flavorings were also getting more and more; the glossy and green Jinling Grass was also growing very well on the upper frame.

The boxes full of various ingredients and flavorings were all attached with neat labels. The characters written on them were vigorous and forceful, clearly indicating the names of the ingredients and flavorings.

Of course, there were still many empty cabinets and small boxes. This time, another label appeared on a cabinet below.

The name "Hydrophytic Cucumber" was clearly written on it.

"It turns out to be this one?" Yuan Zhou thought it would be tomatoes.

Though there were many vegetables that could be eaten raw, Yuan Zhou first thought of the most common tomatoes. After all, Scrambled Eggs with Tomato was a very homely dish.

Along with a sound of "Peng", Yuan Zhou opened the cabinet. Only then did he really understand the name of the cucumber.

Judging from the name, the Hydrophytic Cucumber was naturally cultivated in water. It was also called the Fruit Cucumber, which Yuan Zhou was very clear.

Yuan Zhou originally thought the Hydrophytic Cucumber merely required picking and cleaning before it was eaten like the Jinling Grass on the upper frame.

However, he still underestimated the imaginative power of the system.

The Hydrophytic Cucumber in front of Yuan Zhou was on a black plate with a depth of half a finger and was as big as a grown man's palm.

In the transparent water, the root hair of the cucumber was clearly seen. As it was a kind of creeper, the leaves easily covered the bamboo shelves.

However, the green leaves of the cucumber were at least twice as small as the common ones and thus looked fairly lovable and cute.

"What awesome imagination! Does that mean I have to carry it like this to the customers?" Yuan Zhou looked at the cucumber taken out and sighed with emotion.

Due to the support of the shelves, the leaves were naturally grown above the shelves. Under the leaves were the fresh and juicy cucumbers.

The cucumber was no longer than a finger and even a girl could eat it up with at most three bites. However, the cucumbers looked way too fresh. The spines over the surface were standing straight with dewdrops on the surface. It appeared exquisite and beautiful due to the small size.

A pot of cucumbers bore six fruits in total. Though each had a different shape, they all looked fresh.

"Forget it. Let me eat one first." Yuan Zhou was quite curious about this kind of cucumber.

"Hua La La La", Yuan Zhou first washed his hands and then picked a cucumber off before he rinsed it again with flowing water.

"Ka Ca". Yuan Zhou directly bit more than half a cucumber off at a gulp.

What was the taste of the common cucumber? Precisely speaking, the taste was very bland with a lot of moisture and the intrinsic delicate fragrance. That was all.

"Is this really a cucumber?" For an instant, Yuan Zhou couldn't find any appropriate adjectives to describe the taste in his mouth.

That's right. The taste of this cucumber was quite different.

The first feeling when the fresh cucumber entered the mouth was naturally the crispness. It was so crisp as if it was a tender green shoot that newly grew in spring.

"Ka Ca Ka Ca". The clear sound continued to be heard along with chewing.

Besides that, as soon as he chewed the cucumber, the juice inside flowed all over his mouth and the intrinsic fragrance immediately rushed down the throat and then to the stomach. Following that, the very feeling rose to his head.

"The taste reminds me of my childhood when I was thirsty and stole the cucumbers that were growing in other people's farmlands to eat." Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of his childhood in the countryside.

That's right. The cucumbers in front of him weren't really that delicious but instead, it just displayed the genuine taste of cucumbers. When it was in the mouth, people could easily recognize it. Moreover, it was the most delicious and freshest feeling.

"So this is just to let people experience the freshness of the cucumbers that have been barely harvested. Right?" Yuan Zhou ate up another cucumber and then said.

Of course, the system still had no reaction. Therefore, Yuan Zhou ate up a cucumber again in silence.

The reason this time was quite sufficient. It was because the system had just charged Yuan Zhou for this pot of cucumbers.

Hence, Yuan Zhou naturally had to eat it up.

"Speaking of which, will you also recycle the leaves after the cucumber is eaten?" Yuan Zhou looked at the beautiful and verdant leaves curiously.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"Such an answer will make me feel you actually have a farm." Yuan Zhou revealed a helpless look.

He had long been curious about where these top-quality ingredients came, but every time, the system only gave him an answer that his level was too low and he needed to level up if he wanted to know that.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou had already quit asking about that. However, it was inevitable to beat around the bush, but the system straightforwardly refused to answer him.

"Hi, everybody. Please start taking the first 20 number tickets." Zhou Jia stood in front of Yuan Zhou's restaurant that had just been opened for business and said clearly and loudly.

"I really really want to sing a song of I Got You Finally." All customers moved forward at once.

"Stop it. Can't you guys see that Wu Hai is so calm?" When another customer walked forward, he didn't forget to answer them.

"You are right. Guess whose recommendation it will be today." A customer started to ask this question immediately.

"Of course it will be mine. My hometown is Yangzhou, where quite a few famous snacks originate." Another customer said proudly at once.

"My hometown is also not bad. I won't fail." Speaking of that, other customers contradicted him and meanwhile received his number ticket quite quickly.

"Don't worry. We'll know the result shortly." The grandpa said calmly with a composed appearance.

"That's right. We will know right away." On hearing that, the customers nodded their heads one after another.

The start of taking the first 20 number tickets meant that Yuan Zhou's restaurant would be open for lunch very soon. Therefore, the business hours which would commence in a little while, had been long awaited by the customers.

"Everybody, please come on in for a meal." The way Zhou Jia spoke was getting more and more standard and polite.

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan, whose is it today?" The first thing the customers did when they entered the restaurant was to ask Yuan Zhou about the snacks.

"Please read the menu." With a mask on his face, Yuan Zhou signaled them to check the new dishes on the menu.

"There's still an aftertaste of cucumbers when I speak. But it really feels nice." Yuan Zhou couldn't help thinking inwardly.

As he was wearing the mask, Yuan Zhou could naturally smell the flavor of the cucumber that he had just eaten.

"Huh? There are surprisingly two new dishes. Hydrophytic Cucumber and Celestial Fruit? A vegetable and a fruit?" A customer asked in surprise.

"Didn't you say it will be the characteristic snacks from various places?" The customer asked with puzzlement.

"Um, yes. Snacks." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"Then here's the question. Which exactly is the snack, Hydrophytic Cucumber or the Celestial Fruit?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said with great interest.