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549 Amazing Reward

 Just like last night, it was boisterous on the second floor of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, unlike the silent first floor.

"Shua Shua". There was only the sound of flipping the paper slips.

"Celestial Fruit?" Yuan Zhou took the paper slip and became a little puzzled.

The content on the paper was very clear. It stated clearly that it was a famous snack of Yangzhou, which Yuan Zhou had no idea about.

"Aren't the top ten famous snacks of Yangzhou the Steamed Buns Stuffed With Three Sorts of Diced Meat, Multiple Layer Oil Cake, Flaky Pastry With Sesame On Both Sides, Steamed Vegetable Dumpling, Steamed Buns Stuffed With Dried Pickles, Steamed Buns Stuffed With Wild Duck Meat And Vegetables, Steamed Sweet Rice Dumpling, Steamed Dumplings Stuffed With Crab Meat, Steamed Dumplings Stuffed with Clam Meat and Chicken Shreds Roll?" Yuan Zhou listed out the top ten famous snacks of Yangzhou in one breath.

However, there wasn't one called Celestial Fruit among them.

"Is it one that I've never heard of?" Yuan Zhou searched his memory carefully and meanwhile, leafed through the information in his hand ceaselessly.

But still, he didn't find this snack.

"Speaking of which, the name sounds like a kind of fruit. But since it's a kind of snack, it's definitely not a fruit." Yuan Zhou thought carefully of this name and was slightly inspired.

"As far as I know, the fructus momordicae has the title of Celestial Fruit." Yuan Zhou whispered to himself.

"System, what exactly is the fructus momordicae?" Yuan Zhou straightforwardly asked the system.

The system displayed, "Fructus momordicae originates from Yangzhou..."

"Wait. It really originated from Yangzhou? Why didn't I find it?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

However, the system's reaction was just to show the information and cooking method of the fructus momordicae.

The system displayed, "Fructus momordicae can be cooked into both a dish and a kind of snack. The cooking method is to prepare 10% indica rice, 30% white rice, and 60% sticky rice, mix them evenly, then grind them into the rice flour, making it into the button-size balls which will then be steamed until they are ready."

"This snack, when made by Yangzhou people, tastes best. But now, the taste has greatly changed."

"This cooking method looks very simple." Yuan Zhou studied the cooking method carefully.

The cooking method indeed looked simple, but how could it be called Celestial Fruit if it was so simple? Yuan Zhou really couldn't figure it out.

"It seems I must cook this snack tomorrow." Yuan Zhou first made the decision to cook this one and then, he leafed through other paper slips.

The chef's test required him to choose five snacks this time. Many recommended characteristic snacks that Yuan Zhou received this time were seldom heard of, but still conformed to his requirements. Therefore, even the remaining two snacks were chosen by Yuan Zhou in the end.

Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou still leafed through all the paper slips page by page. Only after cutting all the paper slips, making them neat and tidy, did he begin to study the cooking method of the Celestial Fruit.

Sometimes, the simpler the name, the higher the culinary skills required. For example, the Boiled Cabbage in Sichuan Cuisines. It could be considered to be the most representative one.

Because it was a snack, Yuan Zhou didn't provide it for breakfast. He prepared to serve it for lunch at noon.

"Boss Yuan, what's for breakfast today?" A customer asked anxiously.

"Clear Broth Noodle Soup." Yuan Zhou answered.

"Huh? Isn't it a new snack?" The customer was really astonished.

"Boss Yuan, didn't you manage to choose one yesterday?" Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and asked curiously.

"Yes, I did." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then said affirmatively.

"If you have chosen one, why do you still provide Clear Broth Noodle Soup?" Wu Hai was puzzled.

"It will be served for lunch. Please order your dishes." Yuan Zhou didn't like explaining as usual.

"Alright. It seems we can only know the result at noon. Let's guess whose recommendation will win." Then, the customers started to think about that one after another.

"I think it will be mine. After all, I learned a lesson from the Crow Head." The customer said with great confidence.

"I also used that for reference. Maybe my recommendation is more likely to be chosen." Another customer echoed immediately after he ordered the dishes.

"No, no, no. I think I have a higher chance. After all, I know more about Boss Yuan," said Wu Hai complacently.

"Not necessarily. Wasn't it the cultured man that won yesterday?" Another customer counteracted his words immodestly.

"That was an accident." Wu Hai said indifferently.

As for Yuan Zhou who was being discussed, he didn't participate in the discussion all along. Instead, he just boiled and scooped up the noodles in silence.

"By the way, Jia Jia, why isn't there a box outside today?" A customer suddenly thought of this matter and asked while discussing who could be chosen.

"I already spoke about the matter just now. My boss said that the activity has come to an end. But you can still participate in such activities next time when there's another chance." Zhou Jia smiled and said.

"What? Did it end?" The customers were all surprised.

"Yeah. Please participate next time." Zhou Jia nodded the head and then said.

"It's too quick." The customers muttered.

"Wait. Does that mean the person that won today is the last person to be chosen?" A customer immediately realized this point.

"Yes." Zhou Jia continued nodding the head.

"What a pity if it isn't me!" The customer said at once.

"Yeah, a pity. There are still so many characteristic snacks that we have no time to recommend." Another customer said regretfully.

"Maybe next time. As far as I know, Boss Yuan has collected and sorted out all your paper slips. They are all on the second floor." Zhou Jia brought out a huge piece of news.

"So the characteristic snacks served next time could also be recommended by us." The customer was surprised.

"Yes." Zhou Jia nodded the head.

"It is fantastic." The customer was very happy on hearing that.

"Boss Yuan is really so gentle. He surprisingly collected all paper slips." A female customer was astonished at Yuan Zhou's attention to detail.

In their opinions, it reflected how much importance Yuan Zhou attached to this matter. After all, these recommended snacks were all thought out carefully. Even if they couldn't be cooked now, they were still put away carefully.

Everybody was touched by that.

The female customers felt Yuan Zhou was really warm-hearted despite his cold face. Even if there were lots of rules, he indeed respected them and their proposals.

Yuan Zhou didn't tell Zhou Jia that although the activity came to end, there were still two snacks to be followed. As a result, a nice misunderstanding was then caused.

However, Yuan Zhou had truly put away all those paper slips of the recommended snacks.

"Well, I prefer if Boss Yuan took my advice and allowed us to order two servings of a dish at a time." Wu Hai let out a sigh and then said with a distressed tone.

"That is not a proposal, but a violation to Boss Yuan's rules." Man Man said at once.

"So Compass didn't take my advice." Wu Hai shrugged helplessly.

"Thank you for your compliments." Yuan Zhou carried the Clear Broth Noodle Soup to him and then thanked him seriously.

That's right. In Yuan Zhou's opinion, it was a kind of compliment to say he followed rules.

Wu Hai was speechless and didn't know what to answer.

There were quite a few customers during lunchtime. All of them came to see which snack Yuan Zhou would choose this time.

Although the number tickets had run out, the customers were all waiting for Yuan Zhou to open the door. They really wanted to know whom would be chosen.

At the other side, Yuan Zhou got an unexpected surprise in his restaurant just when he made the Celestial Fruit and the other two snacks.

The system displayed, "Congratulations, host. You have completed the chef's test and moreover finished two tests, so you can get an unexpected surprise now."

"The unexpected surprise is a kind of vegetable that can be eaten raw. Please receive it."

"What the hell is this?" Yuan Zhou looked at the messages of the system and was a little astonished.