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548 Always Delicious

 Each piece of the Crow Head in the brown coarse ceramic bowl was about the size of a 1-RMB coin, therefore the grandpa could only pick up one piece every time.

The boiled Crow Head was as white as jade and was slightly transparent. Due to the irregular shapes, they looked fairly interesting.

Once the Crow Head entered his mouth, the wheat fragrance contained on the surface could be felt. Upon biting it slightly, it tasted soft and a little chewy.

When it was bit open, there seemed to be some gravy, which tasted warm and delicious, inside the Crow Head.

"Huh, it turns out to be chicken soup. Good taste." The grandpa ate a piece and immediately gasped in admiration.

"It's indeed very nice." Wu Hai also squinted at the Crow Head and said with satisfaction.

After that, the grandpa set down the chopsticks and drank a mouthful of the soup.

As it was clear chicken soup and all the oil had been removed, the soup was as transparent as water. However, it was full of the delicate flavor from the chicken meat.

As soon as it entered the mouth, the warm chicken soup immediately skimmed over one's throat and meanwhile, the delicate flavor of the chicken meat stayed in the mouth.

After he gulped down the mouthful of the chicken soup, his mouth was immediately filled with the delicate fragrance. Although he didn't eat the chicken meat, he felt even happier than eating it.

"It's so fresh and delicious. How many old chickens were used to create such a good taste?" The grandpa looked at the chicken soup in the bowl with satisfaction.

"Yeah. After drinking it, I feel more spirited." The customer at the side drank another mouthful of the chicken soup while saying.

Putting aside others, the grandpa often drank chicken soup. After all, his wife enjoyed going to the countryside and buying free-range, native-bred chickens to make stewed chicken soup.

Therefore, the grandpa immediately recognized that the soup was stewed with an old chicken as soon as he drank. More importantly, the taste was still delicious and strong even after everyone drank a bowl of the soup.

Judging from that, Yuan Zhou had obviously used many ingredients in the chicken soup.

Nevertheless, that wasn't the key point. The grandpa thought the dough ball would taste bland and tasteless since he had just drunk the tasty and refreshing chicken soup.

However, he knew he was wrong as soon as the dough ball entered his mouth.

As usual, the dough ball in the mouth was as big as a 1-RMB coin. When it was bit open, the wheat fragrance wasn't overwhelmed by the tasty chicken soup in the mouth.

On the contrary, it was directly wrapped up. And when the dough ball was chewed, the wheat fragrance spread through the mouth.

Because of the different shapes, the chewiness of each piece was also a little different. Besides that, the grandpa even tasted a hint of saltiness this time.

The salty taste was deep inside the Crow Head. Just that little salty taste made entire flavor change again.

After all, the existence of saltines was like a general among the five tastes of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty. Therefore, the salty taste naturally dominated all other tastes in the mouth once it came out.

No matter if it was the fresh and delicious chicken soup or the chewy and soft Crow Head, the flavor became more plentiful with the saltiness as the fundamental taste.

Due to the delicious food served, the customers in the restaurant stopped debating which snack was chosen at last. However, those who waited outside hadn't stopped yet.

"I saw the name just now. Surprisingly, it is the dough ball that wins." A customer felt a little discontented in the heart.

"What a pity! Anyhow, our Green Meatballs taste better than the dough ball." Another customer echoed at the side.

The two people seemed to be from one place. They were the fellow townsmen.

"That's not a dough ball. We call it the Crow Head in my hometown," said the customer whose recommendation was chosen. Dressed in a well-tailored business suit and a gray wool coat, he said in a cultured manner.

"Was it you who recommended this?" A customer at the side said immediately.

"Yeah, it's me. I really can't wait to try Boss Yuan's craftsmanship." The person nodded the head and then said.

"What? Haven't you been here for meals before?" The customer at the side asked.

"No, never. Because of some reasons, I have never been here before." The person nodded his head.

"What good luck you have! You have never eaten here before, but you are chosen once you vote." Among the customers beside him, one immediately said discontentedly.

"There's no name on the paper slips. Boss Yuan already revealed the rules for choosing." The tall and slim guy that maintained the order around here immediately frowned and contradicted him.

"I'm just complaining. I also wanted Boss Yuan to cook the delicacies from my hometown." The customer said sorrowfully right away.

Of course, he was a little dissatisfied with the dough ball in the heart. Moreover, there were pretty many people who also thought this way.

"Luck. I just had good luck." The cultured man said smilingly with a modest tone.

However, such kind of modesty only made others want to beat him up.

"So you voted for the Crow Head?" A customer suddenly asked.

"Yeah." The cultured man nodded the head.

"Isn't it also named as the Dough Mouse?" The customer questioned.

"They are the same. In different places, they are called differently. As far as I know, it also has the name of Chicken Head, Boyu Noodles or Dough Monkey." The cultured man answered earnestly.

"When you say it like that, I also heard of another name, Wheatland Frog. It has this name just because that thing is like the peeled leg of a frog. Tsk-tsk." This customer even made a sound of "tsk-tsk" when he said to the latter part. Presumably, he felt the name of Wheatland Frog was inappropriate.

"Boss Yuan doesn't cook it like the leg of a frog, does he?" It was a girl who asked that. She seemed to care more about the appearance of the food.

Indeed, some girls cannot accept the behavior of eating frogs.

"No, he doesn't. I saw the food very clearly. They are all white and round dough balls." Immediately, another customer comforted her.

After the subject changed, somebody proposed a suggestion.

"Why don't we discuss what to vote today?" The customer suggested.

"Yeah, right. We concentrated on a wrong subject just now. Let's discuss about this one." Other customers echoed him one after another.

Then, the customers began to look back upon the past life. Because of the strange name of Crow Head, the names they wrote on the paper slips were mainly odd ones.

For some snacks that couldn't be cooked or if they just heard of during their childhood, these customers didn't let go of them, either. Furthermore, some were not even snacks.

After they inserted the paper slips into the box enthusiastically, it was their turn to enter the restaurant for their meals. And the one who wasn't satisfied with the dough ball just now was just among them.

However, the dissatisfaction immediately vanished after Zhou Jia carried the dough balls to them and they had a taste.

With the Crow Head being the example, the customers all knew that Yuan Zhou would choose one snack to cook, thus they were especially enthusiastic about writing the recommendations.

Therefore, the paper slips couldn't even be taken out when Yuan Zhou went to carry the box in the evening. The box was stuffed with too many paper slips.

"They are so enthusiastic. The amount of the paper slips seemed to double today." Shen Min volunteered to dismantle the box."

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and waited in silence.

The amount has indeed, more than double. Yuan Zhou had prepared five stacks of white paper beforehand today, however, the customers still prepared several stacks of white paper by themselves.

Judging from that, the customers' enthusiasm could be seen.

"Boss Yuan, do you need me to read for you today?" Shen Min took out some paper slips and then asked.

"Not really." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"Okay. I'm going upstairs." Shen Min nodded the head and went back to the second floor.

Although the paper slips more than doubled, some were actually repeated ones. Therefore, Yuan Zhou only checked those new snacks.