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547 Frying and Stewing

 The Crow Head was actually a kind of cooked wheaten food originating from the central Shaanxi plain, which was now the Shannxi Province. It was a kind of cooked wheaten food that could be accompanied by various types of food.

No matter if it was fried, stewed, or cooked with whatever methods, its taste was good all the time.

This was a little life wisdom of people from the central Shaanxi plain, who liked eating the cooked wheaten food.

"This one is okay. It's supposed to be very tasty." Yuan Zhou confirmed the second dish of the chef's test. After that, he checked all the remaining paper slips more quickly.

As he had confirmed the target and sped up, the remaining 1/3 of the paper slips were soon read through.

"Um. It's finally done. Sleep." Yuan Zhou looked up at the time and found it was 1:00 a.m. He raised his head and cleared up the table and then walked upstairs with the neatly-arranged white papers in his hand.

The reason why these white paper was so neat was contrarily quite simple.

The three stacks of paper prepared by Yuan Zhou had already been used up while the customers themselves provided the remaining white paper voluntarily. They were all white paper, but the size was a little different.

As a sufferer of obsessive-compulsive disorder, Yuan Zhou cut them into the same size without any hesitation.

It was still the exact same size. When the paper was stacked up, they appeared extraordinarily neat and tidy.

Only after he put the stack of paper into the bookcase did Yuan Zhou prepare to wash up and sleep with satisfaction.

"Xi Xi Suo Suo". When Yuan Zhou untied the belt, he couldn't help muttering, "How lucky it is that I have a slim figure. This belt is so tight."

Although he slept very late last night, Yuan Zhou still got up early, washed up, and went out to jog as usual. These actions had become a fixed habit of Yuan Zhou.

By then, the granny that recovered her health had already finished her cleaning at the doorstep of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and went back home to make the steamed buns.

Of course, Yuan Zhou would take the doghouse away from the doorway when he jogged to the door of his restaurant.

That's right. Yuan Zhou put up a doghouse, where the size was just right to maintain warmth, at the door when it was getting colder and colder. It was naturally prepared for the dutiful dog, Broth.

And Yuan Zhou would take it away when he jogged and passed by his restaurant every morning. There had been a tacit agreement between Yuan Zhou and the dog.

While Yuan Zhou was preparing the ingredients required by the breakfast in the kitchen, many people had started to wait outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant and more people were arriving.

"Ah! I'm so excited. What shall I do if Boss Yuan chooses the delicacies from my hometown?" A customer looked at the closed door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant excitedly.

"You are thinking too much. I think he will definitely choose my recommendation." Another customer said with disdain.

"It might be this old guy that wins in the end." The grandpa revealed a benign smile.

That's right. Even the grandpa participated in the activity and voted for his own recommendation.

Of course, Wu Hai also voted for his own recommendation, not being willing to lag behind.

"It's not necessarily so. After all, I'm the first one that voted." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said complacently.

"But you just voted what you like eating. That doesn't mean your recommendation conforms to the requirements." Ling Hong directly counteracted his words.

"I think I have more chances to be chosen. After all, I know so many outlandish foods." Man Man said with great confidence.

Man Man was known to be a cake baker that had her own stores and it couldn't be simpler to now some odd cakes.

However, all the customers weren't convinced of that. They started to debate with each other and everyone felt his recommendations would be chosen.

"Don't worry, everybody. We'll know the answer after my boss opens the door." Zhou Jia showed up to comfort them at that time.

"Hua La". Just at that time, the door was opened in everybody's expectation.

"Everybody, please receive your number ticket first and then enter the restaurant to eat." Zhou Jia immediately started to command them.

However, the crowd at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant didn't tend to disperse. They were all waiting to see if Yuan Zhou would serve a new dish this morning and if it was the delicacies from their hometown.

Five minutes weren't very long. In just a little while, the first ten customers had rushed into the restaurant.

"Boss Yuan, what's the breakfast today?" Once they entered the restaurant, they asked hurriedly.

"Yeah. What is it?" Another customer echoed loudly.

"The Crow Head will be provided this morning. Crow Head served in chicken soup." Yuan Zhou stood in the kitchen and said with great composure.

"Crow Head? What's that?" The ten customers all became muddled.

"It sounds like a kind of bird." Wu Hai was considered to be experienced and knowledgeable among these people, thus he guessed on hearing that.

"The name is indeed of a bird." The grandpa hit the nail on the head.

"It's a kind of cooked wheaten food." Master Cheng said.

"That accounts for it. But this was not recommended by me." The ten people almost sat down at the same time.

They all thought more or less the same, "Let me have a taste of the Crow Head and see what it is. It actually defeated the dishes recommended by me."

"There's another name for the Crow Head. If I bring it out, you'll know what it is. It's essentially the Flour Mouse." Master Cheng explained smilingly.

"Isn't it a dough ball?" The grandpa instantly reacted.

"You are right." After Master Cheng nodded the head, he spoke no more and began to stare at Yuan Zhou as he cooked it.

At the other side, Yuan Zhou had started to cook the food.

The Crow Head was only delicious when it was made fresh. Luckily, this thing didn't require great effort and was quite simple and fast to cook it.

Yuan Zhou kneaded the dough with the slightly hot water straightforwardly. During the process, the difficult thing was how to keep the temperature of the water unchanged, which could make the dough moderately hard and besides, can make the temperature of the dough ball in a bowl consistent.

As soon as the water was poured in the flour, Yuan Zhou immediately began to stir it with a uniform but fast speed. Along with the stirring, the flour turned into the dough ball. The other difficult thing was how to make them similar in size but different in shapes.

Yuan Zhou acted so deftly as if he were a master craftsman in the village in Shaanxi Province. His actions were rhythmic, beautiful and swift.

Kneading the dough and boiling the chicken soup happened at the same time. When he had just finished kneading the dough, the chicken soup had also just boiled.

Of course, the chicken soup had been simmered by Yuan Zhou since last night and had just boiled now. Therefore, this chicken soup was different from others. It was as clear as water but had absorbed the delicate flavor.

"Dong Dong Dong". A bowl of different shaped dough ball yet with similar sizes jumped into the hot pot filled with chicken soup all at once.

At that very moment, only Yuan Zhou could smell the wheat fragrance of the flour colliding with the chicken soup's heavy flavor, which emitted a kind of very special fragrance.

The chicken soup had been boiling all along. The dough ball then turned a transparent white from the pure white color it was just a moment ago, which symbolized it being ready.

"Here's your Crow Head. Please take your time and enjoy." The first bowl was naturally for Wu Hai who had ordered it first.

The second was for the grandpa who was reluctant to lag behind.

"I haven't eaten this thing in a long time." The granny held the bowl in both hands and slightly sighed with emotion.

In the brown bowl was the clear and bright chicken soup, on which the transparent white and crystal clear Crow Head were floating. They were as lovable as the white and plump little steamed buns.

Without any hesitation, the grandpa picked up the chopsticks and started to eat. That's right. The Crow Head was most delicious only when it was eaten with chopsticks.