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545 Collecting Characteristics Snacks Of Various Places

 Having felt that he was severely wounded, Wu Hai decided to turn his anger into appetite and eat more, also spend more money. Then, he found it was still morning at the moment and as usual, Yuan Zhou only provided 100 servings of breakfast and furthermore, there was only one food.

"The Smoked Fish Silver Thread Noodles will be provided this morning." Yuan Zhou said when the customers entered the restaurant.

"Boss Yuan, I need two servings." Wu Hai made up his mind and said that.

"Each person can only order one serving." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"No, we are two people. The other one is my pet." Wu Hai said seriously.

"Are you talking about Ling Hong?" Yuan Zhou pointed at Ling Hong behind Wu Hai and asked in surprise.

"Of course not." Wu Hai denied immediately with an expression of disgust even before Ling Hong objected.

"This guy is crazy about eating the All-Fish Banquet." Ling Hong said in exasperation.

"Haha." Jiang Changxi was still laughing.

Tang Xi, nevertheless, revealed a look of sympathy.

"What's that?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

"My pet is a cockroach and he also needs to eat breakfast." When Wu Hai said that, he appeared quite serious and didn't seem to be kidding.

"There's not even dust in my restaurant, not to mention a cockroach." Yuan Zhou stood up straight and said earnestly.

"No, no, no. I'm not Stephen Chow and my pet isn't a cockroach, either. Actually, it's my pen. See?

This is my pet." Wu Hai took out an ink pen and then said.

"It's not my customer, so I won't sell my dishes to it." Yuan Zhou refused flatly.

"Why?" Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou.

"..." Yuan Zhou was made speechless for a while. Then he didn't speak with Wu Hai anymore but started to cook the noodles.

"All right, but I want to make a suggestion. The varieties of your snacks are quite limited. You should prepare some more varieties so that our breakfast can be diversified." After his first tactic failed, Wu Hai immediately figured out another.

"This suggestion is acceptable. So please tell others that I'm collecting the characteristic snacks of various places. Especially those which have names that do not match their reality." Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of the Chef's Test.

The test hadn't been finished yet by Yuan Zhou. Till now, he had only served the Frog Cake and the remaining snacks were still nowhere to be found.

"A name that does not match their reality?" Wu Hai didn't quite follow it.

"Right. I'm talking about the snacks whose name is different from the object. Any kind of characteristic snacks of various places is good. I'll check every day." Yuan Zhou explained in detail.

"Oh, so that is what you mean." Wu Hai nodded the head.

"Wait. Boss Yuan, why did you suddenly agree to my request?" All of a sudden, Wu Hai realized Yuan Zhou wasn't a person who tended to accept others' opinions so easily.

"Because it's also a indispensable skill for a chef to collect these snacks." Yuan Zhou said with an earnest manner.

"Really?" While stroking his small mustaches, Wu Hai looked at Yuan Zhou and then at the customers at the side.

"Boss Yuan, there's a kind of snack in my hometown, Lotus-Leaf-Shaped Pancake. What do you think of cooking this one?" The customers didn't really care about the reason why Yuan Zhou would agree. They all hoped the snacks from their hometown could be selected and cooked.

If the snacks from their hometown could be cooked by Yuan Zhou, the taste has got to be remarkable and impressive.

"I have one, too. In my hometown, people all like eating shaved noodles, which is not available here."

"Sticky Rice In Lotus Leaf. This one is good and it conforms to your requirement of the name not matching reality."

"Then the Wife Cake from my hometown also conforms to your requirement. There isn't a wife in the cake." Another customer immediately brought out this snack.

"Everybody, please don't worry. After the breakfast time, I will put a box, paper, and pen over here. You can write your recommendations on the paper and put it in the box." Standing in the kitchen, Yuan Zhou slightly raised his voice and said that.

When the customers found Yuan Zhou didn't need the opinions now, their attention was immediately diverted back to the dishes on the table in front of them.

"Yeah. I'd rather eat noodles now. The taste is so nice that I can eat three bowls of that without even the chili." Their attention was attracted by the delicious and chewy noodles in front of them right away.

Once the breakfast time passed, Yuan Zhou started to prepare the box. Of course, his hands-on ability only lay in sticking the box together while the remaining work was done with the help of Zhou Jia.

The finished product was far better than the one used to draw the lottery for the liquor.

Some seemingly refreshing decorative little flowers were drawn on the box.

"Jia Jia, you have a pretty good ability with arts and crafts." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and praised her with satisfaction.

"Thank you. It's very simple. I also drew something else when I designed the class board formerly." Zhou Jia said with embarrassment.

"It's so beautiful." Yuan Zhou nodded the head affirmatively.

"Thank you, Boss. By the way, Boss Tong of the neighboring store hasn't opened the store for quite a few days. Do you know why?" Zhou Jia suddenly pointed at the neighboring store and then said.

"Yes. She has gone out for a trip." Yuan Zhou nodded and said indifferently.

"Will she reopen the store later? Someone asked me recently if that store is available for sale?" Zhou Jia said hesitantly.

"No." Yuan Zhou shook the head.

"Boss, why don't we buy it? It's so close to our restaurant and thus it's very convenient for us to rebuild it." Zhou Jia suggested carefully.

Even if Zhou Jia and Shen Min were both temporary workers, Yuan Zhou was very nice and generous to them. Therefore, both hoped that Yuan Zhou's business can get better and stronger.

She made this suggestion just because of that.

"Thank you. Boss Tong has gifted that store to me for free." Yuan Zhou was extraordinarily meek when he spoke of that.

"Boss Tong is really a nice person." Zhou Jia fell silent for quite a while and then said that.

She knew the price of the stores around here. When Yuan Zhou's restaurant didn't exist formerly, it wasn't worth much money. But now after Yuan Zhou's restaurant was opened here, it was worth a lot, especially it was just next to Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

It was well known that Boss Tong didn't agree when the boss of the western restaurant Masterwork Nonsuch came to her and intended to buy her store. The person who was sent here to inquire her thought on that also revealed a little information, therefore, Zhou Jia sighed with emotion.

Such a store worth hundreds of thousand RMB was directly given to her own boss free of charge.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"Then when are we going to renovate it, Boss?" Zhou Jia suddenly thought of the matter of renovation.

"Not for now." Yuan Zhou shook the head.

"Okay, good." Zhou Jia let out a sigh of relief.

If Yuan Zhou decided to renovate the store, they would inevitably stop doing business and that meant she had no job. So she was looking forward to the renovation, but didn't want it too. What an annoying contradiction!

"Okay. Just put the box, paper, and pen on the shelf. You remind Shen Min to take them inside in the evening." Yuan Zhou put them on the shelf.

"Alright. I can also help to advertise." Zhou Jia nodded the head and said.

"Never mind. Wu Hai can help." Yuan Zhou said with ease.

The paper prepared by Yuan Zhou was about as large as a palm and was sufficient to write a name on it.

Besides, Yuan Zhou speed of reading books became faster and faster recently. Even if many people recommended snacks, he could read through the content very quickly. Of course, this skill was developed after Yuan Zhou read the book on cooked wheaten food.

As for the names that Yuan Zhou didn't know or never heard of, he could look them up in books or from the system. Therefore, Yuan Zhou didn't worry about this problem.

At the other side, Wu Hai started to advertise Yuan Zhou's request in the Wechat group from time to time, calling for others to write their home cuisines and drop them off in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Wu Hai was fairly dutiful on this point.