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544 Caring For The Single

 Yuan Zhou felt quite interested for himself to be written in a book, although he didn't really know what kind of book the travel notes were considered.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou introduced his own name very carefully to Qin Xin.

Though Qin Xin didn't know what to say.

After drinking the liquor, it was already midnight. At that time, Wu Hai walked towards the street crossroads along with Qin Xin.

"Why did you chose such a late flight?" Wu Hai felt Qin Xin was a little too anxious.

"Yeah. I told you I would only stay here for two days." Qin Xin nodded the head. On her face was a little blush after drinking the liquor.

"Alright. Zheng Jiawei has been waiting for you." Wu Hai nodded the head.

"Besides, if I stay longer, you'll also be anxious, won't you?" It might be because she had just drunk liquor that made her a little relaxed and played a joke.

"No hurry. You can tell me early tomorrow morning." Wu Hai revealed an earnest expression and even named another time.

"You are so considerate." Qin Xin said jokingly.

"Thank you for your compliments." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and thanked her quite seriously.

"Well, I'm not going to chatter with you anymore. Send me to the airport and then I will tell you." After drinking the liquor, Qin Xin revealed a different side.

She wasn't meek anymore, but contrarily sounded a little decisive and strong with a dominant tone.

"Okay." Wu Hai nodded the head.

Along with the sound of "Ta Ta Ta", the footsteps of the two people receded. When they got on the car, however, they fell silent and said nothing.

As they both had a tipsy feeling, they took a nap.

"Little Hai, we are here. Wake up." Zheng Jiawei's benign voice passed.

"Ms Qin, here we are at the airport." After he woke Wu Hai up, he turned to wake Qin Xin up.

"Um. Thank you, Jiawei. I'll bring a book for you next time." Qin Xin knew that Zheng Jiawei liked buying books, thus she said conveniently.

"Don't tell me it's your own book." Wu Hai was surprised.

"Can't I? Anyhow, I'm a well-known travel writer." Qin Xin took a contemptuous look at Wu Hai angrily.

"Ms. Qin, I like your books very much. The book, Wandering Around Egypt, charmed me with its mysteries there." Zheng Jiawei mediated the dispute hurriedly, saying that.

"Tsk. You are really good at complimenting others." Wu Hai grumbled.

"Better than you who always make other choke." Qin Xin pulled her luggage and ridiculed directly.

"But I'm telling the truth." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and said indifferently.

They passed the security check at the gate and then entered the airport. Even if it was in the wee hours, the airport was brightly lit and people were hurrying to and fro. It was quite boisterous and bustling.

Qin Xin got her boarding ticket in just a little while. Accompanied by Wu Hai and Zheng Jiawei, she arrived at the departure gate very soon.

"I'm leaving now. See you next time." Qin Xin waved her hand and prepared to turn around.

"Wait. Didn't you forget something?" After Wu Hai raised his hand and waved to her, he suddenly asked.

"No. Haven't you thought of the reason?" Qin Xin was a little puzzled.

"No." Wu Hai shrugged.

"As a matter of fact, the reason is very simple. It's because of the familiarity. Because you are familiar with everything in that restaurant including everyone that eat there." Qin Xin stood in the face of Wu Hai and said with a soft tone.

"Familiarity?" Wu Hai began to think.

"Yes. When you are familiar with one thing, that thing will become a part of you. Yuan Zhou's restaurant has become one part of you. To you, it's your canteen." Qin Xin said affirmatively.

"So the affection is the source and also the reason. This is what can make others easily touched." Qin Xin added again.

"Okay. See you next time." Wu Hai didn't say anything more, but straightforwardly said goodbye. Then, he turned around and left.

Meanwhile, he thought of everything about Yuan Zhou's restaurant. From the suspicion at the beginning to the current devotion to the restaurant, Wu Hai can be considered to be the earliest and most loyal customer besides Yuan Zhou's brother, Sun Ming.

"It's truly because of the familiarity." Wu Hai thought of the inspirations of those drawings and then sighed with emotion inwardly.

Having discovered that, Wu Hai only had one firm belief that Yuan Zhou had better stay single.

"Little Hai, what does that have anything to do with you whether or not Boss Yuan looks for the girlfriend?" When Wu Hai made up his mind, he brought that out carelessly. Therefore, Zheng Jiawei asked in surprise when he heard that.

"If he has a girlfriend, he will be busy dating. Then he will have no time to open the restaurant. If that happens, what shall I eat?" Wu Hai said deservedly.

"A girlfriend can be a source of inspirations. Lin Lin is exactly that kind of girl. So it's a good thing if Boss Yuan has a girlfriend." Zheng Jiawei totally disagreed to Wu Hai's concept for once.

"Who said that? A study indicates that a woman causes 38.2 troubles every day and once she gets up, she causes 9 more troubles. So I believe it's better to be single." Wu Hai said that earnestly while stroking his small mustaches.

"Little Hai, you haven't ever been in love with anybody. How do you know about this data?" Zheng Jiawei looked at Wu Hai with an incomprehensible manner and asked.

"Concentrate on driving. It's too late. I want to go back home to sleep." Wu Hai felt there were many arrows on his body and thus he directly changed the subject.

"Ok, I must drive very carefully at night. Otherwise, Lin Lin will worry about me." Zheng Jiawei muttered, indicating that Wu Lin would worry about her brother and him.

However, Wu Hai turned around straightforwardly. He indicated that he didn't want to talk to those with girlfriends. As soon as Zheng Jiawei spoke, he would flaunt his intimacy with Wu Lin. Hence, what was the point of conversing with him?

Under the escort of Zheng Jiawei, Wu Hai got home smoothly. Before he left, Zheng Jiawei said something to him.

The main idea was that he hoped Wu Hai could think about the matter of looking for a girlfriend carefully. Zheng Jiawei's thoughts were very simple. Provided that Wu Hai found a girlfriend, he wouldn't be so irritable and he wouldn't think of letting others stay single for a lifetime, either.

Correcting the view of life was also an indispensable quality of a good agent.

As for Wu Hai who was cared for, he answered Zheng Jiawei with a loud slam of the door.

"One day, I will tell Wu Lin about the various ways you show off your relationship," said Wu Hai indignantly.

Fortunately, Wu Hai had a good sleep in the evening as he thought of Qin Xin's words, therefore he went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant early in the morning.

Only at that time did someone come over to ask Wu Hai about Qin Xin.

"She left?" Jiang Changxi revealed an expression of ambiguity on her face.

"Um. She left last night." Wu Hai nodded his head and meanwhile, took notice of the time which Yuan Zhou would open the restaurant.

"Your friend?" Ling Hong asked behind him.

"Yeah. We have known each other for a very long time. She's a writer." Wu Hai nodded the head.

"Speaking of which, Brother Wu, why didn't you treat her to the All-Fish Banquet?" Tang Xi looked at Wu Hai and asked with puzzlement.

Those who were familiar with Wu Hai all knew that he wanted to eat the All-Fish Banquet very much, but had never got an opportunity. So Tang Xi asked him curiously when she found Wu Hai attached so much importance to this friend but didn't treat her to the banquet.

"All-Fish Banquet?" Wu Hai stopped stroking his small mustaches and stared blankly.

"Yeah, right. Since you have known each other for so long time, she must be very important to you. Then you are qualified to eat the All-Fish Banquet." Tang Xi brought that out one by one.

"I forgot." When Wu Hai said that, he behaved as if he had been struck by the thunders. It might be similar to when Yuan Zhou's restaurant stayed closed for two days.

"Hahahahahaha..." Jiang Changxi and Ling Hong burst into laughter without reservation.