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543 Writing You Into My Book

 After the lunch, Wu Hai directly took the woman to his art studio. Of course, he himself totally didn't know how many discussions that had caused.

The lunchtime had ended, but some customers in the restaurant still lingered there. They were all the regular customers, including Jiang Changxi, Ling Hong, Man Man and Tang Xi. Even the grandpa didn't leave this time.

"What do you think is the relationship between Brother Wu and that woman?" Tang Xi asked excitedly.

"Anyway, she's not his girlfriend. You know why I say so." Jiang Changxi blinked at Tang Xi.

"Yeah. That girl looks really nice." Man Man liked the temperament of Qin Xin very much.

"I think that girl doesn't like Wu Hai." The playboy Ling Hong gave his constructive opinions.

"So what are you talking about?" Yuan Zhou wiped his hands dry and asked while looking at them.

"Of course that marriage of Wu Hai." Man Man said without even turning the head.

"Oh." Yuan Zhou took a step backward without turning a hair. It was the instinctive perception to dangers of a human being.

It was like being urged to marry by the parents. The parents usually talked about others in the face of you and then changed the subject back to you. Even if Yuan Zhou hadn't experienced that before, he had the instincts to predict the scene.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou immediately decided not to participate in this subject.

However enthusiastic their discussions were, these customers had never thought of asking or bother Wu Hai.

Nevertheless, almost everyone knew the matter now that Wu Hai brought a girl of good temperament there for meal.

As for Qin Xin, she was following Wu Hai to visit his art studio earnestly now rather than visiting it alone.

Actually, Wu Hai didn't like others touching his paintings especially those that hadn't been completed, just as the woman didn't like others looking at her original manuscript. It was nothing but personal habits.

Therefore, Qin Xin visited his paintings under the guidance of Wu Hai.

"What's this painting about?" Qin Xin was a little interested in a painting hung on the wall.

It was about a woman. A long-haired woman was standing at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and waiting in line on a snowy day. The snowflakes were falling from the sky at that time.

The surrounding background was processed blurred while the woman's figure was contrarily clear and beautiful.

"Snowing," said Wu Hai casually as soon as he glanced at it.

The woman in this painting was naturally the one in the painting hung in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. It was the same leading role; however, it was indeed imagined by Wu Hai. After all, that woman had left long before the snow.

"It seems that you really like that small restaurant." Qin Xin looked at those various paintings with Yuan Zhou's restaurant as the prototype.

Every painting appeared extraordinarily wonderful and made people like it very much.

"See the two paintings in the restaurant? They are nice, aren't they?" Wu Hai asked about her opinions about the two paintings in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Yes, but that place is really unusual." Qin Xin didn't know how to describe her own feelings.

The two superior paintings were hung from the ceiling, it was a rare sight.

As far as she knew, such quality paintings could at least be treasured by others in other places.

"The taste of that guy isn't good." Wu Hai did not look well on Yuan Zhou's taste very much, either.

After all, Yuan Zhou warned him that the paintings could not block out the lotus flowers that he had paid others to draw on the walls. The little fish cannot eat the big fish, therefore Wu Hai had to obey him. Seen in that way, the paintings could at least cure the hunchbacks.

"The small restaurant is very elegant." Qin Xin liked the tree, which looked shadowy and quite mysterious, behind the sergestes wall landscape.

"Alright. I won't keep you here anymore. You can go back to the hotel for a rest. It's a little tiring." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and began to see her out. However, he had no intention to see her out personally.

"Yeah, it's indeed a little tiring. Okay, I'm leaving." Qin Xin nodded the head, indicating her agreement.

"I'm actually saying I'm a little tired because I had to get up early to pick you up. I want to have a rest." Wu Hai looked at Qin Xin with strange eyes and appeared puzzled.

"Ho Ho. Zheng Jiawei is waiting for me at the street crossroads. I'm leaving." Qin Xin choked for a while and then she walked away in the high-heels without turning the head back.

"Why does she seem to be angry? Fortunately, I will know the answer tomorrow." Thinking that he could get the answer he had wanted tomorrow, Wu Hai felt quite satisfied.

And at least that deserved his arrangement to send Zheng Jiawei to pick her up.

"That idiot has really low EQ. Nobody but Zheng Jiawei can bear him." Qin Xin walked towards the street cross in her high-heels speechlessly.

In the evening, Qin Xin didn't go look for Wu Hai anymore. Therefore, Wu Hai went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant for dinner alone.

Inevitably, he was surrounded again, because among the customers, someone especially came to watch the beautiful woman and thus felt strange when he didn't see her. However, no one asked Wu Hai about that.

As for Qin Xin, she wandered around Chengdu alone and felt rather relaxed. She could also eat some snacks on the streets to fill her stomach.

"After eating the most delicious delicacies yesterday, I feel even the snacks aren't that tasty anymore." While she was eating the cold noodles in sauce, she gave a rare sigh of emotion.

On the following day, Qin Xin made a call to Wu Hai, asking him to accompany her to walk around. However, Wu Hai answered her quite clearly that he only had time after he finished lunch.

"Can't you make do with a meal at some other place?" Qin Xin said with a smiling expression. She knew Wu Hai wouldn't agree to her proposal, thus she just played a joke.

After all, she was very clear about how persistent he was in the delicacies. If there wasn't any satisfying food, he would rather not eat anything.

"Qin Xin, what's wrong?" Wu Hai sounded a little meticulous when he asked that.

"Me? Nothing. I'm pretty good. Chengdu is very beautiful." Qin Xin sounded quite normal.

"Since there's nothing wrong with you, why are you speaking so deliriously? I thought you had a fever because of the fatigue from yesterday." Wu Hai grumbled speechlessly.

"You idiot, I'm just kidding. Come out once you finish your meal." Qin Xin had originally intended to say something, but once she realized it was Wu Hai and it was useless to say anymore, she stopped.

"Come to eat dinner in the evening. I have drawn the lottery for some liquor." Wu Hai invited her.

"Good. I have long heard from you that the liquor here is quite good." Qin Xin agreed readily on hearing that.

After the lunch, Wu Hai kept his promise and took Qin Xin around. After that, they returned to Yuan Zhou's restaurant again.

"My goodness. I have to stay here for two whole days." Qin Xin looked at the restaurant without a shop sign.

"It's very good here. You can eat everything." Wu Hai emphasized.

"Yeah, that does make sense." Qin Xin suddenly figured out a terrific idea.

Although there were only three hours for the suppertime, Wu Hai and Qin Xin didn't leave immediately but stayed behind as they would drink liquor later.

After all the customers left, Qin Xin suddenly said to Yuan Zhou.

"Hello, Boss Yuan. I'm a travel writer. Can I write about you in my book?" Qin Xin asked with an earnest look on the face.

Wu Hai didn't put in a word at the side. It was Qin Xin's work to ask while it was Yuan Zhou's business whether he would agree or not.

"No problem." Yuan Zhou considered for a little while and then he said.

"Thank you." Qin Xin thanked him with a big smile.

"You are welcome. My name is Yuan Zhou." Yuan Zhou brought out his name seriously and solemnly.

But Qin Xin was a little puzzled as she couldn't quite understand what the mane literally meant.

"What does your given name specifically mean?" Qin Xin revealed a curious look.

"It means even larger than the five lakes and the four seas. So that's my given name." Yuan Zhou explained primly.

"Boss Yuan is so humorous." Now, Qin Xin finally understood why Wu Hai liked eating here.

It was not only because the dishes were delicious, but also this Boss Yuan was similar to Wu Hai in some aspects, for example, they all liked telling cold jokes.

Although they were not funny at all and even made people feel embarrassed.