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542 Eating Lunch

 Qin Xin and Wu Hai were considered to be very familiar with each other. After all, Wu Hai just took her to eat lunch directly and didn't even let her drop her luggage first.

In other people's opinion, it was a very rude behavior, but Wu Hai did that very naturally and Qin Xin was also very accustomed to that. Therefore, she wasn't discontented at all.

The car was running slowly in the street and the two people also fell silent.

Only after had Qin Xian closed her eyes and get some rest for a while did Wu Hai say unhurriedly.

"On which aspect did you say I had progressed?" Judging from Wu Hai's tone and manner, he didn't seem to care about that, but he was actually tilting his head earnestly and waiting for her answer.

"I promised you I would tell you when I leave." Qin Xin answered gently with a smile in her eyes.

"I'm just asking, just simply asking." Wu Hai shrugged indifferently. No one really knew if he asked that conveniently or randomly.

The two people chatted like that now and then. With someone's company in the car, the time passed more quickly.

At around 11:30, Zheng Jiawei parked the car in front of the street cross of Taoxi Road.

"Here we are. Jiawei will help to put your luggage in your room." Wu Hai got off the car first and then said.

"Alright. Sorry, Jiawei. I have to bother you." Qin Xin turned the head and thanked Zheng Jiawei smilingly.

"No need. Just call me if there's anything I can do for you." Zheng Jiawei shook the head and then said.

"That's for sure. This guy isn't reliable and trustworthy at all." Qin Xin said approvingly.

"Little Hai is not bad. I'm leaving now." Zheng Jiawei first spoke highly of Wu Hai and then said goodbye.

"Goodbye." Qin Xin stayed put and waved her hand.

"Let's go inside." Wu Hai said directly.

"You are really a lucky man. What a helpful agent you have to help you deal with outside things." Qin Xin said with an admiring tone.

"Of course. It's all because of my good moral quality." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and nodded the head very proudly.

"You really cannot be complimented." Qin Xin shook her head helplessly.

The two people walked in the side street and headed for Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Of some of the people they passed by, almost all greeted Wu Hai.

Meanwhile, they winked and made signs to Wu Hai and then left when they saw Qin Xin beside him. They appeared to know what to do appropriately.

"It seems you are popular." Qin Xin walked behind Wu Hai and carried an amiable smile on her face.

"Um. We eat together everyday." Wu Hai nodded the head and said.

After they arrived, Wu Hai took Qin Xin to line up first, waiting patiently to receive the number ticket.

However, Qin Xin was quite surprised.

"Surprisingly, you have the patience to line up?" Qin Xin asked in surprise.

"No way out. This is Boss Yuan's rule." Wu Hai shrugged and appeared that he had been quite used to that.

"It's so rare. This Boss Yuan seems to have culinary skills as perfect as a master chef's." Qin Xin's comments about Yuan Zhou increased a lot immediately.

She had known Wu Hai for ten years and was very clear about Wu Hai. He was a quite impatient man, and he had both talent and money, which meant he needn't obey the rules sometimes.

Therefore, the restaurants that could be regarded by him as his canteen all made things convenient for Wu Hai without exception. However, he was now standing here and lining up orderly. What a rare sight!

"You'll know after you eat it." Wu Hai said with pride.

"I'm indeed very curious about this Mr. Yuan." Qin Xin smoothed out her hair with the fingers and then said smilingly.

She had been informed that the leading role in that oil painting was Boss Yuan and the restaurant that was exactly in front of her.

"What do you want to do? He doesn't like being spoken to when he's cooking." Wu Hai frowned and said as a reminder.

"Don't worry. This is your canteen and I'm just here for a meal." Qin Xin said smilingly.

"That's good." Wu Hai nodded the head.

Wu Hai was inherently not an enthusiastic person. Therefore, the two people just said a few words from time to time while waiting in line. After they entered the restaurant and started to eat, Qin Xin began to observe Yuan Zhou's restaurant and Yuan Zhou himself.

"It's so small. No wonder people need to wait in line." Qin Xin was a travel writer who enjoyed quite some fame in this industry, so she naturally liked observing some things.

She found whoever came here for meals didn't really care about the very high price here. Just the delicacies in front of them could immerse them in bliss.

The expression of each person when they were eating was totally different from others. Some people were delighted and some were touched while more were at ease.

Even a person like her who came for the first time felt such kind of ease.

Even if she didn't actually like the noise, she felt the atmosphere here was fairly good and could make people relax.

"Here are the dishes for you two. Please enjoy." Yuan Zhou carried the dishes to them in person.

It was the first time that Wu Hai took a girl here to eat except for his younger sister. Besides, the two people apparently looked quite close to each other.

"Thank you." Wu Hai waved the hand and thanked him habitually.

"Thank you." Qin Xin raised her head and looked at Yuan Zhou politely and earnestly.

Just when Wu Hai and Qin Xin were eating, another two people entered the restaurant.

"Why don't you eat your Sixian Rice Noodles now?" The ridiculing voice of Ma Zhida sounded at the door.

"Um. The fat boss closed the restaurant." Wang Ye still felt a little regrettable when he spoke of the fat boss.

"The craftsmanship of our Boss Yuan is needless to say." The satisfied expression on Ma Zhida's face almost flowed out.

In normal times, the number ticket that Ma Zhidao received was basically in the middle. However, he entered the restaurant as the first 20 customers today. It was very rare.

It was naturally because of Wang Ye, who started to urge Ma Zhida when it was barely 11:00.

"Let's get prepared and go eat lunch." Wang Ye said gently and naturally.

"We can go there ten minutes later." Ma Zhida was making a chart.

"It's too crowded. We waited for too long yesterday." Wang Ye said primly.

"Yeah, you are right. But even after ten minutes, we can still get the number in the middle?" Ma Zhida said confidently.

"The earlier we eat, the earlier we come back." Wang Ye continued saying.

"Wait. It's your turn to treat me today. Are you really so eager to pay?" Ma Zhida ridiculed him smilingly.

"Yes. After the meal, I can get rid of you earlier." Wang Ye answered earnestly.

"Haha. I think you are just anxious to eat the delicacies." Ma Zhida suddenly thought of his comment yesterday and asked tentatively.

"I'm just a little hungry." Wang Ye said lightly.

How could Wang Ye ever answer him "yes"? He ate a meal in Yuan Zhou's restaurant yesterday even though he felt the meal was totally different from that of the fat boss and furthermore, felt uncomfortable and awkward about it on many aspects.

When the lunchtime arrived, however, the taste of the Clear Broth Noodle Soup he had eaten the previous day came out automatically as if he smelled the fragrance of the golden yellow wheat grains again.

"Okay, judging by your words. I think you are just hungry. I told you many times before to come here for lunch. See? My recommendation isn't bad, right?" Ma Zhida spoke highly of his own insight in recommending him to Yuan Zhou's restaurant ceaselessly on the way there.

Wang Ye basically turned a deaf ear to Ma Zhida's teasing. After they arrived at the restaurant, he directly ordered a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup and just waited to eat.