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541 How Long Do You Want Me To Stay?

 The rather confident answer made even the woman who was familiar with him speechless for an instant. Therefore, the two people fell silent like that.

In the end, Wu Hai began to ask first, "Are you suddenly calling me today just to compliment me?"

Wu Hai could reveal his true self in front of the people that he was familiar with. In his words, he learned all that from Yuan Zhou. Although Yuan Zhou appeared puzzled at that, he refused to admit it and also got rid of the accusation.

"No, but I really feel your drawing techniques have progressed a lot." The woman fell silent for quite a while and then said that.

"Do you also feel so?" Wu Hai's tone became more earnest this time and his hand even started to stroke his mustaches.

"Well, yes. You improve a lot." The woman said affirmatively.

"I also feel the same, but I on which aspect have I progressed?" When Wu Hai spoke about that, he felt distressed.

He could apparently feel that his drawing techniques had progressed, but he just couldn't find the reason. Thus, he was also a little worried.

"I know." The woman's voice was filled with confidence.

"On which aspect?" Wu Hai straightforwardly asked.

"I am prepared to take a trip to Chengdu. How about you receive me?" The woman didn't answer directly, but changed the subject.

"No problem." Wu Hai agreed readily.

"Okay. I will tell you the reason when I finished the trip and prepare to leave." The woman said smilingly.

"How long are you going to stay here?" Wu Hai's voice came to her from the phone.

"How long do you expect me to stay?" The woman asked him with a gentle voice but a ridiculing tone.

"The shorter, the better." Wu Hai raised his eyebrows and said without any hesitation while stroking his two tufts of small mustaches.

"Haha. You are really too frank and honest. I will just stay there for two days." The woman was amused and then she said hurriedly.

"Um. That's good. It doesn't cause any inconvenience. When are you coming?" Wu Hai nodded the head naturally.

"Tomorrow. I will arrive at ten tomorrow morning." The woman said that.

"Okay. I will go to pick you up then." Wu Hai said readily.

"Um." The woman answered softly and then prepare to hang up the phone.

"Ah, I forgot to tell you, your travel notes are really nice. My younger sister loves them very much," said Wu Hai just when the woman was about to hang up the phone.

"Thank you." The woman sounded quite confident when she said that.

"You are welcome." When Wu Hai brought the several words out, the woman had hung up the phone.

"This woman still likes keeping others guessing as before?" Wu Hai muttered.

The woman who called Wu Hai was Qin Xin. She was a writer of travel notes and lived on that. Furthermore, she had quite some fame in the circle of writers. She was an old friend of Wu Hai. As they had known each other for about 10 years, they were naturally familiar with each other.

At the other side, in the residential community of Honglesong in Shanghai.

Having put away her phone, Qin Xin took off her coat and hung it somewhere. Then she returned to the gathering and started to chat with others happily, not worrying about the matter of going to Chengdu the next day at all.

However, Wu Hai didn't put away his phone. Instead, he made a call to his own agent Zheng Jiawei.

"Zheng Jiawei, Qin Xin is coming tomorrow and she will stay for two days. Find a comfortable hotel for her. Any kind is ok." As soon as the phone was put through, Wu Hai said directly.

"Do I need to pick her up?" Zheng Jiawei asked.

"No need. You just drive me there to pick her up. You come to pick me up after breakfast tomorrow." Wu Hai wouldn't let go of the breakfast of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"No problem." Zheng Jiawei answered.

"That's all. Bye." Wu Hai prepared to hang up the phone.

"Um." Zheng Jiawei didn't hang off immediately, but waited for Wu Hai to hang off first as usual.

"How's Wu Lin been doing recently?" Wu Hai stayed silent for a while and asked.

"Not bad. I contacted her last month and she wasn't hurt." When Zheng Jiawei talked about Wu Lin, his voice wasn't high-pitched anymore, but became gentle.

"That's good." After saying that, Wu Hai hung off the phone directly.

Early next morning, Zheng Jiawei arrived at Wu Hai's artist studio after he finished the breakfast and just waited there to pick Wu Hai up.

Of course, Wu Hai was still in Yuan Zhou's restaurant at this time of day.

"Oh, you are eating so quickly today." Ling Hong was listening to the two news broadcasters talking about today's news when he saw Wu Hai stand up and prepare to leave.

"I eat quickly every day." Wu Hai answered subconsciously.

"Man cannot always be so quick." Ling Hong said meaningfully, indicating something else.

"So you always think with your lower part of the body." Jiang Changxi glanced at Ling Hong's legs obscurely.

"Ahem ahem. I'm just reminding Wu Hai of that." Ling Hong did his best not to close his legs and then he said primly.

Ling Hong was not to blame. The thing was, Jiang Changxi's eyes were way too aggressive.

"None of my business. I'm going to the airport to pick someone up." Wu Hai shrugged and indicated that he would accept the accusation.

"Alas. Your reactions aren't interesting at all. I prefer Boss Yuan's reactions." Jiang Chang turned the head and looked at Yuan Zhou.

"Boss Yuan, you seem to have an eight-pack, don't you?" It was Jiang Chang's ability to know how many abdominal muscles you had under the cloth even if you were wearing clothes. After all, she was the "three-lost" woman.

"Um." Yuan Zhou didn't feel embarrassed at all, however, it would be quite embarrassing to reveal them to others. Otherwise, he would have already told others that he had them now. Though they weren't so obvious like the fitness trainer, they were nevertheless not bad.

"Alas. I really want to see your muscles. Are your muscles chocolate brown or wheat color?" Jiang Changxi looked at Yuan Zhou expectantly.

"Your Sweet Osmanthus Sandwiched Yuanxiao is going to be cold." Yuan Zhou pointed at the bowl in front of Jiang Changxi primly.

"Want to see this prince charming make a fool of himself? Don't even think about it." Yuan Zhou muttered to himself in the heart.

That's right. In his opinion, Jiang Changxi actually wanted to make fun of him by letting him take off the clothes and seeing his muscles. After all, Jiang Changxi was the most treacherous person.

"Okay. I can look at them next time." Jiang Changxi took a look at Yuan Zhou's abdomen with an expression of regret.

Yuan Zhou turned around immediately and started to tidy things up in the kitchen, pretending that he knew nothing.

"Tsk-tsk. This woman is so awesome." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and walked out of the restaurant in the cotton slippers.

"Let's go." Wu Hai said directly when he saw Zheng Jiawei.

"Don't you have to change clothes?" Zheng Jiawei stayed put and looked at Yuan Zhou.

"No, she's not an outsider. We can take her to eat lunch after we pick her up." Wu Hai thought constantly of the dishes served in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Okay." Zheng Jiawei nodded the head.

It took at least 50 minutes to drive from Yuan Zhou's restaurant to the airport. It was 9:00 now and it would be around 10:00 when they arrived. And when they returned, it would inevitably be about 11:00, a good time for lunch.

The journey was smooth all along. Wu Hai picked the woman up and got seated in the car. As usual, Zheng Jiawei drove the car.

Qin Xin was dressed in a semi-long, down jacket today. The waist design in the middle made her appear both tall and slim. There was a refreshing and natural makeup on her face and thus she appeared quite easy-going.

Contrarily, Wu Hai was wearing the dark blue home wear and a pair of brown cotton slippers. He was dressed so casually that Qin Xin really wanted to smack him.

"Can't you just change a set of clothes?" Qin Xin sounded quite moderate. Even if she was complaining, she still sounded gentle.

"No need. Let me take you to my canteen for lunch. Don't you think it is very natural to be dressed like that?" Wu Hai directly ordered Zheng Jiawei to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant in Taoxi Road.

"You found delicious dishes again?" Qin Xin asked habitually.

"Of course. That place is simply a paradise. It's very good." Wu Hai was always spirited when he spoke of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Okay. Then you must treat me." Qin Xin also said naturally.