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540 Wu Hai’s Close Friend

 Wang Ye happened to take the last number ticket. Therefore, when he entered the restaurant, there was nobody else waiting outside. And it was also the reason why the queuing machine was put into use.

With the machine being there, the customers wouldn't be expectant anymore, thus they wouldn't wait in vain, either.

"Hello, what would you like to eat?" As soon as Wang Ye entered the restaurant, Zhou Jia asked him.

"Um. Clear Broth Noodle Soup. That's it." Wang Ye was stupefied for an instant before he answered.

"Okay. Please pay first. The price is 268RMB, plus the Welcoming Set Meal worth 20RMB, the total amount is 288RMB. Thank you for eating here." Zhou Jia smiled and said.

"Do you accept bank transfer?" Wang Ye asked.

"Of course." Zhou Jia nodded the head.

"Alright. I'll pay now." Wang Ye scanned the two-dimensional code indicated by Zhou Jia with his phone and then said.

"Received. Your dish will be served very soon." After Zhou Jia said that, she immediately reported the dish to Yuan Zhou.

"It's really different." Wang Ye got seated and felt slight discomfort all over his body.

In just five minutes, Zhou Jia walked to him again, carrying his Clear Broth Noodle Soup as well as the Welcoming Set Meal to him.

"Thank you." Wang Ye said habitually.

"You are welcome." Zhou Jia replied politely.

Then, Wang Ye lowered his head and started to eat the noodles. The noodles were very delicious and felt like more delicious than Ma Zhida's descriptions, thus Wang Ye was immediately immersed in the delicacy. After he ate for a while, however, Wang Ye suddenly stopped and tilted his head to listen.

He could hear nothing but the conversations between customers. It was both boisterous and cozy in the restaurant. But apart from that, there was nothing else.

Then, Wang Ye felt more uncomfortable.

When he ate Sixian Rice Noodles formerly, the fat boss never asked him to pay by bank transfer and he only liked receiving cash. If he said thanks, the fat boss usually said, "No need for thanks. You are my old customer."

These all made him feel familiar and relieved.

As for why he subconsciously stopped to listen, it was because a mother and her son always arrived at that time.

Sometimes, the mother reprimanded her son and sometimes complimented him. But every time, she spoke so loudly that as if she almost wanted everyone in the back alley to hear her.

It was no more than one year before he got used to hearing that mother.

"There's nothing in common between the two restaurants." Wang Ye looked at the delicious and chewy noodles in the bowl and suddenly revealed a smile.

However, he ate a little slower this time and started to taste the noodles carefully. At the same time, the words of other customers in the restaurant also passed into his hears gradually.

"Xi Li Hu Lu", Wang Ye gulped down a mouthful of the noodles.

When Wang Ye was eating the noodles, Ma Zhida didn't come over to him. He knew very well that whoever ate Boss Yuan's dishes didn't like to be bothered. However, he came over to him immediately once Wang Ye finished his meal.

"How do you like it? Is it so delicious that you even want to swallow your tongue up?" Ma Zhida asked with his hand around Wang Ye's shoulders.

"It's indeed very delicious." Wang Ye nodded his head gently.

"So now you believe in me, don't you?" Ma Zhida smiled complacently.

"Um. It's just a little uncomfortable." Wang Ye nodded his head and then said.

"Uncomfortable?" Ma Zhida didn't understand what he meant.

"It is nothing. But it's also a bit familiar." Wang Ye complemented while smiling.

"What the hell are you talking about? It's good as long as you feel it delicious. Let's go back for a nap." Ma Zhida put his hand around Wang Ye's shoulder and walked toward his company.

"Thank you." Wang Ye suddenly said that.

"Don't be so nauseating. Let's hurry back now." Ma Zhida rubbed his arms with a contemptuous manner and said generously.

"Haw-haw, okay. I will treat you to dinner next time." Wang Ye also reacted and immediately said.

"Don't make it next time. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, you treat me to lunch." Ma Zhida took advantage of the opportunity and said right away.

"No problem." Wang Ye nodded the head cleanly.

"Hey-hey. My recommendation seems to work well. I even get a free meal." Ma Zhida appeared quite proud with a big smile on his face.

He naturally didn't know what Wang Ye thanked him for and even Wang Ye himself couldn't say it clearly.

It was in Shanghai far away from here. A small gathering among friends was being held in a two-floor room at the top of a building in a residential community called Huanlesong.

The reason was that the owner of the room successfully obtained a painting from the auction meeting, an oil painting created by Wu Hai.

"Look. The application of the somber tone brings out such an artistic conception." The owner explained the oil painting hung in the center of the room excitedly.

In the oil painting, a man dressed in the sportswear was running along a quiet side street in the early morning. One side of the street had been painted vague. On the other side of the street were several rows of low buildings. Among them, a restaurant without a shop sigh was the clearest.

The running man was just a figure viewed from the back. He looked to be running earnestly. A spark of very bright white was painted in front of him, like dawn when the sun rose up, and also like the last glow of a sunset.

"Do you think the background of the painting is in the morning or in the evening?" The owner of the painting asked with a look of mystery.

"I feel it's in the evening when there are people outside. But the artist only drew this single person specially, which appears to have more profound meaning."

"No, no, no. It's obviously early in the morning. Only in the early morning can people feel that vitality of the creatures.

"I think none of you is right. It feels like there's not a specific time. The dim light might be only a misdirection. We should try to digest it more seriously.

Then, the people started to guess one after another.

The owner of the painting apparently had a confident expression. Actually, he was just showing off in front of others. After all, he had asked Wu Hai himself about it, although Wu Hai hadn't said anything.

Just when the customers guessed enthusiastically, a woman dressed in a silky beige long skirt was holding the wine glass and standing at an inconspicuous corner with a decorative handbag in her hand.

The woman was plain looking, but she had a kind of gentle and refined temperament, which made others feel very comfortable.

"These people really have a strange understanding about the painting." Seeing the crowd getting more and more out of line, the woman revealed a helpless smile on her face.

"But it seems the drawing techniques of that guy, Wu Hai, have greatly increased." The woman sighed with emotion.

"Ta Ta Ta". With her high-heels knocking against the shiny floor tiles and emitting a clear sound, the woman walked to the balcony alone.

Of course, she didn't forget to take her coat with her as it was quite cold outside.

She took out her phone and immediately dialed Wu Hai's phone.

Being thousands of miles away, Wu Hai was lying on the sofa in his art studio and having a rest. He had just finished eating his delicacies and was now digesting them slowly.

"Dang Dang Dang..."the sound of The Symphony of Fate composed by Beethoven came to him.

When Wu Hai took up his phone and saw the name showing on the screen, he stroked his small mustaches subconsciously and then answered the phone.

"Hi, busy girl. Why do you have time to call me?" Wu Hai greeted her in a casual tone.

"I saw your painting." The woman's voice contained some happiness.

"Which painting?" Wu Hai raised his head and indicated that he didn't quite understand.

"The one called The Running Man. It's really beautiful." The woman brought out the name of the painting.

"Oh, you mean that one. It's indeed very good and I am satisfied, too." Wu Hai suddenly thought of the painting.

He drew the painting when he opened the window early in the morning and saw Yuan Zhou jogging. After he finished the painting, he felt quite relaxed and relieved.