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539 Closed Door

 Having been recognized by someone similar to his father, Yuan Zhou felt both helpless and slightly honored. However, he declared his actual age seriously. After all, he still needed to find a girlfriend one day.

If he was mistaken by others that he had such an old son, that would be a fatal problem.

The Master Chef Restaurant opened by Yuan Zhou was located out of the way at a corner of the city, but many customers still came for meals in an endless stream every day. They came and went in haste, which made the side street bustling and prosperous.

Naturally, it was the same today as well, except that the weather was extraordinarily good. The sun rose very early this winter day and it felt fairly warm.

"Yo, Wang Ye. Why not come with me for lunch today? The roast fish I ate that day was so delicious." A few days later, Ma Zhida invited Wang Ye again.

"You know I only like eating the rice noodles." Wang Ye smiled and said, as usual.

"Is it really interesting to eat the rice noodles every day? Why can't you eat something else for a change for lunch since you'll still eat the rice noodles in the evening?" Ma Zhida said to him with an arm around his back.

"I like this restaurant, just like the way you like that restaurant." Wang Ye smiled and said.

"But I heard that restaurant is closed these two days." Ma Zhida was talking about last weekend, but today was Monday.

"Yeah, but it's Monday today." Wang Ye said smilingly.

"Alright. I'm going for lunch now." Ma Zhida shrugged and then he headed towards Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

As long as Wang Ye was on duty, he liked going to eat Sixian Rice Noodles. On the weekend, however, he never went there.

The rice noodle restaurant that Wang Ye liked and Yuan Zhou's restaurant weren't on the same street, therefore, they parted with each other whenever they walked downstairs.

In the middle of the old-fashioned residential buildings was a back alley. Although it was narrow and small, it was quite clean. Many stores were opened on both sides of the alley and they were all basically eateries, which were specially opened for those office workers.

And almost all of them sold the fast and convenient food, which was also suitable to the fast-paced life of the workers. It can be summarized with in word, "quick".

"I didn't eat the noodles yesterday, so I can put two fried eggs inside today. The fried eggs cooked by that fat boss are fairly good." Wang Ye thought blissfully.

That's right. As the boss of the Sixian Rice Noodle Restaurant was very fat, the customers usually called him Fat Boss. And Wang Ye was no exception.

The Sixian Rice Noodle Restaurant was also seated in the middle of the back alley. Just in a little while, Wang Ye arrived.

However, the scene in front of him was a little unfamiliar because the door was still closed.

"Did they get up late?" Wang Ye was puzzled.

He stayed put for about three minutes. Seeing the door did not seem to be opening anytime soon, Wang Ye decided to go for the neighboring eateries and ask what happened.

The neighboring store was a milk tea house and the boss was a young girl. She had a plain appearance, but her smile was very sweet.

"A cup of hot black tea, please." Wang Ye first ordered a cup of drink.

"Alright. Coming soon." The girl answered and immediately started to prepare for him.

"Why isn't the rice noodle restaurant beside you open?" Only then did Wang Ye started to ask the proper business.

"You mean Sixian Restaurant? The fat boss quit." The girl answered randomly.

"Pardon? He quit? What does that mean?" Wang Ye felt surprised in the heart and continued to ask.

"I don't know. I just heard from him that he quit the business." The girl shook the head.

Then, Wang Ye felt a little stupefied. Why did the boss suddenly quit the business since his business was so good?

When he continued to ask the reason, the girl also shook the head with a look of puzzlement.

After he paid the money, he took the black tea and walked to the Sixian Rice Noodle Restaurant. He attempted to see if there was any notice pasted on the door.

However, he was disappointed in the end. The door was as clean as before yet with only a little dirt on the outer surface. Other things remained the same. The shop sign was still there. The only difference was that the door was closed and it wouldn't be opened anymore.

"What the heck." Wang Ye shook the head helplessly.

Wang Ye drank a mouthful of the black tea to warm his stomach and then realized that it was the time to eat.

Standing where he had been, Wang Ye suddenly didn't know where he should go to eat lunch. Having been used to eating here, he really had no idea where else he could eat, even if there were various small restaurants or fast food restaurants around him.

"Forget it. Let me go to the restaurant mentioned by Ma Zhida to try my fortune." At last, Wang Ye turned around and left the back alley.

Wang Ye hadn't been to the side street where Yuan Zhou's restaurant was located before, so he was quite unfamiliar with the scene as soon as he walked into the street.

"It feels big and spacious." Wang Ye muttered.

"Sir, lunch?" Somebody started to greet Wang Ye.

"No need." Wang Ye shook the head.

Once he raised the head, he found the person who greeted him was standing at the door of a restaurant called Red Rooster Restaurant.

"It's a really strange name." Wang Ye muttered in the heart.

Then, he walked on inward. At that time, Wang Ye felt a little uneasy.

Compared with the back alley just now, the side street where Yuan Zhou's restaurant was located was wide and clean. The stores on both sides weren't the kind of very small ones, but instead, very standard ones.

It was bustling. Many people hurried to and fro and some even were Wang Ye's colleagues.

Wang Ye had already heard from Ma Zhida that there was no shop sign on Yuan Zhou's restaurant. He didn't need to use much effort to look for it though, just select the one with most customers.

Therefore, Wang Ye found Yuan Zhou's restaurant very soon.

"I'm here, Wang Ye." With sharp eyes, Ma Zhida caught side of Wang Ye very easily.

"Are you still lining up?" Wang Ye went up and asked.

"Yeah. Go to take the number ticket now and you might be able to eat here." Ma Zhida immediately urged Wang Ye.

"Alright." Wang Ye nodded the head.

With a sound of "Ta Ta Ta", he walked to the silver queuing machine in a few steps. He took out his ID card and directly swiped it in front of the machine and a ticket really came out.

"I got it." Wang Ye returned to Ma Zhida again.

"You really are lucky. You can still get to eat at this time of day." Ma Zhida patted Wang Ye's shoulder.

"That restaurant is closed. So I come to this restaurant recommended by you." Wang Ye nodded his head smilingly. Then, he said straightforwardly before Ma Zhida asked him.

"You won't regret following my advice. I can guarantee you will want to eat it again after you eat it once." Ma Zhida patted on the chest and guaranteed.

"Alright. Are there rice noodles served here?" Wang Ye suddenly asked.

"No, but you can try the Clear Broth Noodle Soup. It's one of the best dishes served here. Although it looks like very common, they are genuine noodles and are delicious." Ma Zhida immediately recommended.

"Alright. I will order that dish then." Wang Ye nodded the head.

"Ok. It's my turn now. I'm going inside. You remember to line up here." Ma Zhida said that then went into the restaurant immediately.

For him, nothing could be as important as eating.

Wang Ye walked to the end of the line and waited there silently. He emptied his mind and then heard various sounds of people walking past one after another. However, they were all different.

If it were in the back alley, what the customers mainly talked about was definitely about today's work or what they experienced that day.

Standing here, however, most people talked about things related to food, or else, things related to Yuan Zhou's new dishes.

"It turns out to be quite different." Wang Ye sighed lightly.

That's right. To Wang Ye, everything in the side street seemed to be different from those in the back alley.

"Is it really as delicious as what Ma Zhida told me?" Wang Ye took the number ticket and just waited there to eat.