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537 Good Thing or Bad Thing

 Instead of just one or two, there were quite a lot of these bad comments. They directly overwhelmed the worship and astonishment about Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship at the very beginning.

As Yuan Zhou had not opened a microblog account or Wechat public account for his own restaurant, those indignant online friends could only rush to the official microblog of Folk Talent in the end.

The huge number of visitors immediately cause this microblog account, which had usually only hundreds of shares and comments every day, become a trending topic immediately. The number of shares reached 8,000 while the number of comments reached tens of thousands in just one day, although they were all unfavorable comments or flaming ones.

Even so, it still became a trending topic, even if most of them were just flaming Yuan Zhou's restaurant. There were even some who flamed the TV program, saying that the staff had not investigated the person dutifully and somebody probably got bribed.

When the visitors of the microblog increased on the first day, Presenter Lu was fairly worried. After all, he had always been a presenter of good reputation. At that moment, he ran into the chief editor's office quickly.

"Chief editor, look at this. The microblog is almost taken over." Presenter Lu knitted his brows tight and pointed at the webpage on his own phone.

"Oh? Why did they all say we played some tricks?" The chief editor looked at several comments consecutively and found all of them were saying the TV program practiced fraud.

"This is the exclusive interview about that Boss Yuan from the previous two episodes of Folk Talent. And these are the comments of the audiences. The microblog almost went down due to so many visitors." When Presenter Lu spoke of Yuan Zhou, he still had some slight complaints.

After all, Yuan Zhou spoke too little even though he accepted the interview in the end. He was considered the person that Presenter Lu interviewed with most difficulties.

"Oh? You mean that person?" The chief editor then became interested. He went back to the start and began to check the data.

"Yeah, it's that one. The audiences all said that the restaurant served extraordinarily expensive dishes and we definitely received bribes before going over for the shoot." Presenter Lu described the opinions of the net friends briefly.

"Good thing. It's a good thing." As soon as the chief editor finished checking the data, he slapped his thigh and appeared quite excited.

"Pardon?" Presenter Lu looked at the chief editor with a puzzled expression and didn't react immediately.

"Little Lu, are you out of your mind? This is the topic of conversation and a trending topic. Hurry up and broadcast the third episode." The chief editor appeared to exasperate at Presenter Lu's failure to turn the situation around.

"Wait. Are there numerous comments on our official website, too?" While asking that, the chief editor logged in the website to check.

"Yes." Presenter Lu nodded the head subconsciously.

"That's good. You understand this thing now?" The chief editor looked at the official website filled with bad comments from the audiences with satisfaction.

"Yeah, I'm really slow. Ok. I'm going to supervise the film editing now." Anyhow, Presenter Lu was also in the entertainment circle. On hearing the chief editor say so, he immediately comprehended what he meant.

Based on the current situation, this matter was simply a trending topic as well as free attention that came to them suddenly.

"Wait, don't worry. Go and prepare the fourth episode too." The chief editor stopped Presenter Lu that was about to leave.

"Okay. I'll let my people gather now and go to Boss Yuan's restaurant for another episode right away." Presenter Lu said with a spirited tone.

"You get back here. Who told you to shoot him? It's not necessary to shoot him anymore. Three episodes are enough." The chief editor knocked on the table and said unhurriedly.

"Then what do you mean?" Presenter Lu was ready to listen to his advice.

"You go to visit the neighboring stores and ask them why no one attacks that restaurant. Then select some favorable comments and broadcast the episode after the film editing." The chief editor revealed a manner of great confidence.

"We are starting to defend against the bad comments now?" Presenter Lu felt it was a little early for that.

"Of course, the comments of the first episode number more than 4,000 and the number immediately rose to ten thousand for the second episode. Furthermore, the degree of attention is still rising. Once the third episode is broadcasted, the number will definitely shoot through the roof. So the next thing we should do is defend against the accusations and declare that we never received any money from the boss. What do you think?" When the chief editor came to the latter part, he even winked at Presenter Lu, hinting at something.

"That's right. You have thought this plan through. That way, the fame of our program won't be damaged and furthermore, it will also increase the degree of attention to our program." Presenter Lu understood quickly once reminded. He answered immediately.

"You must move quickly. Get the fourth episode prepared tonight, otherwise, others will move ahead of us." The chief editor waved his hand and let Presenter Lu leave.

Presenter Lu was devoted to the work wholeheartedly. As soon as he got out of the office, he immediately went to the editing room. After he asked about the schedule, he got out and gathered his team decisively, preparing to carry out a night operation to look for the neighboring stores and ask around.

"Scenarist Li. Let's move. Let's go work overtime." Presenter Lu said excitedly.

"Let's go. The cameramen and recorders are all waiting for us." Apparently, Scenarist Li had known about the comments.

"Let's go. Get in the news van." Presenter Lu said leisurely.

"Leaving others aside, the prices are really super expensive. I don't think there's anyone who doesn't have complains about him." Scenarist Li cared about this matter more.

"There's nothing to worry about. If nobody speaks highly of him, we can just find some people to do that." Presenter Lu worked flexibly. He didn't really care if it was really the people around Yuan Zhou's restaurant that said so.

It was good as long as anybody said something. Of course, it would be great if there was anybody who spoke highly of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. If there was none, they could pay somebody to say so. Those online friends wouldn't try to find evidence for that.

"That's for sure. I'm a fool." Scenarist Li said with a tone of self-mockery.

"Never mind. I checked the comments just now and found all of them were just flaming. It simply astonished me." Presenter Lu shook the head smilingly.

As they worked overtime for the interview, the driver drove very quickly and just in a little while, they arrived at Taoxi Road. It was around 8:00 p.m.

It was fairly good timing. The busiest dining time had basically passed and the closing time hadn't arrived.

"Let's find a store to ask." Presenter Lu directly gave an order and carried the equipment towards a store.

"Shoot this clip." Scenarist Li stayed put and said that.

"Yeah, start now." Presenter Lu posed for the shoot. The procedures of putting on makeup had already been completed in the van.

"Hi, everybody. I'm Presenter Lu. Today, there is a slightly different episode for Folk Talent. In view of your enthusiasm recently, we are specially making an episode of random interviews. Now everybody, please follow me." Presenter Lu was fairly conscientious. He finished saying the long statement without any errors.

"Let's go to that restaurant. The customers had all left just now and the boss is still there." Scenarist Li pointed at a small restaurant at the end of the side street.

The small restaurant was called Red Rooster Restaurant. Well, the name was a little distinctive and moreover, it conformed to its logo, as the shop sigh was really similar to a crowing rooster.

"Considering our audiences have many different opinions about this Master Chef's Restaurant, let's ask the boss of this restaurant in the same street how he thinks of it?" Presenter Lu said smilingly.

Of course, the cameraman would definitely remove the name of Red Rooster Restaurant during the later stage. After all, advertisements weren't allowed without a permit.

After that, the staff members entered the restaurant boldly.

By then, Scenarist Li had already spoken with the boss.

The Red Rooster Restaurant had been doing business there in the side street for years. As his restaurant was seated at the corner of the side street, he had maintained the business even during the worst times. Therefore, he was indeed qualified to comment on the matter of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Hello. I'm the presenter of the program Folk Talent. My surname is Lu. Can I speak with you?" Presenter Lu asked with a genial smile on his face.

"Oh, okay." The boss was a slim middle-aged man. Facing the video camera, he was a little nervous, but as Scenarist Li had just approached him just now, he could at least communicate normally.

"Good. I would like to know your opinions about that Master Chef Restaurant in front of you, namely, the one called Yuan Zhou's restaurant." Presenter Lu asked straightforwardly.