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536 Bad Comments of Yuan Zhou

 "Wait. Brother Chen, the roast fish you were eating just now seemed to be mine." Ma Zhida covered the roast fish with his hands and said in surprise.

"Of course. Mine has been served." On hearing that, Chen Wei said obviously.

"The entire fish is so small. You can't eat it anymore." Ma Zhida pulled the plate closer to himself.

"Alright, you are right. The fish is not big. Then you can't eat mine later. I can spare you a vegetable kebab." Chen Wei said straightforwardly and generously.

"Um." Ma Zhida nodded the head.

However, he hadn't discovered that there wasn't much fish meat left in front of him. There was nothing but a fish tail left.

Just as the saying goes, it wasn't easy to get along with people who are inherently greedy. Just now, when Chen Wei ate Ma Zhida's roast fish, he didn't even think of saving some for him. He ate it so quickly that almost half the fish entered his stomach.

The most important thing was that Ma Zhida hadn't discovered this problem till now.

"Your roast fish is coming. Yours is the crucian, namely, the grass carp. The one served just now was the spotted silver carp." Master Cheng looked at Chen Wei expectantly.

The biggest difference between grass carp and spotted silver carp was the meat of the former one was fine and tender yet with many tiny fish bones while that of the grass carp was rough yet with fewer fish bones. However, the matter of fish bones wasn't a big problem to Yuan Zhou.

Therefore, what Master Cheng cared about most now was that the taste of the roast fish. It should definitely be different since the two kinds of meat were different.

"Every kind of fish has differences from others, but this one has a small head and thick flesh. So it is very good." Chen Wei squinted his eyes at the roast fish in front of him and felt quite contented.

"Eat and try." Master Cheng urged him.

"No problem." Chen Wei was very happy to do that.

Unlike the spotted silver carp where the back was broad, the grass carp that was roasted was thinner in size but had thicker flesh. However, Yuan Zhou didn't leave any cuts on the fish body, on the contrary, he roasted it directly.

Roasting it this way required a good control of the fire. As he couldn't see the changes in the meat in the fish, he had to be very careful. If the flame was too big, the fish meat would be scorched and if it was too small, the meat wouldn't be well cooked and would definitely be inedible.

This time, Chen Wei started to eat the fish from the tail. After all, he hadn't eaten the tail of Ma Zhida's roast fish just now, eating more of the fish belly instead.

"It's said that meat on the fish tail is most delicious as the tail keeps moving." Chen Wei picked a piece of fish meat and stuffed it into his mouth.

The meat of the grass carp was usually larger. And indeed, it wasn't smooth and tender enough. Nevertheless, it had an unexpectedly rough taste.

Once he started to chew, the fish meat was wrapped by the slight thick fish skin with some colloidal substance. Although the fish meat was a little rough, it was quite chewy. It tasted like pork, but was tenderer than it.

"This is to my taste. The fish meat is really not bad." Chen Wei picked another piece and stuffed it into his mouth.

The coarse salt and the slightly rough fish meat tasted fairly meaty as they were a fabulous match.

"Only in this way can the salty taste penetrate the fish meat." Chen Wei drank a mouthful of the aged liquor provided by Chen Wei and felt quite satisfied.

"What about the fish belly?" Master Cheng couldn't wait to ask.

"Okay. Now let me see what's inside." Chen Wei was also very interested in this question. He said as if he wanted to give himself a surprise.

He poked the fish belly open with the chopsticks and then the green and translucent chili flowed out with the gravy, causing the heat to well up instantly.

"This is a sour and hot taste. Is that pickled pepper?" Chen Wei pointed at the green chili and said.

"It's supposed to be. I didn't see how it was stuffed inside nor did I discover that the taste of each kind of roast fish was different from the other." Master Cheng was a little upset about that.

"I also like the roast fish that has a sour and hot taste. Just by smelling the fragrance, I feel that the taste will be good." Chen Wei enjoyed eating spicy things very much. He wasn't like Wu Hai who wasn't happy at all unless he ate something spicy every day, but he also liked eating hot things.

Besides, in his opinion, it was a must to eat chili along with the roast fish.

The power of the two servings of roast fish was still very impressive. As soon as they got seated, the customers started to order this dish. They didn't even discuss about this new dish as there would be nothing left if they ordered late.

As a result, everyone naturally ordered the roast fish first and left the other dishes aside temporarily.

"Boss, a serving of roast fish."

"I want the spicy roast fish, Boss Yuan."

"I want it sour and hot."

"The roast fish is a dish randomly distributed." Yuan Zhou was wearing the face mask, but his voice could be heard from inside of the face mask clearly.

"Oh, okay. A serving of roast fish." The customers started to correct themselves one after another.

This time, Yuan Zhou didn't start to catch, cut open, stuff the flavorings inside and roast fish until Master Cheng finished taking notes.

When Yuan Zhou stuffed the flavorings inside this time, Master Cheng opened his eyes wide and just waited to see how Yuan Zhou stuffed them and sealed them in the fish belly.

"Surprisingly, it is done in this way. But even so, there is still a small opening there. How could he guarantee the gravy won't flow out?" Master Cheng thought while watching.

What he saw was that Yuan Zhou gently cut an opening as wide as two fingers on the fish belly. Of course, the two fingers mentioned above were the kind of slender ones, fingers of girls.

After that, he drew out the internal organs from inside, washed the black membrane clean and then poured the flavorings into the fish belly slowly. When he sealed the opening later, Master Cheng found Yuan Zhou was actually using the fish intestines that were washed cleanly.

"No wonder it doesn't need dismantlement. In this way, the fish meat and fish intestines will directly merge together then. What an intricate idea! Master Yuan is so awesome." Master Cheng finally understood Yuan Zhou's preparation method.

"Carry it to the customer." Yuan Zhou put down the skewers that he finished roasting.

Along with the sound of "Ta Ta Ta", Master Cheng walked over there. After he carried it to the customer, he immediately returned to Yuan Zhou. He moved so fast that Yuan Zhou didn't even have time to turn back.

"Master Yuan, the ingredients you stuffed inside just now were steaming hot, right?" Master Cheng asked curiously.

"Yeah. The taste can penetrate the meat very easily." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"It turns out to be so." Master Cheng nodded the head thoughtfully.

Master Cheng was inherently a very talented chef. He wasn't really old and besides, at this age, he had obtained the highest title in this industry. Therefore, he basically understood what Yuan Zhou's actions once Yuan Zhou reminded him.

In spite of that, he just couldn't achieve that level now.

The steaming hot gravy straightforwardly filled the fish belly without any waste. During the process, the hand had to endure being burned at a very high temperature. Of course, he still couldn't achieve that level now.

Relatively speaking, Yuan Zhou had gotten accustomed to the high temperature when he cooked the roast goose last time. It required unusual endurance and precise culinary skills.

"Xi Xi Li Li"

The light rain still continued while the atmosphere in Yuan Zhou's restaurant was warm and heated.

At that time, however, bad comments of Yuan Zhou's restaurant on the internet spread to more people along with the popular program, Folk Talent. Without exception, it was all about the very high price.

[I'm not talking about any particular person, but any random shop nowadays dares to call themselves a Five Star Hotel. Such a small restaurant even dares to sell a bowl of Egg Fried Rice at 188RMB. Why don't you just rise to heaven?] from Delicacies Tracer.

[I'm really speechless. Did I miss something? Is the price that flashed across just now really 5888? What the hell is that? The TV program always broadcasts cheaters. How dare they say it is a 'talent'? Is it a talent for cheating others?] from I'm Here To Ridicule.

[What is it? See that Tea Egg worth 1888RMB? No wonder others laugh at us being unable to afford the tea eggs. That's true. If such kind of evil-minded boss exists, I indeed cannot afford one] from Oh, My God.