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533 Familiarity and Strangeness

 "Sir, here are your birthday noodles. It is called Yansheng Longfu Noodles and is said to be able to prolong life and make you healthy." The young man had been working in this family for a long time, thus he naturally knew how to speak appropriately.

"Um, good." Grandpa Liu carried the bowl and looked at the dragon and tortoise painted on the surface.

The noodles were naturally very delicious, which was needless to say. But the key point was the serving of the birthday noodles stood for the end of the birthday banquet.

"Where did Jianan find this person? How could he serve the birthday noodles so soon when we are still hungry?" It was said by Liu Jianan's mother.

"I'm full. It's just enough for me. Just enough." Grandpa Liu sighed with satisfaction.

"But dad, what kind of banquet is this?" The woman said discontentedly.

"It's indeed a birthday banquet. There isn't any dish missing and all the dishes are eaten up by me. The main point is that the taste is so good that I still want some more." Grandpa Liu looked at the door and waited in hope for other main courses served for others. He wanted to eat some more.

Others at the table all thought that the chef must have cooked for the grandpa first before he prepared dishes for them. They all felt this person wasn't good at arranging the time.

Even Grandpa Liu thought this way.

Having gone out for Yuan Zhou, Liu Jianan quickly ran to the small kitchen where Yuan Zhou had stayed.

"Huh? Where is he?" Liu Jianan looked at the empty kitchen and asked with puzzlement.

"That Boss Yuan has just left here." The young man that had waited at the side to help Yuan Zhou answered immediately.

"He left? To the bathroom?" It was the first reaction of Liu Jianan.

"No, he went back home. He said he had finished." The young man shook the head and said.

"Damn it. He surprisingly went back?" Liu Jianan revealed a look of incredibility. When he realized what had happened, he immediately ran to the gate.

"Ta Ta Ta". Yuan Zhou walked toward the gate unhurriedly and steadily with the usual indifferent look on his face.

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan, wait a minute, please." Liu Jianan's voice passed from the instance.

"Um?" Yuan Zhou stopped and stayed put.

"Boss Yuan, how can you leave since you are only cooking halfway? Are there insufficient food ingredients?" Liu Jianan ran close to Yuan Zhou and asked meticulously.

"No, I have already finished." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and said solemnly.

What a joke! That sentence was simply a disgrace to his efforts. Obviously, he had finished cooking a table of complete birthday banquet.

"But only my grandpa ate your dishes." Liu Jianan said with puzzlement.

"You are right. I cooked the birthday banquet for your grandpa. He should have eaten up the dishes." Yuan Zhou nodded the head and said with a quite natural tone.

"Wait. You cooked the birthday banquet for my grandpa?" Liu Jianan suddenly had a premonition.

"Yes. A birthday banquet only for him alone." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"But I didn't say it was for my grandpa alone." Liu Jianan was immediately speechless.

"Think of what you told me." Yuan Zhou reminded him lightly.

Then, Liu Jianan thought back and suddenly realized Yuan Zhou was right. He had indeed told Yuan Zhou to cook a birthday banquet for his grandpa.

But, something felt wrong!

"I'm leaving now." Yuan Zhou decided not to stay anymore when he found Liu Jianan was suddenly enlightened and his face was turning red and then black.

"Well... okay. The payment has been wired into your account." Liu Jianan said subconsciously.

Then, he helplessly watched Yuan Zhou walk out of Liu's Courtyard and walk forward for quite a distance before taking a cab and leaving.

"Damn it! What the hell shall I do? They are still hungry inside." After Liu Jianan reacted, he thought of that first.

As for how he requested other chefs to prepare some dishes quickly for the other family members later, it was needlessly to say anymore.

It could be considered a pleasant and bitter birthday that Liu Jianan had prepared for his grandpa.

The bitter thing was that he was almost beaten to death by his father while the pleasant thing was that his grandpa liked Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship very much, saying specially that he was quite satisfied with his special birthday present. Moreover, his grandpa appeared to be more spirited than before.

Of course, it was also the reason why his father didn't beat him to death.

As for Yuan Zhou, he visited many rest homes using the remaining time and prepared to compare them so that Boss Tong can instantly move in when she came back one day.

For the whole afternoon, Yuan Zhou had visited three rest homes. He prepared to come for a few more times to see how the old got along with each other.


"Come on, let's go. Wang Ye, let's go to eat together." Ma Zhida said to one of his colleagues beside him.

At the side of Ma Zhida's seat was a colleague whom he had worked with for several years. Recently, Ma Zhida had often invited him to eat together. The reason was very simple. He had always been recommending Yuan Zhou's restaurant to Wang Ye, but Wang Ye had never been there even once.

Therefore, Ma Zhida made up his mind recently to invite Wang Ye to eat in Yuan Zhou's restaurant once.

"Okay. But I'll still go to eat the Sixian Rice Noodles in the front." Wang Ye had a plain look. He appeared to be an easy-going and gentle man.

However, he was quite stubborn.

"What do you go to eat the Sixian Rice Noodles for? Come with me to Yuan Zhou's restaurant today. Boss Yuan didn't do business yesterday, but today, his restaurant will be opened. Let me treat you to a meal." Ma Zhida patted on his wallet and said generously.

"No need. I like those rice noodles." Wang Ye shook his head.

"I don't think the rice noodles are so delicious. To me, only the Clear Broth Noodle Soup in Boss Yuan's restaurant is marvelous. The chewy texture, the fragrant taste and the fresh wheat fragrance are simply beyond descriptions. I almost can't help drooling." Ma Zhida was a qualified publicity agent, so his descriptions of Yuan Zhou's dishes were quite appropriate.

"What don't you go with me to try the rice noodles?" Wang Ye walked outwards while clearing his things away.

"If I go with you to eat the rice noodles, will you go with me to Yuan Zhou's restaurant?" Ma Zhidao asked conveniently.

Actually, the two of them often discussed the same question recently.

"No. I think you will definitely like the rice noodles." Wang Ye smiled confidently.

"I don't think so. No one can cook better than Boss Yuan. Oh, no. He can't even be compared with Boss Yuan." Ma Zhida totally didn't believe that.

"The taste might be different. But I have a different feeling. I'm going to eat the Sixian Rice Noodles." At that time, the two of them had been downstairs. After saying that, Wang Ye turned around and left.

If Yuan Zhou's restaurant was seated in a side street unknown to most people, the Restaurant of Sixian Rice Noodles liked by Wang Ye was seated in the crevice between two old-fashioned residential buildings.

The boss was an amiable fatty. As soon as he saw Wang Ye, he greeted him, "Here you are, Wang Ye. A bowl of Sixian Rice Noodles without chilli, right?"

"Right on. And more vegetables, please." Wang Ye answered smilingly.

"Yes, I know. It's always your preference." The fatty boss nodded the head. Then he stood by the boiling pot and started to boil the rice noodles.

Wang Ye sat at a table and just waited patiently while listening to the sound of others eating rice noodles and looking at the passersby passing to and fro in the street.

"Coming. Here are your rice noodles." The fatty boss carried the bowl to him and put it in front of Wang Ye.

Wang Ye nodded the head and directly started to eat without saying anything.

As he failed in bringing his colleague to eat with him, Ma Zhida was originally a little unhappy. When he arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant and saw the familiar customers, however, he began to talk with them again.

However, what all of them discussed most was as followed.

"There are six hours of business time per day. If it's reimbursed into the BBQ time, there'll be two more BBQ's this month. That way, we can have the chance to eat it." This was all the customers thought about.

That's right. The five BBQ offered by Yuan Zhou at irregular intervals actually hadn't been eaten by many people. What a joke! Yuan Zhou had never informed them of the information beforehand.