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530 The Reason for Agreeing

 At around noon outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant,

"Want to buy some vegetables? The lettuces are all harvested today and are washed cleanly." A vegetable vendor shouldered two large bamboo baskets and started to promote to the customers lining at the side.

"My little cabbages are also very fresh and juicy. Want to have a look?" Another vegetable vendor was also promoting his green vegetables in the basket.

"I'd say it's best to eat tofu along with the hot pot. Little buddy, look. The tofu is still warm. It was just made this morning." A hawker who was promoting his tofu suddenly uncovered the cotton gauze, causing the heat coming out immediately.

"How can one eat only vegetables? These few pieces are pork shoulders. They are very tender. Do you guys want to have a try?" A pork hawker fixed a wooden shelf on his bicycle, where some pieces of pork with good color were hung.

"I don't need the pork. I have prepared it already. But some vegetables are good." It was Ma Zhida who said that. While saying that, he showed to others the lunch-box in his hand.

"Hey, why do you buy the vegetables yourself when you are treating us to the hot pot?" A female colleague standing behind Ma Zhida said discontentedly.

"I have no choice. This is Yuan Zhou's restaurant. It's pretty good for us to be able to eat it." Ma Zhida shrugged.

"Does that Boss Yuan provide only the hot pot soup?" A sturdy man patted Ma Zhida's shoulder and asked.

"You are right. He only provides the hot pot soup base. No one can do this except Boss Yuan." Ma Zhida shook his head helplessly.

"So we have to buy the vegetables right here?" The female colleague coiled up the hair with her hand and looked at the several vegetable hawkers that were trying to promote their own vegetables.

"Don't worry. These vegetables are all cleaned and brought here." Ma Zhida appeared to be quite experienced.

"Yeah, absolutely. They are all very clean. It is not my first time doing business and I always adhere to honesty." The hawker patted on his own chest and said confidently.

"I really don't know what to say. Not to mention that we have to bring the vegetables by ourselves, the main point is that the hawkers even crowd around and promote their vegetables at the door of the restaurant. It's the first time I see that." The female colleague tried her best to refrain from rolling her eyes.

"This is a democracy. You can buy whatever you like to eat." Ma Zhida said with confidence.

"Can you cut a piece of tofu for me? And a handful of green vegetables. Also get me some lettuces. Please cut them all." Instead of answering Ma Zhida, the female colleague directly started to buy the vegetables.

"Sure, no problem. Just prepare a plate." The hawker nodded the head smilingly.

She had no choice now as she had agreed to come for a meal. After all, Ma Zhida proposed at the beginning that they come out for a gathering before the Winter Solstice arrived. Who could expect that he was so deceitful?

As soon as somebody started to buy the vegetables, the hawkers' business got better.

Eating hot pot seemed to be infectious. Even if people couldn't smell the scent of the hot pot being eaten by others, it became more appetizing, because everybody could imagine the taste in the mind.

Therefore, more customers behind began to order the hot pot after one took the lead.

Several familiar customers pooled money and bought some vegetables outside the restaurant. Then, they could share a spicy-hot hot pot that would make people perspire a lot.

As for where the hawkers came from? Where the business is, these people will appear.

For the sake of convenience, these hawkers even provided the services of washing and slicing. It was almost a one-stop service.

After Yuan Zhou's restaurant provided business for the vendors that sold breakfast, it further brought business to lots of hawkers that sold vegetables.

The main point was that these hawkers all chose the high-end strategy. After all, these vegetables were to be eaten along with Yuan Zhou's hot pot soup. If they were too inferior, people were unlikely to eat it with the hot pot.

If so, they would rather imitate Wu Hai to eat the Rice Served In Hot Pot Soup.

After all, Wu Hai still could not manage to buy the vegetables until now and thus could only eat the Rice Served In Hot Pot Soup.

The hawkers that sold vegetables were quite smart. They usually came over here to sell vegetables during cold days, when more people tended to eat the hot pot. Therefore, it was the very first time that Liu Jianan had seen such a scene of people selling vegetables after he stayed here for a week.

What a rare sight

"Boss Yuan is really a talented man." Liu Jianan couldn't help sighing with emotion.

"Is it strange? Why are you still here? Boss Yuan won't agree to your request." Zhou Jia suddenly said to him at the side.

"I have no choice. I still hope Boss Yuan can agree to my request." Liu Jianan said earnestly.

"On what basis do you think so? Why must Boss Yuan go to cook a birthday banquet for your grandpa?" Zhou Jia asked with much puzzlement.

"Because I think only Boss Yuan can make my grandpa eat some more." Liu Jianan paused for an instant and then said solemnly.

"Alright. But I still think Boss Yuan won't agree." After saying that, Zhou Jia went to greet other customers.

"Of course I know that." Liu Jianan curled his lip and muttered.

Actually, Liu Jianan had an idea at that time, but he felt too embarrassed to say it.

Before he came back from the village, Mr. Ma told him to mention his name to Yuan Zhou. After he tasted Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship, however, Liu Jianan felt it was not appropriate to do so. As for why it was not appropriate, Liu Jianan hadn't figured it out.

"Let me try once more. Then, I can probably make it." Liu Jianan encouraged himself in the heart.

Then, he went to cause trouble with a full spirit. Oh, no. He went to help.

In his opinion, the lunch time was the shortest and passed very soon. Look, the lunchtime finished again.

As usual, Liu Jianan didn't leave in the afternoon. He waited beside Yuan Zhou and prepared to be summoned to do some work. However, he was still disappointed. Yuan Zhou hadn't spoken to him even after he finished sculpting a goshawk.

After a sound of "Pa Da", Yuan Zhou put the crystal-like and translucent goshawk on the shelf at the side.

"Where did you hear that I can cook a birthday banquet?" Yuan Zhou suddenly said to him.

Yuan Zhou's intention of asking that was very simple. He could tell that Liu Jianan had a decent family background and was also civilized. Therefore, he definitely had a wide range of candidates to make the birthday banquet. When he first came to the restaurant, he apparently came for a taste test. Judging from that, he didn't come here because he knew about the place.

Of course, it was all recollected by Yuan Zhou later.

"Huh? What?" Yuan Zhou's question came so suddenly that Liu Jianan didn't manage to react on time.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't like repeating his own words and thus he didn't answer him.

Only after Liu Jianan thought for a while did he think of what Yuan Zhou asked. Then, he said with a perturbed tone, "It was Mr. Ma, the one from Yanfeng Village, who told me to come here."

On hearing that, Yuan Zhou took a look at Liu Jianan. He kept silent for a little while and then said, "Then why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Should I?" Liu Jianan asked with puzzlement.

It seemed to be different from what he had imagined. Liu Jianan felt a little puzzled in his heart.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't say anything, but just looked at Liu Jianan like that.

"Yeah, I should have told you earlier. I forgot about that." Liu Jianan admitted the mistake decisively.

After all, the chilly gaze of Yuan Zhou was way too frightening.

"Which day is the birthday banquet?" Yuan Zhou asked concisely and comprehensively.

"The 29th of this month." Liu Jianan said obediently.

"Okay. I'll go there by then. You can leave now." Yuan Zhou waved his hand to him indifferently.

Liu Jianan subconsciously turned around and prepared to leave...