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528 This Is Unscientific.

 "A serving of Jinling Grass, Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork and meatballs, the Swedish Meatballs." Liu Jianan looked at the menu and selected the dishes carefully.

"Got it. It's 1204RMB in total. Do you want to pay by cash or by bank transfer?" Zhou Jia asked politely.

"Bank transfer." Liu Jianan said generously.

"Ok, received. The dishes are to be served very soon. Please wait for a moment." After Zhou Jia confirmed receipt of the payment, Zhou Jia nodded the head and said that.

"Thank you." Liu Jianan thanked her and then sat on the chair to wait for the dishes.

"Though it's expensive, I'm doing an experiment for my grandpa." Liu Jianan tried to comfort himself in the heart.

This price even made him feel a headache. After all, he was still a college student at the moment and didn't have any income. When he thought of the delicacies, however, Liu Jianan felt at ease and justified.

He did all that for his grandpa, not at all for his own desire for good food.

Liu Jianan was disciplined quite strictly in his family. For example, he should have already graduated from the college at his age, but because he was born in the latter half of the year, he could only attend the primary school at 8, according to the admissions requirements.

Could you imagine that a 6 or 7-year-old kid still in kindergarten? Liu Jianan felt rather speechless in the heart.

The only advantage was that he had basically been the elder brother in his class all the time ever since kindergarten. Although it purely indicated the age, he was still the elder brother.

"My grandpa eats meat, so the meatballs are supposed to match his expectation. The doctor says he must eat bland things and the Jinling Grass is definitely a bland dish. Also, the tofu is fairly nutritious. My selections are perfect." Liu Jianan looked at the dishes carried to him one after another and muttered expectantly.

The fragrance of the several dishes floated in front of Liu Jianan slowly, which smelled quite appetizing. He took the chopsticks and started to eat immediately, but he totally forgot to order the main course.

Having been absorbed in the delicacies, Liu Jian ate up the delicious dishes in front of him very soon.

"Hooo. It's so tasty, but just too little." Liu Jianan said regretfully while stroking his own belly with satisfaction.

"Waitress, come to take my order. I'm so hungry."

"Jia Jia, a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup."

"As always, a serving of Egg Fried Rice."

"Beef, a serving of Translucent Beef Slices. I brought liquor here by myself today."

Having struggled free of the enjoyment of delicacies, he immediately heard the noise and excitement in the restaurant.

It immediately occurred to Liu Jianan why he was here. Instead of saving the delicious dishes, he was actually here to invite Yuan Zhou.

He suddenly stood up from the chair and got down to his work immediately.

"Hey, young man, what's the matter with you? You are blocking me."

"Wait. I haven't paid."

"Calm down. Give the change back to me."

Suddenly, the restaurant became more boisterous. However, it was all because of Liu Jianan's 'enthusiastic help'.

Zhou Jia followed him hurriedly and had to clean up the mess caused by him. Luckily, he at least helped Zhou Jia a little bit.

Moreover, Liu Jianan had much courage to apologize sincerely, which made Zhou Jia unable to lose her temper at him.

After the busiest two hours, the restaurant fell silent again.

Only Yuan Zhou and Liu Jianan remained there.

Liu Jianan looked at Yuan Zhou eagerly while Yuan Zhou turned a blind eye him and didn't say anything at all.

"Boss Yuan, what do you think of my proposal?" Liu Jianan asked.

"I won't go." Yuan Zhou refused.

Then, he went to check how the Wu Rice that was being soaked.

"Okay. I'll go on waiting. You can take your time to consider." Liu Jianan became listless.

"Lunchtime has ended. Please come earlier for dinner." Yuan Zhou turned the head and said to Liu Jianan.

"I'll wait outside. Boss Yuan, if you need any help, just call me." Liu Jianan said enthusiastically.

"I don't need it." Yuan Zhou refused cleanly.

Liu Jianan learned this method when he stayed with Mr. Ma. At Mr. Ma's home, he was ordered to do the work. However, in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, he requested to do the work for Yuan Zhou voluntarily and it was Yuan Zhou who refused.

However, Liu Jian was quite sure that he would make it. After all, he had succeeded once at Mr. Ma's home with this method.

In the afternoon, Yuan Zhou sculpted almost the whole time while checking the Wu Rice that was being soaked from time to time.

Seated at the door, the warmth inside still reached here and it wasn't really very cold. Therefore, Liu Jianan stood obediently in front of Yuan Zhou for another whole afternoon.

When the class was over at 3:30 for the kindergarteners, Liu Jianan finally did a right thing perfectly.

He was quite popular with the kids and thus he guided them to call Yuan Zhou 'big brother'.

"If you want that small rabbit, you must tell the big brother over there by yourself." Liu Jian supported a round-faced girl with a braid of hair and said earnestly.

"Oh. But he's an uncle." The little girl rolled her big eyes and said mischievously.

"No, you are wrong. That Boss Yuan is very young. If you call him big brother, you can get the small rabbit." Liu Jianan shook his head solemnly and then said that.

Although Yuan Zhou stood beside them without saying anything, he was quite satisfied in the heart.

"You are right. I'm so young and deserves to be called big brother." Yuan Zhou thought inwardly.

"Alright. Big brother, I want that small rabbit. Can I?" The little girl looked at Yuan Zhou with a cute manner and with her big eyes open.

"Um." Yuan Zhou took the small rabbit up and handed it to the little girl softly yet still with a stiff face.

"Thank you, big brother." After the girl got the small rabbit and thanked him, she immediately ran back to her parent.

Yuan Zhou was finally satisfied and his attitude toward Liu Jianan also became better.

His judgement of Liu Jianan changed from being stupid to being ordinary with sharp eyes.

In the evening, Liu Jianan acted as a waiter in the restaurant as usual before the meal and continued after the meal. At least, he was doing the work better than at noon.

"Ta Ta Ta". Along with the sound of the high-heeled shoes clacking against the ground, Jiang Changxi arrived at the restaurant.

"Yo. Boss Yuan, is the Wu Rice prepared?" Jiang Changxi blinked her eyes and said mischievously.

"Take a seat, please." Yuan Zhou didn't answer her directly, but just signaled her to sit down.

"Since you requested me to sit, I naturally must sit." Jiang Changxi nodded the head and then sat on the vacant seat.

"One moment, please." Yuan Zhou's words were always straightforward and simple.

"Boss Yuan, if you can't take out the dish, you can consider compensating me with your body." Jiang Changxi stroked her own face with one hand and tapped the table lightly.

"You ordered food, not a man." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows subconsciously and answered.

"Haha. Boss Yuan, you are still as cute as before." Jiang Changxi said smilingly.

"Here's your Wu Rice." Yuan Zhou directly carried the Wu Rice to her this time.

"It really looks nice, but is it cooked with the leaves of vaccinium bracteatum? I've looked up related information about it." Jiang Changxi looked at the dish in front of her suspiciously.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded the head.

"You really managed to make it?" Jiang Changxi took the chopsticks and had a taste of that with a skeptical manner.

The Wu Rice was very simple in itself. Even the refined sugar provided by Yuan Zhou was served separately rather than being poured over the rice. Therefore, Jiang Changxi was actually eating only the rice.

Once the warm rice grains entered the mouth, however, the unique delicate fragrance of the leaves of the vaccinium bracteatum immediately pervaded her mouth.

The soft, glutinous and elastic rice grains still carried strong rice fragrance when it was chewed. When they were bit open, however, the delicate fragrance unique to the grass and trees also swept by.

"How fragrant!" Jiang Changxi couldn't help saying that.

Not until she swallowed up a mouthful of the rice did Jiang Changxi put down the chopsticks and then say in disbelief while looking at Yuan Zhou, "This is unscientific."