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526 Wu Rice

 However, 5 minutes before dinnertime, Jiang Changxi entered the restaurant with a pair of 10cm high-heeled shoes on her feet.

"Hey, good evening." Jiang Changxi raised her white and soft hand and waved toward Yuan Zhou.

"Good evening." Yuan Zhou nodded the head solemnly.

"Tsk. Though we haven't met for some days, you are still as solemn and earnest as before." Jiang Changxi chose a seat and sat down directly.

"Do you have the number ticket?" Yuan Zhou asked seriously.

"Sure. I reserved a seat this evening a long time ago. I just arrived a little later." Jiang Changxi said regrettably.

That's right. Jiang Changxi had once made the reservation before she worked overtime. The appointed time was today, but because of some small issues, she arrived late.

"What would you like to eat?" Zhou Jia went up timely and asked.

"Since it's so late, I won't embarrass you. Just get me a serving of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisines." Jiang Changxi said kindly.

"No need." Yuan Zhou said straightforwardly.

"Let me finish my words first. Be patient." While supporting her head with one hand, she knocked at the table with the other.

Customers at the side automatically prepared to watch the fun.

Every time Jiang Changxi came here, she made fun of Yuan Zhou for a while. She was the type who wouldn't speak appropriately.

"Sister Jiang, say it." As an employee, Zhou Jia knew very well to help her boss to get over a difficulty.

"For the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisines, I want to eat Wu Rice this time. Boss Yuan, you know about it, don't you?" Jiang Changxi sounded firm, but she revealed a smile of ridicule in her eyes.

"Yes, I do." Yuan Zhou nodded the head calmly.

What a joke! On such occasions, he must know even if he didn't.

"Good. I do want Wu Rice. Does it conform to the requirements?" Jiang Changxi was cunning. She asked that in order to make sure if Yuan Zhou knew what it was.

"Yes, it does. But you have to come to eat at this time of day tomorrow as the ingredients have to be immersed in water beforehand." The expression on Yuan Zhou's face had never changed from the beginning to the end. He said that calmly and confidently.

"Alright. I'll leave you to it. See you tomorrow." Jiang Changxi waved her hand happily to Yuan Zhou.

"Hoo... What a tough woman!" Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief silently. Luckily, the system had given a detailed cooking method to Yuan Zhou.

Speaking of which, Yuan Zhou did know about the Wu Rice, but he just didn't know the specific cooking method.

As there were still customers in the restaurant, Yuan Zhou didn't check it carefully. He just glanced over it roughly before he greeted the last few customers carefully.

Five minutes later,

The customers walked out of the restaurant one after another. Then, Liu Jianan who had been standing at the door became spirited immediately.

"Hoo... Fortunately it isn't so cold by the door." Liu Jianan breathed a mouthful of cold air and then walked into the restaurant.

"I'm sorry, but the business time for dinner has ended. Please come earlier next time." Seeing Liu Jianan walk into the restaurant, Yuan Zhou asked seriously.

"No, no, no. I'm not here for meals. I have eaten already." Liu Jianan said immediately.

Then, Yuan Zhou looked at him and spoke no more. Now that he was not here to eat, he was definitely here for drinking liquor. Therefore, he needn't do anything but wait.

"This young man comes for something." Master Cheng said.

"Yeah, yeah. I come to you for something, Boss Yuan." Liu Jianan said politely and courteously, which was all learned at Mr. Ma's home.

Since Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship was as superb as Mr. Ma, in Liu Jianan's eyes, his temper definitely wasn't better.

"What's the matter?" Yuan Zhou asked.

"It's like this. I want to invite you to cook a birthday banquet for my grandpa. Please." After Liu Jianan said that, he slightly lowered his head and looked straight at Yuan Zhou earnestly.

"Um, I refuse." Yuan Zhou answered cleanly.

On hearing "Um" at the beginning, Liu Jianan was suddenly stupefied by the refusal. Boss Yuan really refused cleanly.

"Here's the thing. If you have any demands, you can tell me directly. All your demands can be met. Please." Liu Jianan said again.

"No need. I refuse." Yuan Zhou said without the slightest hesitation.

"Well. Why don't you consider it?" Liu Jianan looked at Yuan Zhou with an expectant expression.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't even say a word of refusal this time. But his attitude was more apparent. He wouldn't consider it nor go there.

"That's fine. I'll come to you again tomorrow." Liu Jianan could do nothing but compromise and say so.

"I don't think that is necessary." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows slightly.

"Don't worry. I won't disturb you." After saying that, Liu Jianan turned and left right away showing a firm silhouette.

Seeing the young man walk out of the restaurant, Yuan Zhou wouldn't stop him from behind, thus he didn't say anything more. Anyway, the answer would still be "No" tomorrow.

The night passed very soon. Recently, Yuan Zhou had been cooking the Osmanthus Wine Stuffed Sticky Rice Ball for the breakfast. It was warm for the stomach, therefore even Wu Hai who didn't like sweet food wanted to eat some.

When Yuan Zhou was preparing the ingredients for sculpting after the breakfast time, he found his frequently-used radishes had been used up.

After a sound of "Hua La", Yuan Zhou shut the door and took the small cart, preparing to go to the vegetable market and buy some vegetables.

At that time, Yuan Zhou vaguely heard somebody say, "You are heading out to buy radishes, again."

"Um." Yuan Zhou answered habitually.

However, he suddenly remembered the person who lived beside him and often said this had gone. Boss Tong had left for several days.

"I'm still not accustomed to that." With a curve at the corners of his mouth, Yuan Zhou smiled and said.

Then Yuan Zhou went to the vegetable market and the sound of rolling wheels receded slowly.

The radishes were bought fairly quickly as he had done the same thing for quite a few times. Not long after that, he returned. From a distance, however, he found somebody was standing at the door of his restaurant.

"Lining up so early?" Yuan Zhou muttered and then walked close.

"Morning, Boss Yuan. You went to buy the radishes, didn't you? You can just hand this kind of petty things to me later. I can do a good job." It was naturally Liu Jianan who said that.

After Liu Jianan returned, he thought for a whole night and then found he really didn't have strong points. Thus, he prepared to do some work for Yuan Zhou. That way, he can probably touch Yuan Zhou's heart.

Consequently, he rushed over here early in the morning.

"I don't need you." Yuan Zhou shrugged off Liu Jianan's hand deftly and refused.

"Oh, okay. Let me help you attend to your radishes so that you can go to open the door." Liu Jianan stared at a bag of radishes solemnly and seriously.

Yuan Zhou felt speechless, but he didn't bring that out. Instead, he took his key and opened the door silently.

"Boss Yuan, actually my home isn't far from here. It only takes us about an hour to get here. Can you consider it?" Liu Jianan stood about 1 meter away from Yuan Zhou and said lightly.

However, Yuan Zhou had no reaction. After all, the more you got involved, the more trouble you got. This was Yuan Zhou's personal experience.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou only moved one chair there. As soon as he got seated, he started to sculpt with total attention. Meanwhile, Liu Jianan just closed his mouth at the side and looked at Yuan Zhou like that, waiting until he finished.

Once Yuan Zhou started, the process lasted two hours like that. Without saying anything, Liu Jianan just looked at Yuan Zhou carefully.

In his mind, he took it as a chance to know more about Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship. Therefore, he watched with great interest.