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525 Jiang Changxi’s New Problem

 The restaurant fell silent for an instant and then became noisy and clamorous again. People kept talking and enjoying the delicacies like before.

Yuan Zhou stared at the dishes in the pan earnestly and his arms slightly shook. Then, the Stir-fried Dongpo turned over evenly and beautifully in the pan.

Yuan Zhou's movements of tossing the pan were quite aesthetic. When he put forth his strength, his shoulders were slightly hunched; his arms were taut; and the outline of muscles were revealed on his wheat-colored skin. With his five fingers holding the panhandle strongly, he could toss the pan very evenly every time although the movement range wasn't really large.

And this was just the quick tips of tossing the pan that Yuan Zhou had mastered after he exercised repeatedly again and again. His movements were swift, effective, and beautiful like the floating clouds and flowing water.

Having been immersed in the cooking of the delicacies, Yuan Zhou naturally had no time to answer Liu Jianan.

Therefore, Liu Jianan just stood there still like a fool and felt a little puzzled.

"Hello, sir." Fortunately, he didn't need to wait too long. Zhou Jia spared some time to go up and speak to him courteously.

"Hello." Liu Jianan also answered courteously.

"Boss Yuan never talks about other things when he is cooking." Zhou Jia said politely.

"I see. Boss Yuan is really attentive." Liu Jianan sighed with emotion and didn't say anything else.

"Yes." Zhou Jia nodded the head.

"Then when does Boss Yuan have time? I'm really very anxious to ask him something." When Liu Jianan said that, he revealed sincerity in his eyes with a look of anxiety.

"The business time of our restaurant is two hours during noon, three hours in the evening and another three hours for the pub." Zhou Jia said carefully.

"Okay. Thank you." Liu Jianan raised his wrist and checked the time before he thanked her hurriedly.

"You are welcome." Zhou Jia shook her head and then continued to greet other customers.

"Then I'll wait for him outside the restaurant." After saying that, Liu Jianan ran out of the restaurant and then stood still at the door like a security guard.

"So many silly boys." Master Cheng sighed with emotion.

"It seems that you also succeed this way." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and appeared to harbor malicious intentions.

"Ahem Ahem. I'm different from him. I'm a guest-pupil approved by Boss Yuan." Master Cheng smiled patiently and said unhurriedly.

"But you are still a guest-pupil." Wu Hai said to the point.

On hearing that, Master Cheng turned his head and stared at Yuan Zhou's hands without even blinking. Without saying anything more, he just studied cooking seriously.

Yuan Zhou, who was now cooking earnestly, was nevertheless fully immersed in the delicacies and unable to extricate himself. At the other side, however, Jiang Changxi got a new idea.

She got a new idea to embarrass Yuan Zhou. Of course, she attributed the new idea to one of her assistants surnamed Yang.

"Special Assistant Liu, do we have a holiday for the lunar new year?" Assistant Yang blinked her big eyes and looked at the Special Assistant Liu beside her.

"Little girl, you start to think about holidays even before the holiday arrives?" Special Assistant Liu was a little older. When he heard that, he poked Assistant Yang's forehead and then said with a smile.

"No, I'm not. Director Jiang is always so busy that she hasn't been to Boss Yuan's restaurant for a few days." Assistant Yang fawned on her boss and said that.

"Humph. You really think too much." Special Assistant Liu patted Assistant Yang.

"As I see our work seems to be coming to the end, I gossiped a little bit." Assistant Yang stuck out her tongue to act cute and then said with an innocent expression.

"So you know this is just gossip, don't you? Don't worry. We'll go off work on time today." Special Assistant Liu rolled his eyes at Assistant Yang and said what she wanted to hear most.

"Amazing!" Assistant Yang immediately cheered.

"Keep your voice down, otherwise Director Jiang will hear that." Special Assistant Liu glared at Assistant Yang.

"Oh, okay. Do you know how many days will be given for the holiday?" Assistant Yang nodded her head continuously and then continued asking.

"Why do you want to know this? The holiday is still two months away." Special Assistant Liu said a little angrily.

"Sorry, I am just a little homesick." Assistant Yang said with a low voice.

"Alright. I can tell you in advance there are 7 days." Special Assistant Liu was older, but he was still single. He couldn't bear the younger Assistant Yang saying those words. Thus, he immediately surrendered and said that once he heard her answer.

"Great. I haven't eaten the food cooked by my mum for quite a long time. I miss it so much." Assistant Yang said with an expectant look.

"You know nothing but eating." Special Assistant Liu joked with her.

"Not really. I actually want to eat the Wu Rice. Sigh... It's been quite a few years." Assistant Yang contradicted that immediately. When she spoke again, however, she was still talking about the food.

"Wu Rice?" Special Assistant Liu asked curiously.

"Yeah, yes. It's way too tasty. Unfortunately, there's none in Chengdu. I have looked for it everywhere, but I heard from others that this plant never grows here." Assistant Yang nodded the head continuously.

"Can you cook?" This was what Special Assistant Liu cared about now.

"Sure. I specially learned that from my mum. I just need the juice squeezed from the fresh tips of the vaccinum bracteatum beans and then cook the beans just like the plain cooked rice. It's very simple." Assistant Yang said with great confidence.

"Really? So this dish of yours only has the juice of the fresh tips and the rice?" Jiang Changxi's clear and suspicious sound passed from behind them.

"Yes. Director Jiang. I'm sorry." Assistant Yang looked back and became flustered immediately. She stood up and dared not move anymore.

"Director Jiang, this is the meeting agenda required tomorrow and your schedule." Special Assistant Liu took up a document calmly and handed it to her.

"Well, okay." Jiang Changxi took the document and glanced over it quickly. Then she nodded the head to show consent.

"Then I'll make arrangement for this." Special Assistant Liu said immediately.

"Um. Is that Wu Rice you mentioned just now cooked in the way you described?" Jiang Changxi looked at Assistant Yang and asked seriously.

"I'm sorry, Director Jiang. I shouldn't have been absent-minded during the working hours." Assistant Yang lowered her head and apologized with a flush on her face.

"Never mind. Answer my question first." Jiang Changxi waved her hand and said so.

"Yes. Just like what you described just now." Assistant Yang nodded the head affirmatively.

"It doesn't grow here in Chengdu? And we can't even buy it?" Jiang Changxi knitted her brows and asked.

"No. I have been in Chengdu for six years ever since I studied in college. Never have I seen it." Assistant Yang said seriously.

"How do you know about the vaccinum bracteatum beans?" Jiang Changxi asked again.

"It's ..." Assistant Yang explained to her carefully and seriously.

"Ok, good. Get your work finished before getting off work today. Next time, remember to chat only after you finish your work." Jiang Changxi considered for a little while and then said.

"Got it." Assistant Yang nodded the head obediently.

"Alright. Everyone can get off work on time today. Anybody that finished his work can go now." Jiang Changxi clapped to attract everybody's attention before she said that.

Then, there was a burst of applause in the office. After all, they had worked overtime for several days."

After she announced that, Jiang Changxi returned to her own office in her high-heeled shoes emitting a sound of "Dong Dong Dong".

"Haha. Little Brat Yuan, you are toast. I found something good." Jiang Changxi revealed a victorious expression.

While Jiang Changxi tidied up her office and prepare to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Liu Jianan that had been standing still by the door also finally waited until the suppertime finished.