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524 Suggestions of the Former Royal Chef

 When Mr. Ma said those words of agreement, Liu Jianan was washing clothes for this old man like an obedient wife.

The courteous reception he received was far worse than that of Yuan Zhou. After all, he didn't have convincing cooking abilities, thus he had no choice but to work for him like a manservant.

"Who told you I would go with you?" Mr. Ma looked at Liu Jianan as if he were looking at a fool.

"But you agreed just now." Liu Jianan had been quite obedient after being lectured for so long. He said with a tone of grievance.

"Um. I did agree to your request." Mr. Ma's gaze was indicating that Liu Jianan became more foolish.

"Then what do you mean by agreeing?" Liu Jianan was smart this time and thus asked straightforwardly.

"You go to this place and find him. Let him cook." Mr. Ma threw a piece of paper to Liu Jianan.

On the paper was Yuan Zhou's address written with a vigorous and forceful handwriting. It was apparently written by Mr. Ma.

"What do you mean?" Liu Jianan revealed a look of puzzlement.

"His craftsmanship is no worse than mine." Mr. Ma snorted coldly and said.

"Probably, better than mine." Of course, Mr. Ma didn't say that out.

"Then...?" Liu Jianan felt perturbed. What should he do since there was only an address? Mr. Ma didn't tell him the name or phone number and didn't even tell him what relationship they had.

"You tell him at that time that it was me who requested you to go there." After saying that, Mr. Ma turned around and left with his hands clasped behind his back.

"Ok. Thank you, Mr. Ma." Liu Jianan was a little happy and also a little perturbed.

"Get out of here. You can't even wash the clothes clean." The way Mr. Ma answered him was even worse.

However, Liu Jianan only left after he washed all the clothes.

This was the reason why he appeared here now.

He had really sacrificed much in order to prepare a birthday present for his own grandpa.

"Ding". The silver machine emitted a slight sound and then there appeared a line of words.

[There are no more vacant seats for lunch today. Please come in the evening."

"Damn it. What the hell is it?" Liu Jianan looked at his own ID and the machine, revealing his discontented.

"Hey, don't be in such a rush. I haven't finished my words." Ma Zhida's voice came from a distance.

"Um?" Liu Jianan was still depressed. On hearing that, he looked at Ma Zhida with a stupefied expression.

"You come here." Standing beside his seat, Ma Zhida wasn't likely to go over to him. Therefore, he just waved his hand to Liu Jianan to give him a signal.

"What's the matter?" Liu Jianan came over to him obediently and asked him.

"I was just about to tell you there are definitely no seats at this hour of the day and you better come in the evening." Ma Zhida said that in one breath.

It was Liu Jianan's turn this time to look at Ma Zhida with an expression of "You are speaking nonsense."

"Young people are indeed too hurried." Ma Zhida sighed with emotion.

Ma Zhida was older than Liu Jianan by only two or three years, but because one was still a college student and the other had entered society, they naturally looked different.

"I'm sorry. I want to ask if you feel that the dishes here are delicious." Liu Jianan didn't really care about anything else except this question.

Of course, it was also the reason why he still didn't leave immediately when he saw Yuan Zhou's restaurant appearing so ordinary at first sight.

He was very clever. He prepared to try Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship personally and then invited him to cook for his grandpa's birthday party.

"You are simply speaking nonsense. Regarding Boss Yuan's dishes, the real problem isn't if they are delicious, but if you have the luck to eat them." Speaking of that, Ma Zhida really had to say.

It was known that even Ma Zhida himself couldn't get the dishes sometimes even if his company was very close to the restaurant. The reason was because there were too many people.

"What's the signature dish of this Boss Yuan?" Liu Jianan asked carefully.

"Signature dish? It seems you are really here for the very first time. Let me say this. I haven't seen a single dish that Boss Yuan can't cook well." Ma Zhida was quite proud when he said that.

"He's good at both Chinese dishes and western-style dishes." Having thought for a little while, Ma Zhida added.

"Thank you for telling me that." Liu Jianan thanked him very carefully and then left again.

"Damn it. This guy left again. I originally intended to teach him some skills to line up." Ma Zhida said regretfully.

However, Ma Zhida wanted to teach him the skills only because he was a talkaholic rather than anything else.

After Liu Jianan received the answer that he had wanted, he directly returned to the hotel nearby to sleep. On the way there, he grabbed a bite and prepared to taste Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship carefully in the evening.

After all, it was impossible for him to sleep well in Yanfeng Village with the living conditions there. He was a person who had been spoiled from childhood.

Having slept for a whole afternoon, Liu Jianan arrived at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant full of vigor. At that time, customers had started to line up there.

"Tsk! So many people." Liu Jianan went up hurriedly to line up.

"Why are you guys all lining up here instead of going to the door?" Liu Jianan asked, refusing to stay idle.

"We are lining up for the number tickets. The number tickets from 1 to 20 are only available five minutes before the restaurant commences business. The remaining tickets can only be received after business starts every day." It was the tall and slim man that maintained the order at the side who explained that.

"Oh, okay, okay." Liu Jianan nodded his head, indicating that he understood.

The procedures of lining up, receiving the number ticket, waiting and then entering the restaurant cost him almost one hour.

"It's really not easy to eat this meal." Liu Jianan signed with emotion when he sat in the chair.

"Hello. What would you like to eat?" The soft voice of Zhou Jia sounded by his ear.

"What are the signature dishes in your restaurant?" Liu Jianan naturally remembered Ma Zhida's words, but he still wanted to ask by himself.

"All dishes on the menu of our restaurant are the signature dishes of my boss." Zhou Jia explained gently.

"Is he so confident?" Liu Jianan pushed his glasses upward and said with a manner of disbelief.

"Just order whatever you like. What do you want?" Zhou Jia nodded the head and then said confidently.

"Okay. A bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup, a small plate of beef and a serving of Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork. That's all." Although Liu Jianan wasn't good at tasting, these few dishes were all his favorite and he could anyway distinguish if they were delicious right away.

"Alright. The total price is 1164RMB. We insist on payment first and food later." Zhou Jia reported the total price and then said.

"Alright." When he heard the price, Liu Jianan said with a seemingly calm look.

In his heart, however, he was greatly shocked as the amount was almost his half a month's living expense. When it occurred to him that the chef was at the same level with Mr. Ma, however, he didn't feel the dishes were expensive anymore.

In just a little while, the dishes were served to Liu Jianan one after another. After he started to eat, he totally forgot that he came here to check the taste. Instead, he just concentrated on eating his fill blissfully.

"Delicious. It's way too delicious." While eating, Liu Jianan still sighed with emotion.

There wasn't a lot of tasty food in Yanfeng Village. In his words, he had forgotten the taste of delicious food.

But now, the Clear Broth Noodle Soup was refreshing and chewy; the beef was spicy and hot as well fresh and delicious; the vermicelli in the Sautéed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork had an abundance of broth inside and the minced pork tasted incomparably fresh and palatable. As a result, Liu Jianan could do nothing but concentrate on eating.

Once he finished the meal, Liu Jianan wiped his mouth and said.

"Master Yuan, could you please come to my home and cook a birthday banquet for my grandpa? Please." Liu Jianan stood at the middle of the curved long table and said to Yuan Zhou with a resolute tone while looking at him.

Once he said that, he attracted the attention of all people in the restaurant. However, they just took a look at him before they turned their head back.

Apparently, they had all been used to such kind of requests.

After all, they would come across several rash fellows like that every few days in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.