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521 The Most Expensive Dish In History

 "I want a rigorous mission tip and reward tip." Yuan Zhou felt that such the reward tip this time wasn't cute at all and had too much of a contrast.

The system displayed, "The reward has been released."

"Fine. You still do not seem to repent." Yuan Zhou shrugged helplessly.

"Sanhua? It's really a strange name. Is it the one that I know of?" Yuan Zhou stroked his chin and considered for a while.

It didn't last more than 10 seconds before Yuan Zhou put down his hand.

"Forget it. The current dish is more important at the moment." Yuan Zhou emptied his mind and began to wash hands, preparing to cook.

Admittedly, the new reward indeed made him happy, but this new dish also required all his attention. Therefore, Yuan Zhou wasn't really anxious to check what exactly the Sanhua included.

Speaking of the new dish, Su Dongpo was a great name that could not be neglected in history. After all, half of the famous Dongjiang cuisines that Yuan Zhou had obtained from the lottery had something to do with this famous person.

In Yuan Zhou's opinion, he was a man that supported an entire regional cuisine alone.

"It is fortunate that I have mastered a series of banquet dishes." Yuan Zhou muttered to himself with a low voice.

At around noon, many people crowded at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. The number of people was even more than those yesterday.

"Head chef, can't that Boss Yuan give it a rest? Our business finally just got better. Then, this happened again." The plump chef looked at Li Li with a helpless expression.

"What do you think is that most expensive dish?" Li Li knitted his brows and looked at the plump chef.

"How would I know? It's probably a ploy." The plump chef said discontentedly.

"No, it isn't. Yuan Zhou is a serious person and he's not likely to do this. It's also unnecessary." The last sentence was uttered by Li Li with such a low voice that the plump chef didn't manage to hear it clearly.

"I heard from somebody that the most expensive dish in that person's restaurant is the Roast Goose, isn't that right?" With a sudden inspiration, the plump chef thought of that.

"The head chef from Goose Jin Xuan Hotel has even been there to challenge him." Li Li still remembered that matter.

"Well, yes. But he still lost." As he spoke about that, the plump chef sighed slightly.

Without saying anything, Li Li just nodded his head this time.

"I heard the head chef from the Goose Jin Xuan shut himself in the small kitchen for a whole week after he lost the match, saying he would start over." It seemed that the plump chef was also very nosy. He beamed with joy when he talked about that.

"Of course he can't make win since he is way too conservative." Li Li's comment was incisive and straightforward.

"Indeed. But that Yuan Zhou is quite tough. That old chef had spent his lifetime on the roast goose, but that Yuan Zhou beat him so easily and suddenly." The plump chef muttered with dissatisfaction.

"He's a talented man." Speaking of which, Li Li suddenly thought of Chu Xiao who was also talented.

"I am starting to think he had already taken up the spatula before he was born." The plump chef murmured indignantly.

"Alright. Go back to your own business." Li Li turned around and walked toward his restaurant.

"Okay. What's the main course for lunch?" The plump chef followed and asked.

"Now that they prepare to serve a new dish this evening, we must also provide a new one." Li Li's resolute voice came to him.

"Okay." The plump chef nodded continuously.

As for Yuan Zhou's restaurant, it was naturally noisy and clamorous. However, it was all toward Zhou Jia.

The customers all understood that Yuan Zhou was not only a compass but also a clamshell. Nobody could let him open his mouth; therefore, they targeted at Zhou Jia instead.

Fortunately, Zhou Jia was already used to that and thus agreed to answer them.

"Everybody, you guys can see the new dish in the evening. The price will be publicized at the same time."

However, until dinner time, Yuan Zhou was still wondering who exactly had said the dish this time was more expensive than all the other dishes.

Nevertheless, the customers that flooded into the restaurant didn't give him much time to consider.

"Huh? The new dish is Stir-fried Dongpo. What kind of dish is it?" A customer looked at the big menu and muttered.

"It's not the point. Isn't it said to be very expensive? But 788 RMB isn't really expensive." Another customer pointed at the price and said in surprise.

"Right on. How can they say it's expensive?" Man Man who followed subsequently also felt confused.

"How disappointing! I thought there would be a show to enjoy." Ling Hong was quite accustomed to this price.

"Jia Jia, a serving of Stir-fried Dongpo." Wu Hai still followed his usual principle of eating first.

"Yeah, yes. Get one serving for me, too. 788 RMB isn't a problem. I thought I would have to declare bankruptcy to eat it." Other customers also ordered this dish with heartfelt delight.

"Boss Yuan, didn't you say it will be the most expensive dish? Why is it only 788 RMB?" Ling Hong asked Yuan Zhou loudly.

"I'll tell you after you eat it." Yuan Zhou answered cleanly.

"Is it discounted?" Ling Hong hadn't eaten the All-Fish Banquet till now because it was still at a discount.

"No. That is the original price." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"Alright. Get one for me." Ling Hong shrugged and ordered one serving directly.

"It's made of an internal organ from pigs." Yuan Zhou said with a louder voice.

"An internal organ? Is it the large intestine?" Ling Hong suddenly figured out what it was.

"You are right." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Then forget it. Jia Jia, I want the Phoenix-Tailed Prawns, not the Stir-fried Dongpo anymore." Once he said that, some customers immediately changed the dish to others.

Large intestine of pigs, also known as the pig's offal, wasn't really enjoyed by everybody.

"It will be a dish that goes well with liquor." Ling Hong commented objectively.

"Why is the pig's offal the most expensive dish?" Then, the customers became more suspicious.

"Eat it and you will know." Yuan Zhou still answered simply.

"Alright. I also want one serving." It was a customer who didn't like nor hate it.

First and foremost, this thing must be very clean. The cleanliness in Yuan Zhou's restaurant was even visually visible, not to mention that it was cooked by Yuan Zhou himself.

"Don't worry. It's very clean," said Yuan Zhou. Then he turned around and started to stir-fry it.

Yuan Zhou had abundant confidence when he said that. What a joke! The ingredient was provided by the system. It was no exaggeration to say it was even cleaner than Yuan Zhou who bathed twice every day.

The system displayed, "This breed of hog is called Red River Hog. It belongs to the phacochoerus type and can be found in the area to the south of the Sahara Desert in the African continent and also amongst the forest and humid grasslands of Madagascar. It's about 100-150cm long with the tail being 30-40cm and weighs about 50-130kg. The hog is butchered by the system is the grown-up one that has barely reached 80gk and never mated."

"Red River Hogs are fierce, but they like eating plant roots, berry fruits, stem leaves and wild fruits. Besides that, they are also good at swimming. The system feeds the hog with a particular type of blueberry that has a refreshing flavor, the tender stems of artemisia seleirgensis, and the spring water from the mountains."

"The clean water from the deep pool is provided so that the hog can swim and exercise in it. Therefore, the hog carries a kind of herbal fragrance by nature."

"Well, it's definitely fed scientifically by you, anyway. For the whole large intestine, however, only this single part is most delicious. Where's the remaining pork?" Yuan Zhou was fairly curious about where other parts of the pork had gone since one hog could only provide that little amount of large intestine.

The system displayed, "This system has recycled it."

"Okay." Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of the pig that ate watermelons and the pig with the watermelon taste.

Now that it was raised in this way by the system, it presumably couldn't be cleaner.