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520 A New Dish And The Chef’s Association

 In this cold winter, Yuan Zhou was severely struck by Sun Ming's flamboyant words. Then, he decided to serve a new dish to relax.

"This dish feels good. That's it." Yuan Zhou closed his eyes and searched for a while in his mind and finally chose the dish.

After that, Yuan Zhou returned to his restaurant and prepared to eat it for his own lunch. He took it as the final inspection before being able to sell it and also as an examination of his craftsmanship.

"Wait. I can actually do this." When Yuan Zhou thought of the explanation of this dish, he suddenly figured out an evil idea. Then, he took out his phone and started to send a message.

"Ding Dong." Zhou Jia's phone emitted a clear and melodious sound of flowing water.

"Huh? It's actually a message from Boss Yuan." Zhou Jia entered her inbox quickly and began to read.

[I'm going to serve a new dish this evening. It will be the most expensive dish until now. Just informing you in advance] from Boss Yuan.

"Most expensive until now? Will my boss serve something again?" Zhou Jia appeared quite curious.

"Right. I better make it public in the group to inform them." Zhou Jia immediately thought of the gourmet group.

[Boss Yuan just informed that he would serve a new dish this evening. It's said to be the most expensive one throughout history. Can anyone guess what it is?] from Jia Jia.

[A new dish again? Not for lunch?] It was Wu Hai that changed his name every day.

[Most expensive? According to Boss Yuan's pricing policy, I feel my wallet is going to lose weight again. What a heartache!] from Shu Hua Qing Chun.

[Hey, Little Qing. What are you excited for? You are so wealthy anyway and need not worry about that. I am the one that is so poor that I have to worry if the dish is affordable] from Night Willow.

[Don't call me Little Qing!!!] The three exclamation marks from Shu Hua Qing Chun fully expressed his anger.

[Okay. You can choose one from Shu Hua, Qing Chun and Little Qing. Any of them. Yes, I'm that generous.] from Night Willow.

[Ho Ho. I prefer that you just call me Little Qing] Shu Hua Qing Chun sent a helpless expression in the group.

[I told you that you would definitely like this name. For the sake of such a beautiful name that I gave you, you are allowed to treat me to the new dish. No need to thank me for giving you this opportunity] from Night Willow.

[Ho Ho] By saying that, Shu Hua Qing Chun fully expressed his attitude to this ridiculous proposal.

[Don't change the subject. Now let's discuss what dish it is] From Man Man.

Once Man Man showed up, the attention on Yuan Zhou's new dish was immediately pulled back.

Nevertheless, Wu Hai was already offline. He didn't care what the new dish might be or how expensive it was at all. Either way, he could afford it. A wealthy man was qualified to be that calm.

The information about the new dish was soon publicized by somebody in the gourmet forum. Then, there appeared many discussions about this matter there.

After all, the dish served this time had quite a lot of many fancy tricks; therefore, it caused a heated discussion among many people.

Even Liu Mei, who only depended on her boyfriend to eat delicious dishes knew about this information.

"Honey, I heard the restaurant where we ate last time is going to serve a new dish." Liu Mei immediately gave a call to Tan Song.

"Wait for me to go visit you. Let's eat it together next time." Tan Song answered right away.

"That's not what I meant. The price is said to be very expensive, even more expensive than the total price of all the dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant." Liu Mei played the woman to her boyfriend.

"Never mind. Next month is your birthday. You can take my treat as your birthday present." Tan Song stroked his bleeding heart and said firmly.

"Is this the birthday present for me?" Liu Mei's attention had been diverted by the birthday present.

Rumors were just like that. Yuan Zhou said at the very beginning that this dish was most expensive among all dishes in his restaurant, but when it passed to others, it became most expensive in history. Well, there was quite a difference between the two statements.

However, Yuan Zhou totally had no idea that the influence would be so large. He was still cooking the new dish calmly in preparation for lunch.

At the other side, Zhou Shijie made an overseas call from his chairman office of the China Chefs' Alliance.

"Chu Xiao, this is Zhou Shijie." Zhou Shijie revealed his name once the call was put through.

"Hello, Chairman Zhou." Compared to his usual voice, Chu Xiao's voice today sounded lower by two degrees. It was probably because it was fairly late in France right now.

"It's time to register for the Chef's Association." Zhou Shijie said bluntly.

"Um. I can recommend a candidate and you can recommend one." Chu Xiao was also very frank.

"Are you really going to recommend Yuan Zhou to attend the association?" Zhou Shijie said solemnly and earnestly.

"That's right." Chu Xiao nodded his head at the other end of the phone.

"Aren't you afraid of being defeated by him?" There was a slight seriousness and humor in Zhou Shijie's tone.

"Don't be anxious to answer. I heard from Lee Yanyi that this young man has made progress again, big progress." Zhou Shijie continued saying.

"I won't be defeated." Chu Xiao didn't ask what kind of progress it was, but directly expressed his attitude.

"Haw-haw, good. It's good that you are so confident. I also feel that little brat is way too arrogant." Zhou Shijie burst into laughter.

"I am more arrogant." Chu Xiao said with a vague meaning.

"It's good that young people are arrogant as long as they are capable. Alright. Now that you decided to choose him as the candidate, I will also choose that brat." Zhou Shijie confirmed this matter and prepared to hang up the phone.

"You think I would lose?" Chu Xiao suddenly asked right before Zhou Shijie hung up.

"I wish there would be no defeats or victories between you two." Zhou Shijie didn't actually answer Chu Xiao's question directly, but said so.

"Alright. Understood." Then, Chu Xiao hung up the phone.

"There seems to be an enjoyable show." When Zhou Shijie said that, he was both expectant and worried.

The Chef's Association was an international exchange event between chefs. Ordinary people and chefs had never heard of that as this event was very small even though it was an international type.

Its full name was Exchange Event Seminar of Chef's Association. Whoever wanted to take part in the match must get recommendations from two or more referees. Moreover, the referees must have experience in taking part in the match and a certain degree of fame. Only when the two conditions were met will they be qualified to recommend others.

Coincidentally, both Chu Xiao and Zhou Shijie were qualified. The registration for the match had been started even though it would be held approximately one year later. The two of them both intended to recommend Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou neither knew about nor understood that he would step onto the international stage of chefs. Now, he was talking to the system.

Naturally, it was because of the reward suddenly released by the system.

The system displayed, "Congratulations, host. You have grasped the significance of being a chef by yourself. Now, a special reward is hereby released."

"Why is there a sudden reward again? Do you have any schemes?" Yuan Zhou's first reaction was actually of vigilance rather than happiness.

Thanks to the way the system rewarded Yuan Zhou yet with scams, Yuan Zhou always stayed alert.

The system displayed, "The reward is available now. Do you want to receive it?"

"Will it disappear if I don't receive it now?" Yuan Zhou asked cautiously.

The system displayed, "The time to receive the reward is valid forever. It can neither be covered nor accumulated."

"That's good. Can I just have a look at what the reward is now?" Yuan Zhou asked carefully step by step.

The system displayed, "Host, your level is not enough to do this. Please work hard to level up.

"All right. Are there any restrictions if I want to receive the reward?" This point was what Yuan Zhou cared about the most.

The system displayed, "No."

"Receive." Yuan Zhou said cleanly. He thought for a while and figured out that Boss Tong might have triggered the realization.

[Significance of being a chef] Grasping the significance of being a chef by yourself (finished)

(Mission tips: The tip is that there's no tip. You must grasp it by yourself.)

[Mission reward] a cooking method of Chongqing Sanhua① (available)

(Reward tips: Whoever eats the Sanhua will be able to know if it's delicious in an instant.)