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518 Tofu Pudding That Belongs to Boss Tong

 The matter of Boss Tong leaving still had some influence on Yuan Zhou. For example, he preferred making sculptures of a family of three more when he sculpted now.

However, those were all cute mascots or animals that seem all charmingly innocent. As a result, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was more welcomed by the kids.

"Mom, look! The small rabbit sculpted by this uncle today is so lovable." A boy who had just received the sculpture raised the radishes in his hand and said happily.

"Did you say thank you to the uncle?" The young mother patted the head of her son gently and asked smilingly.

"Thank you, uncle." The boy rolled his eyes and then immediately turned his head and thanked Yuan Zhou loudly.

"Don't mention it." Yuan Zhou felt a slight headache.

"I'm still young, you little brat." Yuan Zhou sighed in the heart.

"Uncle, is this a bird?" A little girl with a pigtail pointed at a sculpture of A Young Swallow Returning To Its Nest on the shelf and asked.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded. Then he took it down and handed it to her.

"Elder brother." Yuan Zhou suddenly said.

"Um?" The little girl tilted her head and looked at Yuan Zhou with a puzzled expression.

"Never mind. Here you are." Yuan Zhou withdrew the words "elder brother" that were at the tip of his tongue secretly and then said.

"Thank you, uncle." The little girl received the translucent radish sculpture and ran away happily.

In just a while, the sculptures on the shelf were all taken away by the children or females.

These kinds of situations basically happened every day as long as Yuan Zhou sculpted the radishes.

On the following day, however, Yuan Zhou started to grind the soybeans instead of sculpting after breakfast time ended. Of course, the soybeans had been soaked beforehand this time.

The inventor of tofu was Liu An, the Hua'nan King of the Western Han Dynasty. There was also a rumor that Yuan Mei in the Qing Dynasty even bowed three times in order to eat the tofu.

Jellied tofu was a half-completed product of tofu that existed in both the South and North. People in the South preferred the sweet taste while those in the south preferred the salty type.

What Yuan Zhou prepared to cook today was tofu pudding that was a little more hardened than the jellied tofu. In Beijing, it was also called hardened bean curd.

The tofu pudding from Leshan, located in the middle part of the Sichuan Province, was the most well-known. Not only the tofu pudding, but the dipping sauce was also very important.

Along with the sound of "Zhi Ya, Zhi Ya", Yuan Zhou rotated the millstone slowly. While doing that at the same speed, he added an appropriate amount of liquid which was a mixture of spring water and dew inside at the same time. Even in this warm restaurant, the water emitted a cool air.

"The tofu pudding will surely be tasty if cooked with that water. It will not only taste tender but also smooth." Yuan Zhou nodded satisfactorily.

After Yuan Zhou grounded the soybeans repeatedly and filtered the dregs out, he directly poured the remaining ingredients in the pot and started to boil them.

Yuan Zhou didn't really like using other kinds of broth to boil the tofu. He merely poured a little dew from the lotus leaves in order to remove the beany flavor. He had never thought of boiling tofu with the chicken soup like other big restaurants usually did as the taste of the chicken soup would contrarily affect that of the tofu.

"Little Yuan, I am here to eat." Boss Tong's hearty laughter resounded at the door.

"Aunt Tong, come on in, right this way." Yuan Zhou opened the countertop.

Yuan Zhou noticed that Boss Tong wasn't wearing the clothes that she had worn in the morning now. She should have changed her clothes. After all, the place where they were going to eat this time was the kitchen.

"Ah, it's the tofu pudding. This is really good." Once Boss Tong got seated, she saw the dishes on the table and then nodded with satisfaction.

"Yeah. Tofu Pudding and Braised Tofu With Vegetables Soup as well as beef." Yuan Zhou didn't prepare too many dishes.

There was only a meat dish, a vegetarian dish and a soup for the two of them.

"Enough, that's really enough. Even with the single tofu pudding, I could eat two bowls of plain white rice previously." Boss Tong said smilingly.

"Then let's eat now." Yuan Zhou also sat down and said gently.

"Yeah, let's eat. It's the time." Boss Tong nodded her head and reached out the chopsticks for the tofu pudding first.

When Yuan Zhou had meals privately after hours, he wasn't that particular about dishes. He had prepared nothing special this time, only a big celadon bowl. Inside it was the white and tender tofu pudding floating on the water surface. It was easily picked up by Boss Tong.

"The tofu pudding is quite tender." While Boss Tong said that, she immediately stuffed it into her mouth without even dipping it in the sauce.

One could feel it was a little scalding once it entered the mouth. As soon as Boss Tong took a bite, the tender tofu pudding broke into little pieces and emitted the intrinsic fragrance of soybeans in her mouth.

"The dipping sauce includes the mild soybean paste and the beef sauce. Try it." Yuan Zhou pointed at the two small plates on the table and said.

"Okay. You hurry up. The taste is really good." Boss Tong nodded her head. Then she picked the tofu pudding again with the chopsticks and started to eat without any need for politeness.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded.

Boss Tong had was used to eating alone, therefore she just ate silently instead of talking while having meals. And Yuan Zhou was also used to eating alone. The two silent people were just eating the dishes on the table without any words.

The bowl of tofu pudding was the first to be finished among the dishes. Just as Boss Tong had said, she easily ate up a bowl of plain white rice with only the tofu pudding.

After Yuan Zhou got half a bowl of the rice again silently, he ate some more beef along with the Braised Tofu With Vegetables Soup.

They had the meal very quickly. In no more than half an hour, the bowls and plates on the table all became clean.

"Tasty. The tofu pudding this time is even more delicious than the previous Sautéed Tofu." Boss Tong said contentedly.

"Well, as long as you like it." Yuan Zhou nodded his head humbly and meanwhile buried his suspicion deep in the heart.

"I have remembered the taste. Do treat me to this again next time." Boss Tong said smilingly.

"Of course." Yuan Zhou nodded solemnly.

"Okay. I am not going to disturb your business anymore. I'm leaving now." Having wiped her mouth, Boss Tong waved her hand and then left.

As soon as Boss Tong left, Yuan Zhou knitted his brows.

"Why did Aunt Tong say the tofu pudding this time is more delicious than the Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork eaten last time?" Yuan Zhou had been suspicious about this question just now.

With his current culinary skills, he was unlikely to make mistakes during cooking. Even if his culinary skills progressed slightly, Boss Tong wasn't a specialized food critic and thus she was unlikely to distinguish such minor differences.

"Is it because of the preference in taste?" Yuan Zhou stroked his forehead and thought carefully.

It should not be that. After all, Boss Tong didn't show any dislike for the Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork last time. Besides, Yuan Zhou was very clear that it wasn't the problem of the preference in taste.

"Then why?" Yuan Zhou frowned and thought carefully about the difference between cooking the tofu pudding and tofu.

After a little while, Yuan Zhou figured out where the problem lay.

"So that's why." Yuan Zhou suddenly realized the reason why Boss Tong said so.

Although it was also cooked with the freshly-ground tofu, when he cooked the Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork last time, it wasn't made specifically for Boss Tong. But this time, he made the tofu pudding just for Boss Tong and thus added a different proportion of water.

It was so easy to make tofu, which only required soybeans, water, and coagulant. However, the proportion of water varied from person to person.

Coincidentally, Yuan Zhou was a person who could distinguish customers' requirements at first sight.

"As expected. One can only reach the apex of perfection only if it is tailored to each individual. The tofu pudding today only belongs to Aunt Tong." Yuan Zhou looked at the empty bowls on the table and suddenly revealed a smile.

Sudden, Yuan Zhou covered his forehead and burst into laughter, "Haha. It seems that I am moving forward again on the way to becoming a Master Chef."