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517 Boss Tong Leaves

 It was 10:00 p.m. at the door of the hotel room where Tan Song lived.

"Honey, the dishes today are really super yummy. Thank you." Liu Mei looked at Tan Song smilingly and suddenly kissed his cheek.

"Well, as long as you like them." Tan Song stroked Liu Men's head and said with a doting tone.

"Yes, I do. Let's go there again next time when you receive your bonus, shall we?" Liu Mei said without the least hesitation.

"You decide. Let me send you back home now in case your mom starts worrying about you." Tan Song took Liu Mei's hand and went downstairs together.

As her home was near, Tan Song returned back to the hotel room in no more than 10 minutes.

"Hooo. I'm going to leave tomorrow." Tan Song was a little reluctant to leave when he thought of his girlfriend's smiling face.

While thinking of his girlfriend, Tan Song stared blankly for a while just like that.

"Oh, right. I still have work to do." Tan Song took out his phone quickly.

"It's simply everywhere, in the ranking list of favorable comments, the ranking list of delicacies, as well as the gourmet forum." Tan Song sighed slightly and then he started to give favorable comments on each ranking list.

While doing that, he ridiculed, "Now I finally understand where these favorable comments come from."

[Although it's a little complicated to line up, the dishes are unexpectedly super delicious. It's quite worth tasting] from Song Mei.

Song Mei was Tan Song's nickname on the internet. It was formed using the first names of Tan Song and Liu Mei.

"I'm really doing the work diligently." After Tan Song finished giving favorable comments on several ranking lists, he couldn't help but grumble.

After that, Tan Song continued.

[A simple dish like Egg Fried Rice could be cooked to such an extreme by the boss. The matching pickled radishes and seaweed soup are also a masterpiece out of this the world] from Song Mei.

That's right. When Tan Song waited until Yuan Zhou opened the restaurant and entered the door with Liu Mei, he was first startled by the price and then saw the various rules on the wall.

In the beginning, Tan Song still grumbled, "Who will be so foolish as to order two of the same food in a restaurant?"

Not long after that, however, he was severely slapped in his face. The reason was that they both ordered the Egg Fried Rice Set at the same time. For such delicious Egg Fried Rice, he could easily eat as much as five bowls, not to mention two bowls of that.

"It's really a weird and good taste. My goodness!" Tan Song couldn't help drooling when he thought of the taste of the Egg Fried Rice.

People who had good appetite and are good at eating could better understand that tasty feeling.

Leaving the delicious Egg Fried Rice aside, how could even the pickled radishes and seaweed soup be so delicious? It was as if he had never eaten any of them before.

Having been conquered by the delicacies in the end, Tan Song had to keep his word. Therefore, he went online to give favorable comments to Yuan Zhou's restaurant on each ranking list.

"Although I'm doing this willingly, the restaurant is way too famous." After he finished dozens of ranking lists, Tan Song couldn't help but support his forehead.

While Tan Song was giving favorable comments continuously over here, Yuan Zhou had fallen asleep soundly after business hours ended.

The next morning, Boss Tong came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant again.

"Little Yuan, are you there?" Once she entered the door, she asked.

"There you are, Aunt Tong. Have a seat, please." Yuan Zhou walked out of the kitchen and let Aunt Tong sit at the table for two.

"I have made up my mind to give the store to you. Don't refuse me." Yuan Zhou wanted to interrupt the moment Boss Tong finished her first words, however, he was stopped then.

"I am prepared to go out to wander a bit this time. At this age, I haven't been to many places yet, so I am just taking it as a travel." When Boss Tong said that, she revealed an expectant expression.

"Well, it's really not bad to go travel." Yuan Zhou nodded and agreed.

"But you can continue with your business after you come back." Yuan Zhou continued the discussion.

"No, no. I'm too old to continue with my business. As I don't have children, I decided to give it to you." Boss Tong waved her hand and looked at Yuan Zhou with an amiable gaze.

"Okay. Now that you want to have a rest, I can't stop you. Where do you prepare to live after you finish your travels?" Yuan Zhou asked a very practical question.

"You are young, but so meddlesome." Boss Tong chided him smilingly.

"Of course. I'm not a bully that forcibly occupies others' house." Yuan Zhou made a small joke.

"Based on your character, you definitely are not." Boss Tong burst into laughter and said hurriedly.

"You still have to tell me about your future plans." Yuan Zhou revealed a rare look of persistence.

"I did plan to tell you that I was going to the old folk's home. Many elderly people like me live there and I think we can talk about many things we have in common." When Boss Tong spoke of the old folk's home, she appeared calmly, without the slightest reluctance.

"Is it an old folk's home in Chengdu?" Yuan Zhou asked meticulously.

"Yeah, of course. Though it's not my hometown, it's better than my hometown. Where else shall I go if I don't come back here?" Boss Tong sighed yet without sorrow.

"Well, let me pay for the old folk's home. What do you think?" Yuan Zhou said with a resolute tone.

Boss Tong was like an elder of Yuan Zhou. Besides that, Yuan Zhou had lost all his relatives and even this familiar elderly neighbor would leave, Yuan Zhou naturally wanted to do something for her.

Moreover, Boss Tong had truly taken Yuan Zhou as her own boy.

Once Yuan Zhou said that, Boss Tong became dumbfounded. She looked at the determined look on Yuan Zhou's face and suddenly smiled.

Boss Tong revealed a relieved smile on her skinny face and then she said, "Okay. You pay for the old folk's home."

"Um. When are you going?" Yuan Zhou stayed silent for an instant and then asked.

"Just in a few days. I have nothing to take with me and just need a ticket." Boss Tong said lightly.

"Where to?" Yuan Zhou asked.

"I prepare to learn from the young and go on a spontaneous trip. I decided to follow the trend." Boss Tong appeared delighted and eager as if she were a kid who looked forward to traveling.

"Let me see you off." Yuan Zhou said seriously.

"No need. Why do you need to see me off for?" Boss Tong refused flatly.

"Then please come have a meal tomorrow. Let's have a meal together." When Yuan Zhou said that, there was a little hint of reluctance to let go of her in his tone.

"Okay. I will probably never go to your restaurant to eat unless you treat me due to the high price." Boss Tong said smilingly.

"Let me cook the tofu pudding for you. I remember you liked eating it." Yuan Zhou thought of Boss Tong's favorite dish.

"No problem. I'll come over here to eat at noon tomorrow." Boss Tong patted on Yuan Zhou's arm as if to comfort him.

"Um. I'll wait for you." Yuan Zhou nodded.

"Perhaps a lot will change a lot when I come back one day. However, it should be all because of you." When Boss Tong walked to the door, she looked at the bustling street and suddenly said while thinking about something.

"Yeah. You can come to eat again then." Yuan Zhou straightforwardly nodded and said immodestly.

"That's for sure." Boss Tong answered readily.

"Just remember my treat at noon tomorrow." It was rare for Yuan Zhou to repeat the same thing twice.

"Got it." Boss Tong walked into her own shop.

"Thank you." Looking at Boss Tong's back, Yuan Zhou said that softly with a voice that only he himself could hear.