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516 Give It A Negative Score!

 "Are you so confident?" Zheng Hui asked curiously.

"Of course. I found a good master this time to teach me." Li Wentong nodded.

"Okay. Let me have a taste." Zheng Hui took a mouthful of rice crust straightforwardly.

With the soft outside and crisp inside, the rice crust tasted fragrant and delicious as a whole. The broth was clear and refreshing and the taste of the rice crust was really not bad.

"Wentong, this is not the taste I want." Zheng Hui took a few bites continuously and shook her head smilingly.

"No? How could it be? I have tasted the broth. Although it's not as delicious as that served by Boss Yuan, it's unlikely to have that much difference." Li Wentong frowned and muttered.

"You try it by yourself." Zheng Hui picked up a piece directly and stuffed it into Li Wentong's mouth.

"Ka Ca Ka Ca". Li Wentong chewed it up and swallowed it down and then, he became more puzzled.

"I know it's not as good as that served by Boss Yuan on the aspects of softness, crispness and fragrance, but it can't have that much difference." Li Wentong said straightforwardly.

"The taste is indeed different from the one twenty years ago." Zheng Hui shook her head with a smile.

Just when Li Wentong was about to say something, Zheng Hui continued saying, "Although it's not that taste, I prefer this one to that one. Remember to cook it for me again the day after tomorrow."

The day after tomorrow was exactly their 20th wedding anniversary.

"Okay. As long as you like it." Li Wentong nodded and agreed.

Then, Zheng Hui started to nibble the Green Jade Rice Crust in front of her. Even if it was different from the taste in the memory, Zheng Hui ate it quite happily and attentively.

The most difficult thing to duplicate is taste in one's memories. However, this bowl of Green Jade Rice Crust in front of her now covered the previous rice crust.

"Wentong, it's fairly tasty." After Zheng Hui ate it up, she revealed a smile on her face.

"Um." Li Wentong nodded her head.


"Have you learned to cook it since you weren't here for the past two days?" The voice of Master Cheng interrupted Li Wentong's reminiscence.

"Yes, I have. So I specifically came today to thank Boss Yuan." Li Wentong said courteously.

"No need. I never taught you anything." Yuan Zhou said cleanly.

"Indeed. You just didn't stop me from copying you." Li Wentong echoed smilingly.

"Haha. This description is impressive." Master Cheng stroked his plump face and burst into laughter.

"Ahem." Yuan Zhou raised his hand up to cover his mouth and then coughed.

"What's wrong with you, Master Yuan? Are you sick?" Master Cheng asked anxiously.

"Boss Yuan, if you are sick, you need to go buy some medicines quickly. I won't bother you anymore." Li Wentong also said courteously and considerately.

"Never mind. I'm going to prepare the ingredients for supper." Yuan Zhou was a little speechless, but he still said that calmly with his stiff face.

"Master Yuan is really dutiful in preparing the ingredients at this time of day." Master Cheng looked at Yuan Zhou's complexion carefully and found that he didn't look sick. Only then did he say that admiringly.

"He might merely have choked. Boss Yuan is indeed a great master." Li Wentong nodded his head to show his consent.

Yuan Zhou turned around and almost really choked.

"Is it said that once people in power cough, their subordinates can all grasp his meaning? Why did they say I caught a cold or choked when I did the same?" Yuan Zhou ridiculed speechlessly in the heart.

"It's definitely because these two people have a low EQ and can't grasp my meaning." On second thought, Yuan Zhou figured out the reason.

That's right. Yuan Zhou coughed just to indicate it was merely a piece of cake and he indeed had superb culinary skills. Well, it was as simple as that.

"Meimei, I heard this restaurant serves delicious dishes." Tan Song guided Liu Mei to walk toward Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"How long did it take for you to find it this time?" Liu Mei tweaked Tan Song's face and asked with a naughty tone.

"I have practiced looking for restaurants so much and for this one, I just used one day." Tan Song said proudly.

"Yeah yeah. You are always right." Liu Mei echoed smilingly with her eyes curved.

"Let's taste it first. If it's not delicious, we change to another one. It's said that a western restaurant around here also serves delicious dishes." Tan Song stroked Liu Mei's head and said seriously.

"Um. Anything you find is tasty." Liu Mei answered with a smile.

While walking and talking like that, they arrived at Yuan Zhou's restaurant very soon.

Looking at the seemingly shabby restaurant, Tan Song found it really hard to relate this place to a big wealthy hotel that spent much money on ballot rigging in various ways on the Internet. It didn't even look as splendid or impressive as the neighboring restaurant, Masterwork Nonsuch.

"Why do I feel that it is that restaurant rather than this one that has sufficient money for ballot rigging?" Tan Song muttered to himself.

"Um?" Liu Mei looked at her boyfriend with puzzlement.

"Never mind. This restaurant is said to be tiny, but serves delicious dishes." Tan Song said unwillingly.

"Well, it indeed looks good. It feels very clean." Liu Mei didn't have too many expectations, thus she wasn't as disappointed as Tan Song.

"Okay." Tang Song nodded his head and decided to secretly to take his girlfriend to the western restaurant in front to eat shortly in order to compensate her.

"Let's go and see if there's anything delicious." Liu Mei prepared to walk inside happily.

"The business hours haven't commenced yet. We have to wait." At that time, a woman that had been seated at the side suddenly told them.

"Huh? But it is four now." Liu Mei asked with puzzlement.

"This boss has a strong sense of time. He won't start to do business until the last minute." The woman still answered seriously this time.

It was the painter for plant science that had been here once, Zhao Jing.

"How do you know?" Tan Song knitted his brows.

"I was just stopped." Zhao Jing shrugged and said helplessly.

"Such a small restaurant surprisingly dares to stop its customers? With such an attitude to the customers, it must have got its rank by ballot rigging." Tan Song ridiculed ferociously in his heart.

"Interesting. He seems to be a boss of distinctive character." Liu Mei said brightly.

"Um. Indeed distinctive." Tan Song said with irony when he said that.

"Then let's wait here." Liu Mei said in an unworried manner, preparing to eat by then.

"Okay." Tan Song nodded his head.

Liu Mei didn't really feel strange about Yuan Zhou's rules. She just felt it quite interesting. After all, Tan Song had once taken her to eat at a barbecue stall.

The boss of that barbecue stall was more impressive. Customers knew nothing about when and where the boss would show up, as if he were a ghost. They could do nothing but try their fortune. That could really be considered capricious.

However, the boss of the barbecue stall just did the business out of interest. The taste of the barbecue was actually very common. It was only his way of doing business that appeared interesting. Therefore, the barbecue business was pretty good.

"You better wait in line. We have to swipe our ID to get the number later." Zhao Jing reminded them warmly.

"Swipe ID?" Tan Song frowned and asked with puzzlement.

"Yeah. Just to keep the line in order." Zhao Jing pointed at the silver queuing machine at the side.

"Huh? It's so much like the one in the bank." Liu Mei turned around the queuing machine and looked quite curious.

"Indeed." Zhao Jing nodded her head.

"Can I swipe the ID now?" Tan Song asked carefully.

"No, not until ten minutes before the restaurant opened." What Zhao Jing said now had all been told by Yuan Zhou just now. She just retold that to Tan Song.

As for why she answered them whenever they asked, it was because Yuan Zhou generously allowed her to take a photo of another kind of algae in the wall landscape just now. Well, it was also because Yuan Zhou's culinary skills were really awesome.

To be frank, Zhao Jing recalled the Egg Fried Rice Set that she had eaten last time.

"Alright." Tan Song appeared indifferent on the surface, but ridiculed ferociously in the heart.

"Just wait. If it's not delicious, I will give you unfavorable comments until your scores became negative." Tan Song's dislike for Yuan Zhou's restaurant became even stronger.

After all, customers had to swipe their ID to line up and the restaurant was only open at a fixed time, which were all defects in Tan Song's opinion. He still insisted that Yuan Zhou got a high rank by paying money to rig the ballots...