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514 Master Cheng’s Suggestion

 "Master Yuan, do you need help?" Master Cheng knew Yuan Zhou didn't like being bothered, thus he said actively.

"No need." Yuan Zhou thought for a second and refused him.

At the side, Zhou Jia just watched them silently and didn't intend to interrupt. When she heard that Yuan Zhou wasn't in need of help, the worried expression on her face faded. Then, she began to hand over her tasks to Shen Min who had just arrived.

As the business time of the pub approached, Yin Ya and her director arrived along with Mr. Qin.

Upon entering the door, Yin Ya first looked at Yuan Zhou and revealed a sweet smile while Yuan Zhou just nodded to her primly with his usual stern face.

"Hi, Mr. Yuan, Chef Yuan." Mr. Qin went up enthusiastically to greet him this time.

"Hello." Yuan Zhou stood in the kitchen and answered earnestly.

Of course, it was still his usual prince charming expression on his face. Well, you can also say it was his usual paralyzed facial expression.

"Boss Yuan, are you interested in opening a branch store for your pub?" Mr. Qin asked with courtesy.

"No." Yuan Zhou said frankly.

"Here's my plan. In this branch store of your pub, we only need to recruit some waiters. For the liquor needed, you can send it from here by air. Actually, SF Express can do this work very well for you. You needn't bother to manage the branch store. I can provide the store and the management." Mr. Qin began to explain the advantages of the branch store with fluency.

"Once we have the store, the waiters and the manager, business will be very good after we get your liquor. Then, you need to do nothing but receive money. It simply the win-win cooperation, right?" Mr. Qin appeared fairly fervent.

"Sorry, I don't intend to open a branch store, no matter if it's a branch restaurant or a branch pub." Yuan Zhou brought out his words of refusal in one breath.

"Why don't you ask about the profit sharing? You can get 60% of the net profit while I get 40%." Mr. Qin had indeed made a concession.

"No need." Yuan Zhou frowned.

"Alright. But I still have to say you liquor is really delicious. I really hope I can drink it anytime in my city." Mr. Qin said regretfully.

"Shen Min, take our customers upstairs." Yuan Zhou nodded to express his understanding and then he turned his head and said to Shen Min.

"Okay. Everybody, please follow me." Shen Min then brought them to the second floor of the pub.

Then, Yuan Zhou just sat down on his special chair and stared blankly.

Silence reigned everywhere in the restaurant. After quite a while, Yuan Zhou suddenly said loudly, "If Boss Tong quits her dry cleaning business, what shall I do with my clothes?"

That's right. Yuan Zhou was incapable of washing clothes. And in this side street, Boss Tong's dry cleaning shop was the only one that existed.

"System, do you have equipment that can wash my clothes automatically?" Soon, Yuan Zhou thought of the system to solve the problem.

After all, the system often cheated him, too.

The system displayed, "Not really."

"System, aren't you omnipotent?" Yuan Zhou said with a tone of contempt.

The system displayed, "This system is the Master Chef System and only provides things related to the culinary skills."

This answer happened to fit in exactly with his wishes.

"Of course, clothes washing has something to do with the culinary skills. Look! My chef uniforms are the made-to-order Chinese Han Clothing and I need to keep them clean, right? Otherwise, it's a dereliction of duty to the customers. Besides, my hands also need to maintain their utmost sensitivity in order to distinguish the precious ingredients. Am I right?" Yuan Zhou said primly.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"So clothes washing indeed has something to do with the culinary skills, right? It's not worth it if my hands get wounded while I wash the clothes. It's irresponsible for me to wear dirty clothes, not just because of the customers but also to the premium food ingredients." Yuan Zhou said in excitement.

As if all he had said was not merely to get out of washing clothes.

The system displayed, "There's a laundromat about 3.1km away from the host. Compared with other laundromats, their service is the best."

"Ho Ho." Yuan Zhou was made speechless.

However, Yuan Zhou wouldn't give up so easily, thus he continued, "But what about the bacteria? They definitely will not be as clean as those washed by Aunt Tong.

The system displayed, "It's considered to be a part of this restaurant; therefore, it will be sterilized automatically. So, don't worry, host."

"Okay. Got it." Yuan Zhou indicated that he was very unhappy right now.

Because he didn't succeed in cheating the system. Having solved the problem, however, he wasn't in a bad mood.


During the suppertime on the next day,

"Hi, Boss Yuan." Li Wentong went up and greeted him courteously.

"Um." Yuan Zhou only nodded his head without saying anything more.

"What do you want to eat?" Zhou Jia revealed a professional smile.

"100 Styles of Rice Cuisines. One serving of Green Jade Rice Crust and one serving of Jinling Grass." Li Wentong ordered the same dishes that he had ordered yesterday.

"Alright. Wait a minute, please." Having confirmed the receipt of the money, Zhou Jia immediately reported the dishes.

This time, Li Wentong obtained a good position, a place where he could clearly see how Yuan Zhou cooked in the kitchen. This included his hand movements and the ingredients, of course.

"It's surprisingly five minutes slower today compared to yesterday?" Li Wentong paid a lot of attention to time. He checked the time when the dishes were served and then thought in his heart.

"The taste remains the same." Li Wentong smelled them and said contentedly.

Since the taste and appearance were all satisfactory, Li Wentong did not care much about the time. In his opinion, it might have something to do with the amount that he ordered.

After he finished, Li Wentong waited at the side as usual for Yuan Zhou until the business time ended.

Then he asked again. Of course, the answer this time was still no.

"Then sorry for disturbing you, Boss Yuan. I will come again tomorrow and I hope you can consider this suggestion carefully." As usual, Li Wentong said that and left.

Just as expected, Li Wentong basically came to Yuan Zhou's restaurant punctually, ordered the same dishes, finished the meal, waited for Yuan Zhou to close the restaurant, asked the same question and got the same answer on the third, fourth and fifth evening.

On the sixth evening, Li Wentong said sincerely and courteously again, "Boss Yuan, the Green Jade Rice Crust has a special significance to me. I hope you can teach me."

"I never take disciples." Yuan Zhou felt rather helpless in his heart, but on the surface, he contrarily said solemnly.

"Then..." Li Wentong was interrupted by Master Cheng when he prepared to continue saying.

"Are you really so stupid? Can't you recognize it at all?" Master Cheng felt this person was incurably stupid.

"I'm sorry. What do you mean?" Instead of getting angry, Li Wentong just frowned and asked.

"You come over here every day. I think you should have already learned the cooking method just by watching and there's no need to teach you specially." Master Cheng pointed at the open kitchen and said in exasperation.

Standing at the side, Yuan Zhou didn't utter anything. However, he made really gave many thumbs-up gestures to what Master Cheng had said in the heart.

"You mean I can just watch him cook like this?" Li Wentong had understood Master Cheng's meaning, but was still a little puzzled.

Li Wentong tried the way the first day he was here. As Yuan Zhou cooked extremely fast, he failed to master that just by watching, not to mention that he didn't really have the talent of culinary skills and he could cook nothing but Fried Eggs With Tomatoes.

"Nonsense. Boss Yuan slowed down obviously when he cooked the rice crust. Didn't you see?" Master Cheng said with a rather dissatisfied tone.

"Thank you, Boss Yuan. Thank you, Master Cheng." After thinking about it, Li Wentong realized that the time he spent on waiting for the dishes had indeed become longer these few days. Now he finally understood the reason.

"The dinner time of this restaurant will end now. Please come early tomorrow morning." Yuan Zhou didn't answer him but just started to drive him away straightforwardly.

"Boss Yuan, I will come again tomorrow. Thank you." Li Wentong thanked him sincerely and whole-heartedly.

Yuan Zhou nevertheless sighed with emotion in the heart, "It's really not easy to be a prince charming..."