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511 Boss Tong’s Worry

 Though Jiang Changxi said she would go to visit Yuan Zhou, she didn't meann going the following day. It was several days later when she went there. Yet, she didn't expect Li Wentong to head to Yuan Zhou's restaurant the next evening as well.

However, Yuan Zhou had no idea of that. He was now in a state of puzzlement.

After lunchtime ended, Yuan Zhou had barely moved the chair out and prepared to sculpt in the sun when he stopped by Boss Tong.

"Little Yuan, sculpting again?" Boss Tong directly walked out of the counter this time. She stood by the door and looked at Yuan Zhou.

"Yes. Aunt Tong, you should wear more. It's cold." Yuan Zhou looked at the light clothing and reminded her.

"Never mind. The weather is not bad. It's sunny." Boss Tong shook her head and didn't really care about it.

"Aunt Tong, if you are not busy with your business, come on in and have a seat. It's getting windy and a little cold." Yuan Zhou rubbed his hands together and showed her the open door.

When Yuan Zhou said that, he appeared quite natural as if he had said that because he felt cold. Furthermore, he seemed to have totally forgotten about the matter of sculpting outside just now.

However, Boss Tong just smiled and agreed straightforwardly.

"Okay. There are not many customers at this time of day. Let me go inside and have a seat." With the wrinkles on her face crinkling, Boss Tong looked very glad.

"Zhi Ya"Yuan Zhou pushed the glass door open and let Boss Tong in before he followed her into the restaurant.

As soon as Boss Tong entered the restaurant, she looked around first and then took a seat beside the table for two.

"Little Yuan really keeps the store clean and arranges it beautifully." Boss Tong sighed with emotion.

"Thank you. Your store is arranged even neater than mine. There are all clean clothes in your store." Yuan Zhou joked with her mildly.

Yuan Zhou didn't like dealing with people because he didn't want trouble. However, this Boss Tong was his elder that had helped him a lot. As soon as he saw her just now, he knew she wanted to tell something. Therefore, he naturally chatted with her to relieve the atmosphere and let Aunt Tong relax.

"Haha, yeah. You still can't wash clothes." Boss Tong smiled with a teasing look.

"But that is because you are here to wash them for me." Yuan Zhou didn't really care about Boss Tong's joke and said cooperatively.

"I can still wash them for now, but I'm getting older and older. Little Yuan, you should marry as soon as possible so that you two can have a future." Boss tong looked at Yuan Zhou with the benign gaze as if she were looking at her own boy.

"Boss Tong, don' you want to continue your dry cleaning business?" Yuan Zhou didn't answer the latter part of her words, but just frowned slightly and asked.

"No, I don't want too. I'm getting older and don't want to continue the business anymore. I am prepared to travel around. When I have to stop, I will stop then." Boss Tong revealed a smile on her face and said frankly.

"It's great to travel around. Just take care of your health." Yuan Zhou stayed silent for a while and then said.

"I have worked hard all my life and want to have a rest now, but I just can't persuade myself to close the store. I don't want to beat around the bush. As the business in this side street is all brought over by you, I want to give the store to you." Boss Tong said that straightforwardly and simply as if she wasn't gifting something important to another.

"Of course, I will be very glad if you can sell it to me. I can pay you 1.5 million RMB through bank transfer." Without much consideration, Yuan Zhou agreed readily.

Even if it was of no use to him for now and he didn't know what it could be used for later, he still gave her an affirmative answer.

"How can you say that? I'm not talking about the money." Boss Tong said harshly.

"Aunt Tong, I know you always take me as your own child, but I cannot receive it without paying. If you want to travel and have a look, why not travel to more places? Then, I can be at ease, or at least, I can feel relieved. How about it?" Yuan Zhou wasn't good at speaking, but he could always get to the point.

"You will feel at ease? But I'm not at ease if you do so." Boss Tong knitted her brows and revealed a look of dissatisfaction on her skinny face.

"Look at the prices on the wall and you'll know that I can afford it." Yuan Zhou pointed at the menu smilingly and said that.

"Yes, I know. You are an honest person and use quality ingredients, thus the cost is high. So the prices are fairly reasonable." Boss Tong appeared quite supportive of him.

Ever since Boss Tong ate once in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, she knew that Yuan Zhou used very good ingredients.

"So you don't need to worry. Coincidentally, my restaurant is too small and I want to enlarge it." Yuan Zhou said sincerely.

However, he added in the heart, "It depends on when I can level up."

"Let's stop here. I won't accept your money." Boss Tong refused flatly. Then she stood up and prepared to leave.

"Okay. Aunt Tong, at least tell me when you are going to leave. Let me see you off." Yuan Zhou stood up and opened the door for her hurriedly.

"Got it." Boss Tong waved her hand and then returned to her own store.

"Who can tell me what's wrong with Boss Tong? Is she prepared to go on a trip alone?" Yuan Zhou didn't reveal any expression of surprise, but he was actually quite astonished.

In Yuan Zhou's impression, Boss Tong wasn't a native of Chengdu, but she had been running this dry cleaning shop here for quite a long time. She was always alone, even on Chinese New Year or other festivals. Yuan Zhou also heard from his parents that Boss Tong didn't have other relatives.

It surprised him a lot when he heard that Boss Tong surprisingly wanted to gift this store to him.

It was known to all that business was so good on the side street that the overall price of each store more than doubled. Some people had indeed offered a good price for Boss Tong's dry cleaning store, but they were all declined by her.

Even Yuan Zhou had seen that before.

After all, the dry cleaning store was next to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Another neighboring store had been taken by Yuan Zhou to be the backyard of the pub. In front of the store was the high-end western restaurant where Li Li worked. Therefore, the current place of Boss Tong's store was the best at the moment.

Leaving others aside, the business couldn't be better if the store was renovated into a tea house where people could drink while waiting for seats in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. After all, it was just next to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. People just needed to crane their neck to see the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

For that whole afternoon, Yuan Zhou didn't sculpt. He just sat there for that afternoon and kept thinking why Boss Tong suddenly wanted to quit her business and even intended to give him the store for free.

When he reacted in the end, it was almost dark. It was the time for dinner time to start.

"How rare for me to slack on the job today. Sigh! It turns out that I am too diligent during normal times." Yuan Zhou said proudly.

"Good evening, boss." Zhou Jia breathed out some hot air to warm her hands and then asked politely once she entered the restaurant.

"Um. By the way, there will be another girl working with you during the daytime on winter vacation." Yuan Zhou said primly.

He behaved normally and did not seem like someone who had almost forgotten this matter, acting as if it were quite normal to inform her right now, even if Mu Xiaoyun had told him about that nearly a week ago.

"Of course, that is great. But there originally isn't much work in the restaurant for me. Boss, is there anything I am not doing well?" Zhou Jia asked carefully.

In her opinion, the work was way too easy. She just needed to greet the customers and sometimes, didn't even need to carry dishes, let alone the work of tidying up the plates.

"Mu Xiaoyun will be only doing her part-time job in the winter vacation." Yuan Zhou didn't think too much, but just told her something about Mu Xiaoyun.

"Um. Got it." Zhou Jia nodded her head earnestly.

As for whether they had the same understanding or not, only God might know.