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510 Why Are You Everywhere?

 "The ranking lists nowadays don't seem so reliable anymore." Tan Song shook his head helplessly.

In his opinion, however good a restaurant was, there were surely unfavorable comments. After all, you can never make everybody satisfied. Even for RMB, some people didn't like it, not to mention a restaurant that served delicacies. There were always different taste preferences.

Tan Song flipped the websites quickly on the phone and then opened a forum website.

Coincidentally, this website was the gourmet forum that Yuan Zhou's brother Sun Ming often visited.

Now that it was this gourmet forum, there was nothing to say. Operated by Sun Ming for a long time, this forum had become a seminar on the delicacies of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Any kind of recommended delicacies would be compared by people with those served in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

Yuan Zhou's restaurant had almost become a benchmark. For example, this dish was inferior to Yuan Zhou's restaurant by one level and that dish was inferior to Yuan Zhou's restaurant by two levels.

It was even said that dishes inferior to Yuan Zhou's restaurant by less than 3 levels were worth tasting carefully.

In the circumstances that the compliments were all about Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Tan Song suddenly remembered about Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Isn't it the one that was rated as the first in the high-end restaurant recommendations through ballot rigging?" Tan Song suddenly thought of the restaurant recommended to him on his phone when he came to Chengdu.

"I've never expected that even this forum has also been occupied. How wealthy is the boss of this restaurant and how much money he has spent on the ballot rigging?" Tan Song knitted his brows and said discontentedly.

Then, he continued to read the next ranking list.

"I just don't believe it. Let me look at the most economical ranking list." Tan Song ridiculed while facing the phone.

However, he failed to attain his aim the moment he opened the ranking list. The first in the ranking list was still Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

With a determination to find satisfying delicacies and not to see Yuan Zhou's restaurant again, the stubborn guy, Tan Song, continued flipping the websites.

However, Yuan Zhou's restaurant basically occupied the first place in all ranking lists no matter it was about the most high-end, most economical, most delicious, most featured, or the smallest.

"Damn it! Why are you everywhere? Is it because of your lingering spirit or because I have dim eyesight??" Tan Song reached out his hand to cover his forehead and had to give up helplessly in the end.

"You win. Let me take Meimei to try your dishes some other day. If it isn't tasty, I will go to every ranking list to give negative feedback. 100% for sure." Tan Song looked at Yuan Zhou's restaurant on his phone and said harshly.

Having been forced to read so many compliments of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Tan Song finally washed up and went to sleep. On the other side, the pub of Yuan Zhou's restaurant was also going to close soon.

It was Yin Ya rather than Shen Min that stayed to the end this time.

"It's quite late. Go back earlier." Yuan Zhou stood in the kitchen, looking at Yin Ya, and said to her.

"Um. Not going to sleep?" Yin Ya looked at Yuan Zhou and asked softly with slight blush behind her ears.

"Not yet. I'm waiting to close the door." Yuan Zhou said naturally.

"Oh, I'm leaving." Once she heard Yuan Zhou's words, Yin Ya became speechless instantly. Then, she turned around stiffly and prepared to leave.

"Take care." Yuan Zhou took a step forward and reminded her gently.

"I know. Thank you for today." When Yin Ya walked to the door and heard Yuan Zhou, she paused for an instant and then said.

"You are welcome." Yuan Zhou answered her immediately.

Although he didn't know why Yin Ya thanked him, he heard from others that he needed to do nothing but echo her no matter what a woman said.

Nonetheless, Yin Ya went away in her high-heels helplessly.

Having seen Yin Ya off, Yuan Zhou shut the door after a sound of "Hua La".

"Women are really hard to understand." Yuan Zhou did recognize that Yin Ya wasn't happy for a moment, but he didn't understand that.

"I'd rather go to see Broth. This little thing has a fascination toward female dogs but simply isn't like a dog." Yuan Zhou thought of the dog Broth that had stayed where the trash bin was these few days.

Yuan Zhou carried the noodle broth on the table and opened the back door. There, Broth was standing still.

"You little thing, I see you waiting here every day, but I have never seen you drink." Yuan Zhou poured the noodle broth into its bowl and said angrily.

"Woof woof." Broth barked at Yuan Zhou as if it were dissatisfied with Yuan Zhou's complaint.

"Hey hey hey. Now you are eating and using all my things. And you are even supporting another dog over there now. Do you think I don't know about that? How dare you bark at me?" Yuan Zhou looked at Broth in surprise and said that.

After barking, however, Broth directly held its own bowl in his mouth and walked away steadily step by step.

"You brat, you surprisingly use the food I prepare for you to feed another dog." Yuan Zhou murmured angrily and then he turned around and closed the back door. What remained unseen was deemed to be clean.

As for Broth, it just turned a deaf ear to him. Just like Yuan Zhou didn't know why Yin Ya got angry, it didn't know why Yuan Zhou was so naive, either. It had always laid in front of Yuan Zhou's restaurant every night to safeguard it.

"Woof woof". Broth set down the bowl at the right place and barked softly.

After a sound of "Xi Xi Suo Suo" from the shadowy place, a thin and weak dog walked out. As soon as it saw Broth, it dashed up happily. Only after it nudged Broth's head with its own did it lower its head and drink the noodle broth provided by Yuan Zhou.

Broth just lay down prone on the ground and watched the weak dog drinking the noodle broth quietly.

"Sleep early and get up early. Then I can have a healthy body." After taking a shower, Yuan Zhou lifted up his clothes to look at his own clear-cut abdominal muscles and said complacently to himself in the mirror.

"I will have eight muscles one day." Yuan Zhou wiped his hair and walked to his own room in slippers.

"Well, I will also get a girlfriend." When Yuan Zhou was alone, he liked fantasizing the happy life after he got a girlfriend.

At the other side, Jiang Changxi, who had evolved into a "three lost" woman from a maiden, received a phone call at midnight.

"Hello, Manager Jiang. This is Li Wentong from Shengshi Group." On hearing the name, Jiang Changxi slightly raised her eyebrows and then said.

"Hello, Manager Li. Why are you calling me so late for?" Jiang Changxi asked directly.

Of course, Jiang Changxi knew this Li Wentong. He was also a businessman like her. And he was rumored to be a tough guy that started from scratch. However, they weren't familiar with each other.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you so late, Manager Jiang, but I really have something private to ask you." Li Wentong sounded cultured and sincere.

"It doesn't matter. Manager Li, just ask me." Jiang Changxi answered carelessly while unravelling her hair.

"I heard that you once took Miss Leyi to eat the Braised Pork with Soy Sauce made from rice, the one in the rumors?" Li Wentong considered for a little while and asked straightforwardly.

"Yes, Manager Li. Why are you asking this?" Jiang Changxi asked back with puzzlement.

"It's like this. My wife likes eating a kind of food made of rice very much, but she never found a good place. I hoped Manager Jiang could give me some recommendations." Li Wentong didn't conceal the truth, but just said straightforwardly.

"It's indeed a small thing. You can go to No. 14 of Taoxi Road. The boss can cook more than 100 varieties of food made of rice. I think you can go there for a try." Jiang Changxi played with her hair and said with a mild tone.

"Thank you, Manager Jiang. Sorry to bother you so late." Once Li Wentong got the address, he immediately thanked her.

"You are welcome. I hope we can work together one day." Jiang Changxi said naturally with her mild voice.

"Of course. No problem." Li Wentong also agreed readily.

Only then did they have some small talk and then hang up the phone.

"Does this old fox really want to eat the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisines? It seems that I need to go to visit little Boss Yuan." Jiang Changxi hung off the phone and murmured smilingly.