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509 The Restaurant That Serves The Most Delicious Dishes

 "Compass. But even a compass has to live." Mr.Qin looked at Yin Ya and said fervently.

"Yes. Mr. Qin, you might not know that Boss Yuan has once refused an invitation by a big boss to be a head chef of his hotel for a salary of 50 million RMB every year." Yin Ya first affirmed the question of Mr. Qin and then said.

"50 million?" Mr Qin was then left speechless with wonder. He could also afford the price, but he wouldn't give so much money to others lightly.

"Yes. Besides that, it's said that the boss even promised to give him some shares of his business. That was a national chain catering company." Yin Ya said smilingly.

"Okay, fine. Then I indeed have no way to drink it anymore today." Mr. Qin said with a tone of self-mockery.

"I'm sorry. If you want to drink more, I can come tomorrow to line up for you. Let's see if I can get the lucky ball." Yin Ya proposed a solution mildly.

"Sure. Then I have to bother you." Mr. Qin immediately agreed and said.

"It's no bother. Assistant Yin is a reliable employee." The director answered smilingly and complimented her conveniently.

"That's right. Assistant Yin is a person of prudence." Naturally, Jolie was talking about Yin Ya during her previous times rather than the person that seized the opportunity boldly this time.

"Alright. Now that we finish drinking the liquor, let's talk about our proper business." Mr. Qin said voluntarily.

"Never mind. It's no hurry. You haven't drunk your fill, Mr. Qin." The director declined with an amiable look.

"No need. I have business discussions out here in order to drink good liquor, which is well known to you. Since there's good liquor, I will naturally keep my word. Let's sign the contract now." Mr. Qin waved his hand and said straightforwardly.

"Okay. We shall listen to you." The director appeared quite calm. He signaled Jolie to take out the contract.

Apparently, they had prepared for this result before they came here.

"I have to thank Assistant Yin for letting me drink such good liquor this time. It's really top-quality liquor." Although Mr. Qin said he wanted to thank Yin Ya, his eyes had always been fixed to the empty pot.

"You are welcome. It's all because Mr. Qin agreed to give me this opportunity." With her beautiful eyes curving, Yin Ya said courteously.

"Let's stop the compliments now. Remember to call me tomorrow." Mr. Qin read the contract rapidly while saying that.

Only then did Mr. Qin reveal the shrewdness of a merchant.

He didn't miss any detail in the contract, but read it very carefully. During the process, he even discussed heatedly with them, even if the contract was merely a preliminary letter of intent rather than a formal contract.

"Ho Ho. An uncultured wealthy person." The novelist sipped the liquor lightly and murmured.

"You can't say so." Fang Heng took up the liquor cup, signaling the novelist to drink it, and then said.

"What should I call him then?" The novelist felt this so-called Mr. Qin was nothing but n uncultured wealthy person. He didn't even have a decent demeanor, causing trouble for a girl like Shen Min.

"He's merely a cunning businessman. See? He has achieved his goal." Fang Heng said smilingly.

"He's still an uncultured wealthy person." On second thought, the novelist understood what Fang Heng meant. However, he still looked down on this way of doing things.

The novelist was clear why Fang Heng said so. This person didn't leave immediately at the beginning because he had business relations with Yin Ya's company. If he left then, both parties would end up in embarrassment. Later, he got angry because he didn't want to drink liquor. And now, he complimented them because he wanted to drink it.

However, being clear about that was one thing while not understanding that was another.

With regard to the novelist's persistence, Fang Heng just smiled. He didn't explain anything else.

Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou was doing his own things in the restaurant. He was naturally busy with the new dishes. The Dongjiang Cuisines, namely, the five dishes from Su Dongpo's style of cooking, ought to be served now. After all, the All-Fish Banquet could only be ordered as a whole rather than separately.

In the evening, Tan Song was leafing through his phone in a room of a hotel.

"Honey, what are you doing there?" Liu Mei walked to him and asked with a water cup in her hand.

"Nothing. It's almost 10 o'clock. It's the time for you to go." Tan Song set down the phone and purposely placed it backwards in case his girlfriend saw the content.

"Um. My mom will definitely call to nag me." Liu Mei also nodded and said helplessly.

"It is already beyond my expectations for you to be able to accompany me until 10 in the evening. Your mom must be worried that you can't get back if it's too late." Tan Song reached out his hand and touched his girlfriend's hair before he comforted her carefully.

"I know, but I have you beside me now." Liu Mei looked straight at Tan Song with a reliant gaze.

"By the way, when are you coming to stay with me in Chengdu?" Liu Mei suddenly asked him concerning the matter of their long-distance relationship.

"I'm always with you. But your mom will feel relieved if you go back earlier. Then you can come to look for me again next time." Tan Song first answered her the last question gently and then he continued.

"I will. Don't worry." Tan Song said affirmatively.

"Alright. Walk me back now." After nodding her head, Liu Mei said in a slightly domineering manner.

"Of course. How can I feel relieved if you go alone?" Tan Song said strictly.

"Ok. Let's go." Liu Mei took Tan Song's arm and left the hotel straightforwardly together.

Luckily, the hotel wasn't far from Liu Mei's home. In less than 10 minutes, Tan Song returned to his own room.

Having returned to the room, Tan Song slumped into the sofa and took out his phone to start searching the ranking list for delicacies.

"Meimei is going to rest tomorrow. Last time, she said she wanted to eat something delicious. Let me see if there's any around here." While searching, Tan Song murmured with a low voice.

"Ranking list of delicacies in Chengdu? Let me read this." Tan Song caught sight of the recommended ranking list at once and tapped it open directly.

Speaking of which, Tan Song had become more and more capable in looking for delicacies since he had this foodie girlfriend. He also found the ranking list recommended by individuals were more reliable and trustworthy than that recommended by restaurants.

"First: Yuan Zhou's restaurant, also named Master Chef Restaurant? Why do I feel that this name is a little familiar?" Tan Song felt that the name was a little familiar to him, but he was unable to remember it clearly, therefore, he tapped it open to check.

However, the first comment was quite frank and straightforward.

[Who else it will be if Boss Yuan isn't the first in this ranking list?] Mushroom Forgotten By Timo.

[Actually, I don't recommend you guys to go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant to eat. After all, I have to wait for my turn in a very long line if you guys go there. So I gave a negative. Yes, I'm that capricious] Looking Around.

[Seeing everybody giving favorable comments, I'd like to say something different. Boss Yuan, seriously speaking, are you really not considering marrying me? If so, you can cook for me only rather than affecting others] Life Is A Dream.

[Although the restaurant is a little smaller, the taste of the dishes is definitely top-class. The price also conforms to the top-class level. If you want to eat there, I suggest you go with your girlfriend who's quarreling with you. After eating so much delicious food, you'll end up in happiness despite the unhappy experience] Gold Blessed Happiness.

"Why are these all favorable comments?" Tan Song leafed through another three pages patiently and then found all were favorable comments. The only one-star comment was still in favor of the restaurant. That made Tan Song unable to believe them.

"Let me go to the recommendation forum to have a look." Tan Song turned off the webpage and prepared to go somewhere else to have a look.