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508 Collapsing Helplessly On The Ground For Liquor

 After drinking a few cups of the liquor, Mr. Qin's expression appeared better. He looked mild, natural, and agreeable.

"One more cup of the liquor." Mr. Qin narrowed his eyes and said that while raising the cup.

"Okay." Yin Ya nodded. Then, she picked up the porcelain-white liquor pot and started to pour the liquor.

Every time Yin Ya poured the liquor, she only filled the cup up to 60% full very carefully. After all, the liquor was too little. More importantly, this was Yuan Zhou's restaurant, the most disciplined place in Chengdu City.

"It's really good liquor. I have never expected that there would be such good liquor in this shabby restaurant. It's simply unbelievable, simply unbelievable, unbelievable." The repeated words of Mr. Qin were sufficient to prove his astonishment. He shook the liquor cup lightly, making the liquor sway slightly inside and look even more splendid.

"Although this place is small, the things served here are all treasures. Why don't you try the Drunkard's Spiced Peanut." Yin Ya pointed at the small plate of peanuts and said that.

"Okay. There naturally have to be dishes with liquor." Mr. Qin nodded and agreed.

Ever since he drank the good liquor, Mr. Qin had been very easy to talk with. Even when Yin Ya kept him guessing, he didn't care about that, but just agreed obediently to talk about it later.

"Haw-haw. This place is small, but there's good liquor. Isn't there, Mr. Qin?" The director said to him.

"Indeed. Even I become impatient to drink it while smelling the fragrance of the liquor." Jolie was definitely telling the truth.

As the head secretary, Jolie needed to go out and engage in social activities frequently along with the director. Thus, she naturally often drank liquor. But never had she smelt such a fragrance nor drunk such pleasant liquor.

Even the red wine worth thousands or tens of thousands of RMB didn't have such a unique fragrance.

"Don't do that. Ms Jolie, I suggest you eat more dishes. Yeah, eat the dishes. They look so nice." Mr. Qin immediately protected his cup and stopped others from coveting it.

"Haw-haw. Jolie, don't make fun of Mr. Qin. Didn't you see that even I haven't been allowed to taste it?" The director said jokingly.

"No, it's not like that. This liquor is extraordinarily mellow and is not intoxicating at all. You don't need to drink it." Mr. Qin said primly.

"Sure. It's not for me since it's not intoxicating, huh?" The director burst into laughter and then said.

"By the way, how did you find such an inconspicuous restaurant, Assistant Yin?" Mr. Qin changed the subject at once.

In his opinion, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was so shabby and old that he would have never come here for meals.

There wasn't even a shop sign outside the door; the restaurant was no more than 20 square meters large, like the inside like a sparrow nest; the somewhat novel door of the wall landscape was nothing special and things were even worse on the second floor; there was only a stone table and a chair as if the boss was unable to afford matching chairs.

How could you expect Mr. Qin to take a shine to this place and believe there was good liquor to drink?

"Because I'm a regular customer of this restaurant. I come approximately once per week. I can't afford more than that." Yin Ya said smilingly.

"Oh? Are things here very expensive?" Mr. Qin asked with great interest.

"Yes. Mr. Qin, how much do you think the liquor costs?" Seeing the atmosphere was fairly good, Yin Ya joked with him at the appropriate time.

"It's hard to estimate the price, very hard. If only I could get a larger pot of the liquor." Mr. Qin shook his head continuously.

"At least 20 thousand more." The director guessed boldly. Of course, his speculation was based on the liquor pot.

"I think it's 10 thousand. After all, the amount is too little." Jolie figured out a comparatively objective number.

These two people believed the liquor was so expensive wasn't because they knew the value of the liquor, but because of Mr. Qin.

He loved drinking so much. Even he was so intoxicated with the liquor and moreover, said this was the first time he had drunk such pleasant liquor. Therefore, both the two people guessed a few high numbers.

"No, no, no. You guys have really underestimated the value of the liquor." Mr. Qin said solemnly.

"The liquor is simply priceless treasure, the more you drink, the less there is. How can tens of thousands of RMB evaluate its value?" Mr. Qin sipped slowly and then said.

Upon hearing that, Yin Ya suddenly felt that Yuan Zhou was way too kind. She didn't even dare to tell them the liquor actually cost only 5888 RMB.

"What shall I do? I suddenly feel that Boss Yuan is a man of conscience. Do I have a fever?" Yin Ya ridiculed herself frantically in her heart while joking on the surface.

"It's the treasure of various kinds of liquor. How could the good liquor be measured only with money?" Mr Qin sighed with emotion again.

"Right on. You are wealthy, so you are right." Yin Ya ridiculed inwardly.

"What a pleasant experience! I can drink good liquor by a bamboo forest filled with the fragrance of bamboos and liquor." Mr. Qin took up the liquor cup and said after he looked around.

"The environment here is indeed quiet and beautiful." The director also echoed beside him.

"Damn it. Don't you feel ashamed saying that? Just a moment ago, you said it was a shabby restaurant while now, you complimented it so much." While Yin Ya still maintained a modest smile on her face, she was actually thinking that.

It turns out good liquor was able to let people forget about what they had said. Yin Ya thought that and sighed with emotion.

Right after that, Yin Ya taught him another way of drinking the liquor. Of course, she had already prepared beforehand by asking Yuan Zhou about the other way of drinking.

"Hiss. It's really very spicy, but very fragrant." Mr. Qin couldn't help hissing, but his hand didn't stop moving at all.

"Yes. Eat this and then drink the liquor and you'll know the particular taste." Yin Ya said considerately.

"I'd like to taste how this mild liquor become hard instantly?" Mr. Qin was fairly curious.

"It's fine now. You can drink it." Yin Ya stopped him immediately.

After all, Mr. Qin wasn't a native of Sichuan Province and hence couldn't really eat a lot of spicy things. The spiciness of the liquor at such an extent was more or less just right for him. Yin Ya had guessed his tolerance.

"Slurp." Mr. Qin didn't sip it anymore this time as he felt a burning in his mouth and hence subconsciously drank a full cup of liquor.

Even before he had time to feel heartache for the full cup of liquor, the burning feeling immediately burst out in the mouth. As a result, he couldn't help wanting to open his mouth.

"Don't open your mouth. Keep it closed and then gulp it down." Yin Ya said timely.

"Glup glup." Mr. Qin gulped it down directly.

The fumes of the liquor rushed straight into his throat and then moved around in his stomach. Then, Mr. Qin opened his mouth again and exhaled this time.

"Great!" Mr. Qin shouted while he was exhaling.

"Such a drinking method was really unheard of. What kind of chili is this? It can reach such an extent! Burning at first then becoming soft and smooth! What a miraculous thing!" Mr. Qin stared hard at the liquor pot with a beam of light in his eyes.

"This is exactly the Bamboo Liquor in Yuan Zhou's restaurant." Yin Ya said smilingly.

"Bamboo Liquor. Good, it's really good liquor." When Mr. Qin said that, he couldn't help but drink the hard liquor again.

He was totally conquered.

Actually, there wasn't much liquor in one pot. Even if it was all for Mr. Qin, he couldn't drink more than one pot of the liquor. After all, it was no more than 200 grams.

Of course, if it were other kinds of liquor, 200g was more or less enough for him. At the very beginning, the Bamboo Liquor wasn't really like authentic liquor, but instead, was like the pear juice. When it became burning and enjoyable later, there wasn't much liquor left. Thus, it was soon drunk up.

"Is that all?" Mr. Qin took the liquor pot with an unbelievable look.

"Yes. If you like it, you can come next time." The director said leisurely.

"Next time? Why is it gone so quickly after I drank only a little?" Mr. Qin totally couldn't accept the fact that the liquor was all gone just when his interest was aroused. What a damn cheat!

"You said just now nobody can order the second liquor pot? I have money. I really have money." Mr. Qin said solemnly.

"Yes, of course I know that. But the boss here is called Compass." Yin Ya said helplessly.